ESE Academic Brochure 2013


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ESE Academic Brochure 2013

  2. 2. Welcome to ESE – a school where you are made to feel at home as you study and work hard to reach your goals. At ESE we understand that your decision to learn English for life is an investment in your future. Whichever academic or career path you have chosen to follow, our team of academic staff and qualified teachers offer you the necessary support and guidance to help you achieve your objectives. Our long list of prestigious accreditations and our academic track record of successful students’ results are your guarantee that we are committed to high standards and quality teaching across all our academic courses. Sean Sean LeGaultYour decision to learn English for life is an investment in your future. Chief Executive Officer & Director
  3. 3. ACADEMIC PROGRAMMES 2013ContentsWhy choose ESE? 6Why Malta? 9Academics 10Exam Preparation Courses 12Academic Year Course 14University Foundation Programme 16Tourism and Hospitality Courses 18CTH Diploma Level Programmes 20Work Placement 21International Computer Driving Licence 23International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) 24Accommodation 26Your Social Experience 29ESE Facilities and Services 30Course Comparison Grid 31
  4. 4. ACADEMIC Why choose ESE? PROGRAMMES 2013 You may have decided to learn English To maximise your learning opportunities, you school hours and frequent use teaches you are exposed to language in use in natural how to take responsibility for your own for life for a variety of reasons. Perhaps and authentic contexts and given activities learning. Our teachers give you regular you need to pass an English exam to with real communicative value to carry out tutorials on how to use the e-learning site gain admission into university or you in small groups or pairs. This, followed by as well as tips on how you can maximise your hope to improve your job prospects personalised feedback, remedial and further learning experience through this blended practice opportunities by our qualified and mode of study. It’s all about learning for life. by becoming fluent in ‘global English’. experienced teachers, is the key to your Whatever your reasons, at ESE we success. Learning for Life – understand that, as an individual, you your social learning Adult have specific learning objectives, your ESE e-learning experience Top Nationalities own preferred learning style and that Free access to our e-learning programme Your language learning experience isn’t 2012 allows you to combine face-to-face teaching you bring your own rich history of confined to the classroom. Your ESE social German14% with online self-study from the moment you language learning experience to the experience gives you more opportunities book your course till 3 months after your to practise English in a real-world context Italian 12% classroom. course is over. It is up to you to determine and to process language in real time. By your own study plan, focus on the skills you Russian 12% joining ESE-organised social activities, you need most, work extra exam practice papers ESE Methodology places are immersed in an English speaking context Czech 9% for that upcoming English exam, choose with endless opportunities to interact with you at the heart of your topics that tweak your interest at the right other multilingual language learners like Turkish 9% language level for you and monitor your learning own progress. yourself and make new friends. You can Austrian 7% continue to practise your core skills and As an ESE learner of English, you are an interact with other ESE language learners by Dutch 7% active participant in your learning process. ESE – How blended will networking socially online and chatting to Swiss 7% Our courses are student-centred and are designed to equip you with the linguistic you go? others through our ever-growing Facebook database of fans. Spanish 5% tools necessary for you to develop your skills By blending face-to-face teaching with online holistically. This means that you develop all self-study, you reach your learning goals Studying at ESE means learning for life from Korean 5% your core language skills equally: listening, quicker. The online learning programme an experience you choose to shape... Our Japanese 4% speaking, reading and writing. allows you to work at your own pace after Team is here to welcome You! French 2% As an individual, you have specific learning objectives. Other 7%6 7
  5. 5. ACADEMIC Why Malta? PROGRAMMES 2013 What better way to learn English than to study on a sunny island in the heart of the Mediterranean where English is an official language? EUROPE Mostly known for its crystal clear waters, If you enjoy the clubbing scene, drop in at ITALY all year-round mild Mediterranean climate one of the nightclubs or casinos dotting the and the locals’ hospitality, Malta has been streets of Paceville, the island’s entertainment M edit er r anean S ea welcoming English language students for hub. If you prefer something quieter, you may more than half a century and has earned a prefer to stroll along the Spinola waterfront reputation as a centre of excellence in the or eat at one of the upmarket restaurants THE MALTESE ISLANDS EFL industry. offering international cuisine. NORTH AFRICA Malta