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Crystal CG is considered as the biggest company in 3D architectural visualization for architects and property developer in China. Crystal CG is geared for fast turnaround, high quality, inspirational presentation material, including 3D renderings, animations, multimedia, virtual reality.

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Crystal cg shanghai

  1. 1. Crystal CG Shanghai Archirecture Dept.
  2. 2. Brief Introduction to Crystal CG Set up in 1995, Crystal CG has become Asia’ s largest enterprise engaged in digital visual display. Presently, it has established more than 10 branches and o ces both at home and abroad, sta ed by over 2,200 people. Since 2002, Crystal CG has established sub- sidiaries and o ces in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, London, Tokyo, and other international cities, gradually trying dealing with global businesses.Crystal CG Shanghai 1
  3. 3. As an internationally leading enterprise providing digital visual We are: technologies and services, Crystal CG is committed to rendering e Beijing 2008 Games Graphic Design Service all-round visual services in line with international practices with Supplier digitalized 3D technologies as their core. Its technologies cover a e General Contractor of Digital Videos for the wide variety of elds, including special e ect for lm and televi- Opening Ceremony of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games sion, 3D animations, multimedia, image database and online 3D display. Crystal CG renders innovative solutions to visual trans- mission in terms of grand events, demonstrations, popular science e Designated Multimedia Design Service Provider of Expo 2010 Shanghai China education, lm and television production, and urban digitalization to meet the needs of customers in various realms, industries and situations. e shared objective for Crystal CG and customers lies not only in ful lling realistic commercial purposes, but also in pro- Digital Graphics Service Provider for London 2012 ducing a perfect work of art by integrating technologies with crea- Olympic Games tive ideas.Crystal CG Shanghai 2
  4. 4. In 2008, Crystal CG helped create the historically 1st digital Olympic Games throughout Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. During our 8 years of services for the Olympic Games, Crystal CG had provided 108 tailor-made comprehensive digital solutions, and cooperated with 27 depart- ments under the Organizing Committee of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Over 800 sta from our corporation had worked for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. ree Values Created for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games: Visual Display of Creative Ideas; We succeeded in realizing the three-dimension display of creative concepts for the Team of Zhang Yimou, thus enhancing the e ects of the Opening and Closing Cer- emonies to a large extent. Digital preview of rehearsal; As a substitute for the traditional way of rehearsing, the digital preview newly devel- oped by Crystal CG can dramatically enhance the e ects of the rehearsals of opening and closing ceremony. Visual communication of programs; Crystal CG has gathered many experts in arts, design, director, program development and system integration, who have prepared a 60-minute digital video that was played throughout the opening ceremony, presenting for the audience a dreamy visual feast of digital Olympics.Crystal CG Shanghai 3
  5. 5. In 2010, Crystal CG will become the rst multimedia design service provider in the history of World Expo Splendid rendering of Expo planning It has created a series of promotion trails for the Expo Bureau and provided custom- ized visualization programs for itinerant Expo exhibition and pavilion ideas, winning great fame and response from the society. Creation of the rst on-line World Expo system in the history It creates a large-scale “on-line Expo” system through the utilization of a series of top technologies including dimensional modeling, networking and interactive integra- tion, presenting a splendid Expo on the internet for the rst time, enabling world people to experience the Expo without visiting on the site and greatly improving the international in uence and in ltration of the Expo. To enhance the e ciency of managing the World Expo in an all-round way Facing a sea of reports, Crystal CG helps the Expo Bureau improve its e ciency of internal and external liaison by converting the traditional forms of pictures, diagrams, text and other information into vivid, intuitive and three-dimensional visual infor- mation, which has won high praise from the Bureau. In 2012, Crystal CG will become the world’ s exclusive digital vision supplier of London Olympics. Crystal CG’ s project of London Olympics has been in the stage of Pre-planning and preparation, which will present more splendors……Crystal CG Shanghai 4
  6. 6. Core Competition Production Service advanced products and technology, professional teams International service and individual appliance As an organization of more than 10 years’ experience of architectural service and As an organization full of architectural service experience, Crystal will be oriented video industrial , we have many professional teams and advanced technology and by the clients’ need, providing international standard service combining with the products, whether short-term project or very big project, we can ensure our crea- background of the project and any special desire, at the meantime, improve the tivity and the producing level as we always did. service procedure and the e ective management service for the project. Creative Every year, Crystal’ s creative team will nish thousands of architectural projects, these architectures maybe have witnessed the history or direct to the future, we crystal team has a good control of the relationship of the multimedia technology and the architectural visualization, at the same time we focus our attention on the architectural culture and national personalities, in order to reach the goal combin- ing the science with the art to fully show the client’ s design.Crystal CG Shanghai 5
  7. 7. Pro le of Crystal CG (Shanghai) Set up in 1999, Crystal CG (Shanghai) is one of Crystal CG’ s branches with a relatively early founding time, large scale and broad business scope. Situated in the multimedia industry park in Shanghai’ s Changning District, the company has a talent pool of over 400 people from various elds and has been committed to rendering a series of visualization products in the eld of visualiza- tion designing, commercial demonstration, exposition, lm and video and cartoon as well as virtual simulation based on new media’ s marketing, promotion and communication for corpora- tions, government departments and other users. It has successively won several national and municipal honorary titles.Crystal CG Shanghai 6
