...our long list of accreditations are your guarantee that we are truly committed to providing quality and high standards ...
Welcome to ESEEnglish, the modern day ‘global language’, is one ofthe most widely spoken languages in the world. Weunderst...
ADULT                                       PROGRAMMES                                       2013ContentsWhy choose ESE?  ...
Why choose ESE?                                                                                   “I really like the schoo...
ADULT                 PROGRAMMES                 2013                      Adult            Top Nationalities             ...
ADULTWhy Malta?                                                                                                           ...
Academics    Understanding our Language Levels         ESE            CEFR        Level           Level                   ...
Accredited TrinityOur Teachers                                     Examination Centre                                     ...
“I’m on a General English 30. I really like the lessons                     when they are interactive and we apply what we...
Mini Class                                     Private Tuition                      In small groups of 6, you improve your...
ADULT                                                                                                                     ...
Young Adults     17+ Programme    As a young adult who wishes to combine    studying English with a holiday, when    booki...
50+ Programme                                                   ADULT                                                   PR...
Accommodation    Your choice of accommodation while                ESE Self-Catering    you follow a course at ESE is impo...
ADULT                                PROGRAMMES                                2013ESE In-house Residence                 ...
ADULTYour Social Experience                                                                                               ...
ESE Facilities    and Services    At ESE we believe in making your stay as memorable    and comfortable as possible. For t...
Other CoursesAvailable at ESE                                                                                             ...
Also available at ESE                           Paceville Avenue,                           St Julian’s STJ3103, Malta    ...
ESE Adult brochure - 2013
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ESE Adult brochure - 2013


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ESE Adult brochure - 2013

  2. 2. ...our long list of accreditations are your guarantee that we are truly committed to providing quality and high standards across all the services we provide.
  3. 3. Welcome to ESEEnglish, the modern day ‘global language’, is one ofthe most widely spoken languages in the world. Weunderstand that by deciding to learn English, you arelearning for life and investing in your future.At ESE, our team works hard to provide you withthe best possible all round quality language learningexperience. The number of repeat clients we haveevery year and our long list of accreditations areyour guarantee that we are truly committed toproviding quality and high standards across all theservices we provide. In fact, to date, we are the onlyindependent school in Malta to be accredited by twoof the EFL industry’s most prestigious accreditingbodies – EAQUALS (The European Association forQuality Language Services) and IALC (InternationalAssociation of Language Centres).We look forward to welcoming you to ESE.SeanSean LeGaultChief Executive Officer & Director
  4. 4. ADULT PROGRAMMES 2013ContentsWhy choose ESE? 6Why Malta? 9Academics 10General English 13Mini Class 14Private Tuition 14Business English 15Young Adults 17+ Programme 1650+ Programme 17Accommodation 18Your Social Experience 21ESE Facilities and Services 22Other Courses Available at ESE 23
  5. 5. Why choose ESE? “I really like the school. Everything we do is very useful but I like when we practise conversation during the lessons. The teachers are very kind and professional. This is my second time with ESE I would definitely try to come back next year.” Tatiana Sidorenko, 35 You may have decided to learn English and authentic contexts and given activities Russia for life for a variety of reasons. Perhaps with real communicative value to carry out in small groups or pairs. This, followed by you need to pass an English exam to personalised feedback, remedial and further gain admission into university or you practice opportunities by our qualified and tutorials on how to use the e-learning site as hope to improve your job prospects well as tips on how you can maximise your experienced teachers, is the key to your learning experience through this blended by becoming fluent in ‘global English’. success. mode of study. It’s all about learning for life. Whatever your reasons, at ESE we understand that as an individual you ESE e-learning Learning for Life – have specific learning objectives, your Free access to our e-learning programme allows you to combine face-to-face teaching your