boasts one of the lowest crime rates If you are more of the adventurous type, you in Europe, making it a safe language study could trek to one of the bays on the Northern destination. It is easy and relatively cheap and Western shorelines such as Mellieha Bay to get around by public transport and the or Golden Bay, go rock climbing or abseiling M edi ter r anean S ea distances you have to travel are quite short. along the rugged coastline, scuba diving in GOZO In fact, it won’t take you more than an hour waters renowned for their visibility, sailing COMINO to get from one tip of the island to the other! or maybe even discover Malta and its sister islands by bicycle. Yet despite Malta’s small size, you will be MALTA St Julian’s amazed by what the island has to offer. If you are following a long-term course, you Valletta With over 7000 years of history, there is may be tempted to hop on a plane and visit no shortage of historical sites to visit. Just one or two European cities which are no walk through the streets of the capital city more than a 2 and a half hour flight away Valletta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and from Malta. admire the numerous architectural treasures Whatever your reasons for learning English, all over the city. And if you really want to And for just a short you will find that Malta is a fascinating base experience a sense of history, make sure where you can learn English. And for just a while, you’ll be happy you visit some of the oldest temples in short while, you’ll be happy to call this little to call this little island the world – Ggantija, Hagar Qim, Mnajdra island your home. your home. and the Hypogeum – the only prehistoric underground temple in the world.8 9
  6. 6. Academics Our Teachers Accredited Trinity Examination Centre ACADEMIC Our pool of permanent EFL teachers are ESE is an accredited Trinity examination friendly, experienced and well-qualified to PROGRAMMES centre for GESE (Graded Examinations in teach you and offer you all the support you 2013 Understanding our Language Levels need. Native-level speakers, our teachers Spoken English) and ISE (Integrated Skills in English). Teachers are trained by Trinity to are adept at helping you define and reach deliver GESE and ISE examination courses ESE CEFR your learning objectives. Whatever your in preparation for the exams. Level Level language level, you follow classes at the right level for you. Personal Attention You can understand almost everything you hear 8 or read. You can express yourself spontaneously Small classes ensure that you are given Proficiency C2 and fluently on most topics, including abstract and Continuous Professional personalised attention, feedback on your complex ones. Development progress and numerous opportunities for 7 C1 You can express yourself fluently, effectively and interaction with your teacher. Advanced accurately in most situations. Every year our teachers participate in Teacher Training courses as part of their Continuous 6 You can communicate easily and effectively on a Professional Development (CPD) and follow Our School Facilities Upper B2 wide range of topics and easily understand the main workshops in a range of EFL teaching areas Intermediate ideas of complex texts. ESE school is a large modern school with such as how to: use Interactive Whiteboards 60 well-lit classrooms. Classrooms are You can understand and interact in a variety of effectively to bring the real world into the air-conditioned and many are equipped 5 B1.2 social situations but may sometimes find that your classroom, make lessons dynamic, create Intermediate vocabulary range and ability to use more complex with interactive whiteboards. Free Wi-Fi is structures accurately and fluently is limited. in-house teaching resources to make available throughout the school. The school lessons more interesting and encourage houses 2 computer labs where you can log You can interact in everyday social and travel 4 situations and understand some of what you hear you to become an independent and life- onto the ESE e-learning programme for Low B1.1 or read. You have a reasonable vocabulary and long learner of English once you finish your self-study and research after your lessons. Intermediate knowledge of basic grammar structures. course. CPD ensures that our teachers are A Self-Access Centre/Library is available always up-to-date with new teaching trends for you to borrow learning tools such as 3 You have basic vocabulary and can communicate Pre- A2 in everyday situations such as shopping, meeting and technology so that you experience the dictionaries, DVDs and graded readers which Intermediate people and travelling. highest standards of teaching. allow you to consolidate your class-based You can interact in a simple way and understand a learning and progress to more challenging 2 A1 few basic English words and phrases for immediate Methodology readers as you become more confident in Elementary situations as well as familiar topics. your use of English. ESE methodology places you, the learner, at You can use and understand rehearsed situation- 1 Starter specific phrases and a few basic English words on the centre of your lessons. Teachers develop Additional Support Starter very familiar topics their lessons to ensure that you are actively involved in your learning process and