  8. 8. Crystal CG (Shanghai)’ s architectural visualization business enjoys among its domestic peers the largest foreign customer base in Shanghai, including some of the world’ s most renowned design companies and rms. rough cooperation with these cus- tomers over the years, the company has accumulated immense in- valuable experience in international projects. As the leader of ar- chitectural visualization in Mainland China, Crystal CG will present more and more splendid works with more advanced skills and technologies in the future.Crystal CG Shanghai 7
  9. 9. Business Process of Architecture Dept. Research and Development for Visualizaiton technology Perspective model & Rendering Sales & Marketing Dept. Project Dept. Production Centre 3D Animation & Multimedia Finished Products Creative planning Superior quality project team Commercial Demo Dept. Exhibition Dept. Virtual Simulation Technology Dept. Architectural Department of Shanghai Crystal CG is in possession of su cient and self-contained project operation resources which enables to form the mature and exible operating mecha- nism. Further more, the full supports in terms of techenology from other relevant departments is always a guarantee for the perfect completion of any important projects.Crystal CG Shanghai 8
  10. 10. Crystal CG (Shanghai)’ s List of Customers in Architectural Business Gensler JWDA John Buck International Properties LLC Young+wright Architects Inc KPF SOM Leman Architectes Hlw International Perkins Will Arte Charpentier Architecture-studio Wimberly Allison Tong&goo HDR GP PGN Indis Architects Partners Ltd AECOM Atkins Fitzgerald Associates Architects Benoy RTKL Earthasia Kenzo Tange Associates Mcfca Architects & Interior Designers Perkins Eastman Frederic Rolland Architect Winnington Project Management Co. Limited Valode Et Pistre Architectes Nikken Sekkei Ltd China State Construction International Co.,Ltd De Stefano+partners ...... Handel Architects LLP Johnson Pilton Walker RMJM Hiller gmp Architects Ste an Bradley Architects Steinberg Architects Sandvik (Sweden) Carrier Johnson CHCSCrystal CG Shanghai 9
  11. 11. Chicago 2016 Olympic project 3D animation 4 minutes and 11 seconds 2007-2-13 to 2007-3-3 Evaluation: SOM gained the American Institute of Archi- tects (AIA) Chicago chapter granted by the Chicago Urban Planning and Design 2016, the Olympic Games prestigious awards, SOM promulgation of this award to all those who assisted architectural design rm involved in bidding and performance of graphics inc. Source of infor- mation at Sean (Asscoate Director) SOM Chicago O ce. Chicago 2016 Olympic project teamCrystal CG Shanghai 10
  12. 12. Shanghai Centre Project Designed by Gensler e Architectural Department of Crystal Digital Tec- chonology Co.Ltd(Shanghai) was entrusted by several renowned architectural design institution to work on the “Shanghai Centre” project for visualizaition during bidding phase in 2006.(Finally , “Gensler” (Shanghai) won the bidding)Crystal CG Shanghai 11
  13. 13. Shanghai Centre Project After deeply discussing with clients about the overall design and planning of main building and surrounding en- vironment, we accordingly o ered some custom-made visualization service that consisted of perspectives,3D ani- mations and some detail adjustment works.Crystal CG Shanghai 12
  14. 14. Burj Dubai Tower Client:Emaar Properties e project started at 2003,we’ ve made many perspectives amongst which included main tower,overall layout and some other ones both for interior and exterior.Crystal CG Shanghai 13
  15. 15. Burj Dubai Tower e perspectives which are capable of representing the diverse atmosphere between the magni cent outdoor scale and indoor Shopping Mall is the very requirement our client asked for. Aiming to meet our client’ s speci c requirements, we accordingly o ered some custom-made visualization schemes.Crystal CG Shanghai 14
  16. 16. CCTV ProjectCrystal CG Shanghai 15
  17. 17. Vista Center Client: HillierCrystal CG Shanghai 16
  18. 18. Mecca Designed by Nikken Sekki 3D animation 3 minutes and 34 seconds is is a reconstruction project on a mosque, duration of 4 weeks. e clients had two requests: to have millions of Muslims at the pilgrimage, and to present the sobriety of Religion and Culture through pen-and-ink drawing style.Crystal CG Shanghai 17
  19. 19. Mecca It was a challenge to input huge number of people with individual motions within limited time. Our Project Man- ager and Model experts experimented repeatedly to realize the splendid vigour. rough numerous discussions between Project Manager and our client, we kept trying out new methods, and nally achieved amazing Pen-and-Ink e ect for nal animation.Crystal CG Shanghai 18
  20. 20. TACC project in Kazakhstan Designed by B+H Canada 3D animation 3 minutes and 56 seconds is is a planning project of a virgin forest area with some historical buildings near the city center of Kazakhstan. e building complex includes o ces, commercials, exhibitions, entertainments and residences. e whole animation production took us 4 weeks from communication and idea proposal.Crystal CG Shanghai 19
  21. 21. TACC project in Kazakhstan e B+H architects on this project desired to best bring out the humanistic and cultural spirit with ne appearance of people. We spent a lot time communicating with the architects, the owner and the lming company helped with creating real footage on head leader of animation, story and scene content, selection of actor/actress and production of music, etc to nalize the animation script.Crystal CG Shanghai 20
  22. 22. Pursuing the perfect excellence and seeking endless advancement toward future. We provide many renowned architectural design company with a mass of ne quality architectural visualization prod- ucts every year, especially those integrated services with originality and planning. In addition to those regular per- spectives and 3D animations, we combine the applicaiton of 3D media technologies and various illustration e ects so that we succeed in giving a boost for the exibility of rep- resentation of our products. In this case, people get to see all those superb and photorealistic architectural art works.Crystal CG Shanghai 21
  23. 23. Crystal CG Shanghai 22
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