social learning own preferred learning style and that with online self-study from the moment you experience you bring your own rich history of book your course till 3 months after your Your language learning experience isn’t language learning experience to the course is over. It is up to you to determine confined to the classroom. Your ESE social classroom. your own study plan, focus on the skills you experience gives you more opportunities need most, work extra exam practice papers to practise English in a real-world context ESE Methodology places for that upcoming English exam, choose and to process language in real time. By you at the heart of your topics that arouse your interest at the right language level for you and monitor your joining ESE-organised social activities, you are immersed in an English speaking context learning own progress. with endless opportunities to interact with As an ESE learner of English, you are an other multilingual language learners like active participant in your learning process. ESE – How blended will yourself and make new friends. You can Our courses are student-centred and are you go? continue to practise your core skills and designed to equip you with the linguistic interact with other ESE language learners by By blending face-to-face teaching with online tools necessary for you to develop your skills networking socially online and chatting to self-study, you reach your learning goals holistically. This means that you develop all others through our ever-growing Facebook quicker. The online learning programme your core language skills equally: listening, database of fans. allows you to work at your own pace after speaking, reading and writing. school hours and frequent use teaches you Studying at ESE means learning for life from To maximise your learning opportunities, you how to take responsibility for your own an experience you choose to shape... Our are exposed to language in use in natural learning. Our teachers give you regular Team is here to welcome You! As an individual, you have specific learning objectives.6
  6. 6. ADULT PROGRAMMES 2013 Adult Top Nationalities 2012German14%Italian 12%Russian 12%Czech 9%Turkish 9%Austrian 7%Dutch 7%Swiss 7%Spanish 5%Korean 5%Japanese 4%French 2%Other 7% 7
  7. 7. 8
  8. 8. ADULTWhy Malta? PROGRAMMES 2013What better way to learn English than to study on a sunny island in the heart ofthe Mediterranean where English is an official language? EUROPEMostly known for its crystal clear waters, If you enjoy the clubbing scene, drop in at ITALYall year-round mild Mediterranean climate one of the nightclubs or casinos dotting theand the locals’ hospitality, Malta has been streets of Paceville, the island’s entertainment Me d i te rran e an Se awelcoming English language students for hub. If you prefer something quieter, you maymore than half a century and has earned a prefer to stroll along the Spinola waterfrontreputation as a centre of excellence in the or eat at one of the upmarket restaurants THE MALTESE ISLANDSEFL industry. offering international cuisine. NORTH AFRICAMalta boasts one of the lowest crime rates If you are more of the adventurous type, youin Europe, making it a safe language study could trek to one of the bays on the Northerndestination. It is easy and relatively cheap and Western shorelines such as Mellieha Bayto get around by public transport and the or Golden Bay, go rock climbing or abseiling Me d i te rran e an Se adistances you have to travel are quite short. along the rugged coastline, scuba diving in GOZOIn fact, it won’t take you more than an hour waters renowned for their visibility, sailing COMINOto get from one tip of the island to the other! or maybe even discover Malta and its sister islands by bicycle.Yet despite Malta’s small size, you will be MALTA St Julian’samazed by what the island has to offer. If you are following a long-term course, you VallettaWith over 7000 years of history, there is may be tempted to hop on a plane and visitno shortage of historical sites to visit. Just one or two European cities which are nowalk through the streets of the capital city more than a 2 and a half hour flight awayValletta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and from Malta.admire the numerous architectural treasures Whatever your reasons for learning English,all over the city. And if you really want to And for just a short you will find that Malta is a fascinating baseexperience a sense of history, make sure where you can learn English. And for just a while, you’ll be happyyou visit some of the oldest temples in short while, you’ll be happy to call this little to call this little islandthe world – Ggantija, Hagar Qim, Mnajdra island your home. your home.and the Hypogeum – the only prehistoricunderground temple in the world. 9