that At ESE we have an open door policy so our CEFR refers to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages you are given maximum opportunities for Director of Studies and Academic managers interaction. Small group activities and pair are always available to discuss any academic Most of our teachers are experienced and qualified work mean that you don’t have to wait too concerns you have. After lessons are over, with a CELTA, a CertTESOL or a higher teaching long for practice opportunities and most one of our experienced Learning Support “I believe this programme is the perfect stepping qualification. All our teachers follow training courses activities have real communicative value teachers is available in the library to assist stone to my academic and participate in regular workshops as part of their so you feel that you are learning in a real you with any advice or guidance you pathway in future.” Elmira Suleymanova Continuous Professional Development. world scenario. may need. Azerbaijian10 11
  7. 7. Exam Preparation Courses Our qualified teachers give you the opportunity to practise answering a wide variety of question types including multiple choice, gap fills, matching and mock exam ACADEMIC practice followed by personalised feedback. You can work extra exam practice PROGRAMMES exercises through the ESE e-learning programme as part of your blended learning 2013 At ESE you will study plan. Depending on your reasons for taking an English exam, you may choose find all the support from the following popular English tests: necessary to obtain the result you need. IELTS Cambridge Main Suite TOEFL iBT (International English Language (Test of English as a Foreign Language Testing System) administered via the Internet) You may need to sit for an If you want to study at a university in Britain, You can prepare for any of the Cambridge If you are planning to study in Canada or the internationally-recognised English Australia or New Zealand, you will probably range of exams (KET, PET, FCE, CAE and CPE) U.S., you will probably be asked to present exam because you are planning to need a 5.5 or better in the IELTS Academic at ESE although the exam you sit for will a TOEFL score. A TOEFL iBT score may also study at university at undergraduate option. The General Training option is depend on your level of English. By following be required for Visa purposes. or postgraduate level or perhaps often required for immigration purposes, this course, you improve your overall level of you need an exam result to get by students who intend following vocational English and obtain a certificate which certifies a job or improve your career or non-academic training and by employers the language level you have achieved. Exams as proof of your level of English proficiency. are held three to four times a year. prospects. Whatever your reason, The exam is held every month. at ESE you will find all the support necessary to obtain the result you need. Entry level: B1/Intermediate Entry level: Min. levels apply Entry level: B1/Intermediate per exam Min. age: 17 KET – A2 MIn age: 17 PET – B1 Length of course: Min. 6 weeks Length of course: Min. 6 weeks FCE – B2 Start dates: Every Monday CAE – C1 Start dates: Every Monday CPE – C2 Lessons/week: 30 (22.5 hours) Lessons/week: 30 (22.5 hours) Min. age: 17 “Six months studying Class size: Max. 10 Class size: Max. 10 English at ESE on the Length of course: 8 weeks AYC programme is like 7 years of studying English in China! This is Start dates: 8 – 10 weeks my true feeling. I really You can work extra before exam dates appreciated all my teachers at ESE – without them I exam practice exercises Lessons/week: 30 (22.5 hours) wouldn’t have improved my English so quickly.” through the ESE e-learning Class size: Max. 10 For more information visit our website Yiyuan Chen (Yasar) Guangdong, China programme. www.ese-edu.com12 13
  8. 8. Academic Year Course ACADEMIC AYC Flexible Learning Pathway PROGRAMMES Morning classes: Afternoon classes: 2013 Language Stream Specialist Stream 13:00 – 14:30 ● ACADEMIC STREAM 09:00 – 12:30 You concentrate on improving your 4 core language skills (listening, speaking, reading You can choose to concentrate on your 13:00 – 14:30 ● BUSINESS STREAM Course Benefits preferred learning pathway depending on ● LANGUAGE and writing) and improving all areas of why you need to improve your English. STREAM When you book the Academic Year course, language knowledge (vocabulary, grammar 13:00 – 14:30 ● HOSPITALITY TOURISM STREAM you benefit from regular tutorials with a and pronunciation) around a wide variety (all students) member of our academic staff, Free After of topics. CHOOSE A STREAM 13:00 – 14:30 ● FLUENCY STREAM School club, daily student support group, access to the ESE e-learning programme and study plan and use of the Self-Access AYC Sample Timetable Centre so that you can continue your studies MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY after school hours. Our academic staff ● AYC Academic Stream encourage you to make use of all our self- ● LANGUAGE STREAM study facilities and resources to maximise If you want to sit for the IELTS, Cambridge or TOEFL iBT exam or intend furthering 09:00 – 10:30 Situational Grammar in Speaking Writing Independent your studies at university, this stream allows you to concentrate