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Playground Lessons for crafting richer customer experience


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At the recent Omni-Channel banking conference held in Johannesburg, Effective Intelligence speaker Edward Bothma discussed ways business can use simple playground psychology to better understand consumer demands for richer customer experience.

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Playground Lessons for crafting richer customer experience

  1. 1. © 2014 Effective Intelligence® Edward Bothma Business Development Manager Effective Intelligence
  2. 2. You know her, you’re are in control, you're her favourite
  3. 3. You are out-numbered, they are in control, each wants to be heard, each has unique demands…
  4. 4. Customer Experience 1. We have to know WHERE to listen 2. We have to know WHAT to listen for 3. We have to know what to DO with the information 4. We have to know what we will SAY 5. We have to know how we will REACT Q: What are the five most important considerations for planning your omni-channel customer experience strategy ?
  5. 5. Enter - Orchestration Hub’s (OH) “ Real-time customer engagement platforms that allow organisations to orchestrate customer journeys and experiences across their client systems, data and touch points. “
  6. 6. (OH) Applications L I S T E N > E N H A N C E > A N A L Y S E > D E C I D E > A C T
  7. 7. “I think the concept of marketing orchestration platforms are incredibly promising. “To me, they are a part of this emerging category of “marketing middleware” — software that helps you connect all the other software applications in your marketing technology stack and, in doing so, makes all of them work more effectively together. Scott Brinker of Chief Marketing Technologist
  8. 8. 5 Take Away Key Points 1. Think differently about the way you listen 2. Listen everywhere, all at once, respond immediately 3. Enhance your understanding of your customer with analytics 4. Move continuously toward data driven decision making 5. Automate repeatable communication processes Here are 5 key considerations for instrumenting an ‘Orchestrated’ approach to managing Omni-channel Customer Experience
  9. 9. Questions ?