  9. 9. Academics Understanding our Language Levels ESE CEFR Level Level You can understand almost everything you hear 8 C2 or read. You can express yourself spontaneously Proficiency and fluently on most topics, including abstract and complex ones. 7 C1 You can express yourself fluently, effectively and Advanced accurately in most situations. 6 You can communicate easily and effectively on a Upper B2 wide range of topics and easily understand the main Intermediate ideas of complex texts. You can understand and interact in a variety of 5 B1.2 social situations but may sometimes find that your Intermediate vocabulary range and ability to use more complex structures accurately and fluently is limited. You can interact in everyday social and travel 4 situations and understand some of what you hear Low B1.1 or read. You have a reasonable vocabulary and Intermediate knowledge of basic grammar structures. 3 You have basic vocabulary and can communicate Pre- A2 in everyday situations such as shopping, meeting Intermediate people and travelling. You can interact in a simple way and understand a 2 A1 few basic English words and phrases for immediate Elementary situations as well as familiar topics. You can use and understand rehearsed situation- 1 Starter specific phrases and a few basic English words on Starter very familiar topics CEFR refers to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages Most of our teachers are experienced and qualified with a CELTA, a CertTESOL or a higher teaching qualification. All our teachers follow training courses and participate in regular workshops as part of their Continuous Professional Development.10
  10. 10. Accredited TrinityOur Teachers Examination Centre ADULTOur pool of permanent EFL teachers are ESE is an accredited Trinity examinationfriendly, experienced and well-qualified to PROGRAMMES centre for GESE (Graded Examinations inteach you and offer you all the support you 2013 Spoken English) and ISE (Integrated Skills inneed. Native-level speakers, our teachers English). Teachers are trained by Trinity toare adept at helping you define and achieve deliver GESE and ISE examination coursesyour learning objectives. Whatever your in preparation for the exams.language level, you follow classes at theright level for you. Personal Attention Small classes ensure that you are givenContinuous Professional personalised attention, feedback on yourDevelopment progress and numerous opportunities for interaction with your teacher.Every year our teachers participate in TeacherTraining courses as part of their ContinuousProfessional Development (CPD) and follow Our School Facilitiesworkshops in a range of EFL teaching areas ESE school is a large modern school withsuch as how to: use Interactive Whiteboards 60 well-lit classrooms. Classrooms areeffectively to bring the real world into the air-conditioned and many are equippedclassroom, make lessons dynamic, create with interactive whiteboards. Free Wi-Fi isin-house teaching resources to make available throughout the school. The schoollessons more interesting and encourage houses 2 computer labs where you can logyou to become an independent and life- onto the ESE e-learning programme forlong learner of English once you finish your self-study and research after your lessons.course. CPD ensures that our teachers are A Self-Access Centre/Library is availablealways up-to-date with new teaching trends for you to borrow learning tools such asand technology so that you experience the dictionaries, DVDs and graded readers. Suchhighest standards of teaching. learning aids allow you to consolidate your class-based learning and progress to moreMethodology challenging material as you become more confident in your use of English.ESE methodology places you, the learner, atthe centre of your lessons. Teachers develop Additional Supporttheir lessons to ensure that you are activelyinvolved in your learning process and that At ESE we have an open door policy so ouryou are given maximum opportunities for Director of Studies and Academic managersinteraction. Small group activities and pair are always available to discuss any academic “The lessons and teachers are concerns you have. After lessons are over, perfect for learning English, andwork mean that you don’t have to wait too the culture mix make lessonslong for practice opportunities and most one of our experienced Learning Support even more interesting. I wouldactivities have real communicative value teachers is available in the library to assist recommend Malta and ESE to everyone.”so you feel that you are learning in a real you with any advice or guidance you Evren Demirtas, 27life scenario. may need. Turkey 11
  11. 11. 12
