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13 Fresh Content Marketing Ideas


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Blogging isn't dead but it has evolved, learn 13 fresh and new ways to present content that will have your audience coming back for more.

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13 Fresh Content Marketing Ideas

  1. 1. P&G Everyday Highlights products through ideas for use and life tips Separate from companies full website and made to serve a single purpose Microsites
  2. 2. An addictive and shareable goldmine, easy to create, and highly customizable Buzzfeed Easy to take, easy to share, highly entertaining Quizzes
  3. 3. Tools Nike Women Valuable content, Product showroom Evergreen content focused with easy to use access
  4. 4. Interactive Pieces Similar to Microsites these online pieces create a full experience for a consumer through interactive content Concert Hotels Interactive, shareable piece on famous vocal ranges
  5. 5. Location Servicesor Maps Charmin Sit-or-Squat public bathroom finder Using your site or app to give information on products or locations Lowe’s Map of the store including what is in what aisle
  6. 6. Videos Kate Spade Popular main character coupled with semi-relatable experiences Easily shareable and visually based stories or information
  7. 7. Webinars Moz Short and long informative discussions on industry knowledge Educational beyond all else no matter the length
  8. 8. Organizational Pieces or Checklists Wedding Wire Wedding coordination free tools connected to main product Making lives easier via useful content presentation and platforms
  9. 9. Visual Blogs Warby Parker Relevant Tumblr and Imagery Visual representations of your brand showcasing your strong points
  10. 10. Take it to Pinterest Penguin Random House Lifestyle tie-in for true book lovers Cultivate visually creative content to pique brand interest
  11. 11. Blogging through Old Navy Reaching a new audience with Influencers Using already loyal audiences to showcase products through sponsored posts with bloggers Bloggers
  12. 12. Look Books Moosejaw VR lookbook with interactive content Showcase products using technology to create interactive visuals and video
  13. 13. Guides Whole Foods Useful tips with practical cooking advice Provide needed information with helpful hints and a full array of product information