on Academic English English Context Pronunciation Writing Learning your opportunities for blended learning and such as study skills, summarising, planning writing essays and other skills which you Portfolio ESE’s faster results. e-Learning need for academic success. For more information visit our website 10:30 – 11:00 COFFEE BREAK ● AYC Business Stream 11:00 – 12:30 Situational Vocabulary Vocabulary Grammar in Extensive English to go to go Context Reading If you want to improve your English for work purposes, this stream allows you to Listening Reading Project Work concentrate on using English for business such as writing a good CV, applying for a job, writing business correspondence, answering questions in an interview and other skills 12:30 – 13:00 LUNCH BREAK Entry level: Starter + which are beneficial for career advancement in any sector. It is also ideal for students ● ACADEMIC STREAM Min. A2 to join If you need to improve your overall who want to prepare for a business exam such as BEC or BULATS. 13:00 – 14:30 Academic Study Skills Academic The World Academic Academic/Business/ level of English across the core English English Around Us English Hospitality and AYC Hospitality Tourism Stream Language Reading/ Reading/ Tourism Stream language skills for career or study ● Listening Writing purposes, the Academic Year course If you intend working in the hospitality and tourism industries, by following this ● BUSINESS STREAM Min. age: 17 gives you the flexibility of choosing stream you develop vocabulary and improve your English language skills around 13:00 – 14:30 Business Intercultural Business Skills Interpersonal The World Length of course: 24/30/36 weeks your start date, your preferred area hospitality and tourism-related topics. It is also an ideal stepping stone onto the CTH English Awareness Skills Around Us (Confederation of Tourism Hospitality) diploma qualifications in Hotel and Tourism Language of focus in the afternoons (you can Start dates: Every 6 weeks management offered at ESE. 07.01.2013 / 18.02.2013 / choose every six weeks) as well as ● CTH HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM STREAM* 01.04.2013 / 13.05.2013 / which internationally-recognised ● AYC Fluency Stream 13:00 – 14:30 Telephoning Vocabulary The World Public Writing 01.07.2013 / 12.08.2013 / certificates you want to obtain by the Techniques for Around Us Presentations Letters of Reservations Confirmation 30.09.2013 / 11.11.2013 end of your course. This means that This stream gives you a more structured alternative to long-term General English. By and Check-Ins following the Fluency Stream in the afternoons, you develop fluency and become a Lessons/week: 30 (22.5 hours) the AYC allows you to personalise ● FLUENCY STREAM confident speaker of English as you engage in oral communication activities based on your course according to your recent and interesting topics in multinational classes. 13:00 – 14:30 Task-based The World Information Intercultural Debate Teams Class size: Max. 12 learning objectives. Learning Around Us Gap Activity Awareness14 15
  9. 9. University Foundation Programme University Foundation Programme Sample Timetable MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY ACADEMIC 09:00 – 10:30 General General General General General PROGRAMMES Academic Academic Academic Academic Academic 2013 If you want to further your academic Physics, Government and Politics and Language Language Language Language Language studies in an English-speaking country Business Studies. Input Input Input Input Input such as the UK, the US or Australia, When you enrol on the University 10:30 – 11:00 BREAK you can fast track your progression Foundation Programme, you benefit from 11:00 – 12.30 General General General General General onto an undergraduate course regular tutorials with a member of our Academic Academic Academic Academic Academic academic staff to discuss your language Language Language Language Language Language by following the ESE University Input Input Input Input Input development, ongoing guidance from the Foundation Programme. The Programme Director with your choice of 12:30 – 13:00 LUNCH University Foundation Programme course, university application and personal 13:00 – 14:30 Presentations Study Period Critical Essay Writing Study Modes guarantees you entry into some statement. You also benefit from the ESE Analytical daily student support group, ESE e-learning Thinking “The ESE-Twin Foundation universities in the UK provided that programme has been a great you meet all other entry criteria. programme and study plan as well as the experience for me. It has use of the Self-Access Centre so that you 15:00 – 16:30 Core Maths Core I.T. Core Maths Study Period Core I.T. opened my mind to new subjects and experiences. can continue your studies after school hours. Everyone here is very The UFP is a one-year programme which helpful and friendly.” helps you develop your level of English For more information visit our website Jerioth Wambui Ndungu proficiency, prepares you for the English Kenya exam you need for university admission Your Study Progression Chart (IELTS / Cambridge / TOEFL iBT) and allows you to develop the skills necessary for academic success in your chosen A-LEVELS academic field. 