  12. 12. “I’m on a General English 30. I really like the lessons when they are interactive and we apply what we learnt in class. The teachers and the general atmosphere are amazing.” Carlos Enrique Serrano Arciniegas, 24 ADULT Colombia PROGRAMMES 2013 General English 20/30 Intensive Long-Term General EnglishBy following a General English group course, The Intensive option allows you to combineyou develop all your core language skills General English group lessons in the morning Choosing to study English over an extended(listening, speaking, reading and writing) with afternoon individual lessons with your period of time means that you are likelyand improve your language knowledge teacher. Your one-to-one sessions with your to improve in all your language skills,in the areas of grammar, vocabulary and teacher allow you to focus specifically on broaden your vocabulary and work onpronunciation around topics which are your learning objectives and on your topics your pronunciation and make significantinteresting and relevant to today’s world. You of your preference. improvement in your fluency and accuracyhave plenty of opportunities to practise and when communicating in English with other If you prefer to follow the afternoon lessonimprove your fluency throughout the course. non-native speakers. with another student, you can choose the Semi-Intensive option.Entry level: Starter + Entry level: Starter + Entry level: Starter +Min. age: 18 Min. age: 18 Min. age: 18Length of course: Min. 1 week Length of course: Min. 1 week Length of course: 8 weeks +Start date: Every Monday Start date: Every Monday Start date: Every MondayLessons/week: GE 20: Lessons/week: 20 Group (15 hours) + Lessons/week: GE 20: 20/week (15 hours) or 10 individual (7.5) hours 20/week (15 hours) or GE 30: GE 30: 30/week (22.5 hours) Class size: Group Sessions Max. 10 30/week (22.5 hours) +10 individual lessonsClass size: Max. 10 Class size: Max. 10 For more information about our General English options, visit our website 13
  13. 13. Mini Class Private Tuition In small groups of 6, you improve your level Individual lessons with a teacher allow you of English across the 4 core language skills to focus on your specific learning needs (speaking, listening, reading and writing), and objectives. Your teacher carries out a broaden your vocabulary, improve your needs analysis with you at the start of your grammar and your pronunciation around course to determine which language skills topics which are stimulating and relevant and areas of language you wish to focus on to the modern world. so the course content is developed entirely around your needs. You may choose to focus The Mini Class small group size means on one of the skills, such as writing, or would that you have more individual attention like the opportunity to practise your speaking and opportunities to interact with your on a one-to-one basis with your teacher. multinational classmates and your teacher. This means that you have more opportunities For more information visit our website to practise your skills and benefit from more personalised feedback throughout the course. For more information visit our website Entry level: Starter + Entry level: Starter + Min. age: 18 Min. age: 17 Length of course: Min. 1 week Length of course: Flexible Start date: Every Monday Start date: Every Monday Lessons/week: 30 (22.5 hours) Lessons/week: Flexible Class size: Max. 614
  14. 14. ADULT PROGRAMMES 2013 Business English Business IntensiveFollowing a Business English course will The Business intensive course combinesallow you to improve your English for career group sessions with private tuition. Thisor work purposes. The course is geared to combination of study modes means thatdeveloping your English across the four core you benefit from group interaction as welllanguage skills (speaking, listening, reading as one-to-one attention from your teacherand writing) and helping you become more and the opportunity to focus specifically onfluent and confident when speaking about your learning topics. You also develop In the one-to-one sessions, it’s up to youyour knowledge of language (grammar, what to focus on. Perhaps you prefer tovocabulary and pronunciation) and business expand your business vocabulary or improveskills around general business topics and your pronunciation to be understood morerecent current affairs. easily when conducting business with other non-native speakers of English. The content of your individual lessons depends entirely on your learning needs.Entry level: A2/Pre-Intermediate Entry level: A2/Pre-IntermediateMin. age: 18 Min. age: 18Length of course: Min. 1 week Length of course: Min. 1 weekStart date: Every Monday Start date: Every MondayLessons/week: 20 (15 hours) Lessons/week: 20 Group (15 hours) + 10 individual (7.5) hours Students who wish to focus on the developmentClass size: Max. 6 of their professional communication skills Class size: Group Sessions Max. 6 + (meetings, negotiations, telephoning, writing 10 individual lessons and socialising) and language should visit our Executive Training Institute websiteFor more information visit our website 15
  15. 15. Young Adults 17+ Programme As a young adult who wishes to combine studying English with a holiday, when booking the Young Adult programme you study with multinational students of the same age group while enjoying a holiday in Malta at the same time. Lessons are dynamic, active and geared at youth-related interests and current events. An exciting programme with numerous activities is available for you to choose from. 24/7 Welfare Support is available from our staff. For more information visit our website Entry level: Starter + Min. age: 17 Length of course: Min. 2 weeks Dates: 03.03.2013 – 06.04.2013 16.06.2013 – 07.09.2013 Lessons/week: General English 20 (15 hours) Supervision: At school and all ESE activities Residence: ESE Young Adults Residence or Host Family Class size: Max. 1016
