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Advisor Tools Presentation


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Text only version of the Advisor Tools Presentation

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Advisor Tools Presentation

  1. 1. Click on the arrows below to learn more by viewing a short presentation
  2. 2. The Financial services industry is rapidly evolving, and the competition is fierce. Today, more products are being offered from more sources than ever before. The typical client receives advice from a number of Financial Advisors, and the more efficiently you can manage your client and prospect relationships; the more successful you will be at providing products and services to help them achieve their financial goals.
  3. 3. Advisors that effectively leverage technology in their practice will prosper. As your competition continues to expand their use of technology in their practice you could find yourself left behind. Bottom line: If don’t leverage technology in your practice, you risk losing assets under management.
  4. 4. How are you positioned in the eyes of your clients and prospects? What if you had a system that could help you protect your existing client relationships and position you as a primary source of financial advice for you clients and prospects? A trusted Advisor that they think of and call upon when they have a financial need. The problem is that most systems on the market today stop short of including ALL of the tools that are DESPARTELY needed to help an Advisor run their business to reach this level with their clients and prospects.
  5. 5. On one extreme, there are systems that simply provide a contact manager and a calendar. - Systems like Outlook, and ACT. On the other extreme, there are systems that focus primarily on marketing and have very basic contact management systems. Systems like Bill Good
  6. 6. In order to help Advisors improve the efficiency of their existing business and drive real growth; we have taken the basic elements that exist in most systems today and INTEGRATED SEVERAL MISSING ELEMENTS into one comprehensive single system. Introducing Advisor Tools – a Practice Management Solution designed specifically for the Financial Advisor .
  7. 7. By employing the industry’s best practices and leveraging the latest technologies, this system will help you effectively leverage that limited commodity called TIME . You will make more MONEY , by optimizing the amount of time you spend in front of your clients and prospects through face-to-face meetings and cost-effective marketing strategies. Finally, through the use of this system Advisors are telling us they feel like they are gaining true CONTROL over the day-to-day operations of their business and personal life.
  8. 8. Advisor Tools is a true Practice Management Solution that, at its core, has six key modules. Linked to this core system are several enhanced services that help you to run your entire business with greater efficiency than ever before! Let’s take a look at how this great system works!
  9. 9. How well are you managing your time? The Time Manager is a very robust calendar that allows you to easily coordinate and manage schedules for you and your team. You won't have to struggle with time management again!
  10. 10. Are your client relationships slipping through the cracks? The Contact Manager will organize all of your client information and history into a comprehensive one page view. Any activity that occurs relative to this client is displayed at your fingertips. You won't have to worry about clients slipping through the cracks anymore.
  11. 11. Do you know where your business is coming from? The Sales Manager allows you to easily track all your current sales opportunities for you and your other team members. This module will help you track and stay on top of more prospects and to close more deals than anything we've seen on the market!
  12. 12. How often do your clients hear from you? The Review Manager is an INDUSTRY FIRST!!! No other system in the industry will allow you to manage your existing book as effortlessly as this does. Don't let your competition take your clients! For the first time there’s a system that will allow an Advisor to effectively juggle a large number of clients!
  13. 13. What's your plan for growing your business? The Marketing Manager will help you convert more prospects to clients, and gather more assets from your existing clients. You can quickly and easily configure your marketing strategy, and WE MANAGE THE REST FOR YOU!!!! You won’t lift a finger to stuff an envelope or lick a single stamp. And you certainly won't need to hire anyone to run your marketing program.
  14. 14. Do you have your client’s latest portfolio information at your fingertips? The Portfolio Manager will provide you with your clients latest portfolio information. Current Market Value , Cost Basis, Gain/ loss information, Trade history, and much more. You can manage all this without leaving your client’s contact record!
  15. 15. The CORE Platform alone is enough to help you gain control over your business and give you more time for you!!! We DID NOT stop there though. We wanted to deliver THE BEST Practice Management Solution on the market, so we’ve integrated a number of enhanced services that take this platform and make it like NONE OTHER on the market today!!!!
  16. 16. We’re so confident that Advisor Tools will make a difference in your business, that we want to offer you our FREE Edition. This will allow you to easily get started and try the system first hand. We realize that most people are not technical by nature, so we have made it VERY easy to use this system. You can sign up and start managing your clients within a matter of minutes!!! If you decide the system is right for you, you can chose to either use the FREE Edition OR If you need more client and storage capacity, you can upgrade to any one of these four Editions.
  17. 17. Get started RIGHT NOW !! Click on the ‘ Get Started’ tab and sign up today.