  16. 16. 50+ Programme ADULT PROGRAMMES 2013 “I think ESE is the perfect place to improve your English.” Giulio Guerrini, 56 Italy The 50+ programme includes 20 lessons based on ‘Everyday English’ which are designed and delivered at a more leisurely pace with more mature students in mind. By following this course, you learn key vocabulary and situational phrases and practise English in authentic and real-life situations. By following this course, you improve your fluency and become more confident when communicating in English with other speakers from all over the world. For more information visit our website Entry level: Starter + Min. age: 50 Length of course: 2 weeks Start dates: 14.01.2013, 11.02.2013, 11.03.2013, 15.04.2013, 13.05.2013, 16.09.2013, 14.10.2013, 11.11.2013, 09.12.2013 Lessons/week: 20 (15 hours) Class size: Max. 10 17
  17. 17. Accommodation Your choice of accommodation while ESE Self-Catering you follow a course at ESE is important Apartments for your happiness and well-being. We offer a variety of accommodation If you want to share an apartment with other options to suit your preferences and international language learners like yourself budget ranging from in-house school and experience a sense of independence, residence to top of the range hotels. you can choose Single or Sharing rooms in Choose from: one of our ESE-run Superior or Economy self-catering apartments. Belmonte Heights Host Family (Superior), Meridjan (Superior) and Land’s End Accommodation (Superior or Economy) are air-conditioned. Free Wi-Fi is available. All apartments are Living with a host family means that you well-located and within a comfortable experience the Maltese way of life first- distance from school. Weekly maid service hand while enjoying the advantage of extra and linen change are included. English practice in the most natural of settings – at home! Our host families are Hotels carefully selected by our Reservations staff to Depending on your budget, you can book ensure that you will be hosted in a suitable, at one of our 3, 4 or 5-star preferred hotels. welcoming and comfortable environment. They are all located within walking distance Most host families are located within walking from ESE school and offer high standards distance of the ESE school premises. of service. ESE Residences The George Hotel, for example, is a 4-star Our residences are ESE-run so you are modern boutique hotel just across the guaranteed high standard facilities and road from ESE. It offers an indoor spa and comfortable accommodation. Located either rooftop terrace and pool which overlook in-house or just around the corner, rooms sea views. Rooms are equipped with an are modern, twin-bedded with study desk, LCD TV, iPod docking station and mini-bar. TV, phone, free Wi-Fi, air-conditioning and Internet access is available in the lobby. private bathroom facilities. Breakfast, which is included, is served at the ESE SpeakEasy For more information visit our website café on the ground floor of the school. www.ese-edu.com18
  18. 18. ADULT PROGRAMMES 2013ESE In-house Residence The George Hotel The George HotelTypical ESE host family Belmonte Apartments 19
  19. 19. 20
  20. 20. ADULTYour Social Experience PROGRAMMES 2013It’s up to you how to shape your social Here are some more memorable things you could do in Malta:experience. Every activity gives youadditional opportunities to interact, • • Take a boat trip to the Laze at the ESE Beach Clubmake friends and practise English with Blue Lagoon in Cominoother language learners in a relaxedand enjoyable context. • Admire the ornate interiors • Sail or take a cruise around of 360 churches foundYou can either choose from our ESE organised the island’s coastline around the islandactivities which are included in our weeklyESE leisure programme or ask one of our • • Eat a typical Maltese rabbit-based Admire the villageLeisure Team members for advice about other meal (fenkata) fireworks which light upactivities you may wish to book outside our the summer skiesprogramme. When booking one of the ESE- •organised activities, you are accompanied Admire Caravaggio’s only signed • painting ‘The Beheading of St John the Practise your Englishby one of our friendly leisure team members Baptist’ at St John’s Co-Cathedral with the localswho makes every effort to get to know youby name and ensures that you enjoy your • •activity to the full. Visit the fish market Visit the crafts village and in Marsaxlokk watch craftsmen mouldingOur Leisure team members introduce beautiful Mdina glassthemselves during the Welcome Speech on • View the impressive Grand Harbouryour first Monday at school and give you an • from the Upper Barrakka Gardens Be inspired as you wanderoverview of what’s included in the weekly around art galleriesleisure programme. If you prefer to go online, •you can find a short description of the weekly Visit the Aviation Museum •ESE-organised activities through the Student Shop till you drop at one of the • hip shopping malls in the citiesZone on our website. The programme is Go scuba diving in WW2 wrecksvaried and includes a free Orientation walk •on your first day of school, a free weekly Soak up the sun as you sip a latte •Welcome party, optional cultural visits, Taste the traditional cheescakes and watch the world go by alongand activities to suit all ages, preferences (pastizzi) and Gozitan cheese (gbejniet) the Sliema promenadeand budgets. 21
  21. 21. ESE Facilities and Services At ESE we believe in making your stay as memorable and comfortable as possible. For this reason, we have a number of support staff and services available: Free Learning Resources As an ESE student, you benefit from access to the ESE e-learning programme, use of our Self-Access Centre/Library and 2 computer labs as well as daily academic support from a teacher in the afternoons. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the school. 24/7 Welfare and Emergency Service When you book any of our ESE courses, we understand your need to have peace of mind for the duration of your stay. Our Welfare Support services are available 24/7 through our School Reception service and our experienced Welfare staff are available on the ESE premises during office hours (09:00 – 17:00) to assist you with any help you may need to make your stay more pleasant. Perhaps you need a dental appointment, need some information about how to extend your Visa or need some advice on how to open a bank account in Malta. Just ask our Welfare Staff. Student Area and Cafeteria Lounge around before, after or between lessons or chat as you enjoy a cappuccino at our in-house café called ‘SpeakEasy’ on the ground floor. It’s another perfect opportunity for you to practise your English in a relaxed environment. Book Shop Located on the Ground Floor of the ESE School, our in-house bookshop stocks learning aids such as dictionaries, graded readers and reference books such as grammar books and phrase books, should you want to invest further in your language learning experience. You can also buy detailed guide books to Malta, Gozo and nearby European capital cities if you intend venturing further afield during your long-term stay in Malta.22
  22. 22. Other CoursesAvailable at ESE ADULT PROGRAMMES 2013 Academic Year Exam Preparation Closed GroupsIf you wish to improve your level of English You may need to sit for an internationally- ESE organises closed groups for students whoproficiency for work or study purposes recognised English exam for a variety of share common language learning objectives.and have the option of sitting for an reasons. Perhaps you need an exam result for A syllabus and course materials are designedinternationally-recognised exam at the end university admission or for work purposes. specifically to target these language learningof the courses, the Academic Year course Our teachers offer the training and support you the flexibility of choosing which you need to obtain the result you aim to Some examples of closed groups by ESEexam to sit for and which afternoon modules achieve. Course duration depends on the include intensive language and examto follow. exam you are sitting for. Minimum language preparation for Cambridge CAE, FCE and level on entry apply depending on the examDuring morning classes you concentrate PET, Trinity GESE and ISE, IELTS, English chosen.on language input and the development of and History, English and English Literature,your core language skills (listening, speaking, The following exam preparation courses improving English presentation skills forreading and writing) and language knowledge are offered: Health Service officials and developing(grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation). English for Banking and Finance.You may choose to follow lessons with a IELTSspecialist slant in the afternoons, depending International English Languageon your learning needs and objectives. Testing SystemChoose from the AYC Academic Stream, AYCBusiness Stream, AYC CTH Hospitality and Cambridge Main Suite of Exams Entry level: Starter +Tourism Stream or the AYC Fluency Stream. KET, PET, FCE, CAE and CPE Length of course: Min 1 week TOEFL iBT Test of English as a Foreign Language Lessons/week: 20 to 30 lessons administered via the internet per week as requiredEntry level: Starter + (1 lesson x 45 minutes) Min. A2 to join Academic/Business/ Trinity Residence: Options available Hospitality and GESE (Graded Examination in Spoken Tourism Stream English) and ISE (Integrated Skills in Class size: Max. 15 English)Min. age: 17Length of course: 24/30/36 weeks “Lessons and activities are very well-organized. TheStart dates: Every 6 weeks teacher explains everything in a way that it is very easyLessons/week: 30 (22.5 hours) For more information about our to understand and learn. I think ESE is the best school in other courses, visit our website  Malta.”Class size: Max. 12 Angela Strupler, 24 Switzerland 23
  23. 23. Also available at ESE Paceville Avenue, St Julian’s STJ3103, Malta Tel: +356 21373789 E-mail: For more information about our courses, visit our website www.ese-edu.comTerms Conditions apply @ESE Malta ESE (Malta)