2 YEAR PROGRAMME Entry level: B1/Intermediate level The UFP prepares you for the following of English Traditional GSCE subject routes: Accounting, Architecture, Routes Min. age: 17 INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE BACHELOR’S MASTER’S B u s i n e s s , Co m p u t i n g , E c o n o m i c s , 2 YEAR PROGRAMME DEGREE DEGREE Engineering, Hospitality Management, International HIGH SCHOOL Length of course: 30 weeks Humanities, Information Systems, Law and Routes CERTIFICATE (Standard Course) Social Science. UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION 20 weeks 1 YEAR PROGRAMME The subjects you study on the University (Intensive Course) Foundation Programme are various. Compulsory subjects include: English for Start dates: 4 times a year NQF* 2 3 4 5 6 7 October / January / University Studies, Exam Preparation, April / June Research Study Skills, Core Mathematics * The NQF (National Qualifications Framework) sets out the level at which qualifications are recognised in the UK. It helps learners and Core Computing. You can choose from Hours/week: 25 – 30 make the right decisions about the qualifications they need to follow their chosen career path. the optional Academic Subject modules that including self-study are being run each term. Optional modules include Accounting, Sociology, Psychology, Class size: Max. 12 Economics, Law, Further Mathematics, This programme is run in conjunction with Twin UK.16 17
  10. 10. Tourism and Hospitality Courses ACADEMIC PROGRAMMES If you intend working in the hospitality and tourism industry or you want to 2013 Following a CTH The course is demanding and practical in nature. further your education by following a diploma or degree and improving your job CTH Modules include: pathway guarantees you prospects in this sector, you can enrol on one of the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH) courses being offered by ESE. personal progress and Essentials of human resources and business computing in hospitality and career achievement tourism Established in 1982, CTH is one of the world’s leading hospitality and tourism professional bodies which provides the highest standards of qualifications. Following a CTH pathway guarantees you Essentials of marketing and customer relationships in hospitality and tourism personal progress and career achievement in this ever-growing global industry. Foundation Certificate in Tourism and Hospitality and tourism industry Hospitality Intensive Programme Certificate in English for Management Essentials of hospitality and tourism Hospitality and Tourism operations Entry level: B2/Upper Intermediate The Certificate in Tourism and Hospitality Additional core modules include: Requirements: High School certificate The Certificate in English for Hospitality Management (NQF Level 3) is an independent Min. age: 17 Study Skills and IELTS preparation and Tourism (NQF Level 2) gives you qualification if you wish to enter the tourism English language training based on topics industry at team member level. Alternatively, Length of course: 6 months/24 weeks which are relevant to the industry such as if you intend furthering your studies in this Start date: March 2013 hotel departments, restaurant personnel, sector, this foundation certificate prepares You are expected to demonstrate sound interpersonal, extensive self-study and Lessons/week: Average 30 (22.5 hours) tour operators, resort representatives you for direct admission on to the first and travel agents. In addition, you year of a relevant university degree such research and presentation skills throughout Class size: Max. 12 develop your core skills in English and Entry level: Level 1: as Hospitality and Tourism Management or the course. B1/Intermediate level become more confident in the use of the Level 4 CTH Diploma in Hotel or Tourism Standard Programme of English Depending on your level of English the language. management programmes. Level 2: proficiency, you may take this course over Entry level: B1/Intermediate Depending on your level of English, you B2/Upper Intermediate The course is also a valid pathway to training 2 terms (Intensive Programme) or 3 terms Requirements: High School certificate can follow the Certificate in English for Min. age: 17 at leading specialist institutions such as Les (Standard Programme). Students who follow Hospitality and Tourism at Level 1 or Level Roches International School (Switzerland), the Standard 9-month Programme complete Min. age: 17 Length of course: 6 weeks the Certificate in English for Tourism and 2. The Level 1 certificate takes you up University of Surrey (UK) and Bournemouth Length of course: 9 months/36 weeks to B1/Intermediate Level while the Level Start dates: Twice a year University (UK). Hospitality (Level 2) in the first term. 2 certificate takes you up to B2/Upper April / November Start date: January 2013 Intermediate Level. Lessons/week: 30 (22.5 hours) This foundation certificate prepares Lessons/week: Average 30 (22.5 hours) For more information visit our website Class size: Max. 12 you for direct admission to the first For more information visit our website Class size: Max. 12 year of a relevant university degree. www.ese-edu.com18 19
  11. 11. CTH Diploma Level Programmes Work ACADEMIC Placement PROGRAMMES 2013 CTH Diploma level programmes Diploma in Hotel Diploma in Tourism provide you with an in-depth Management Management This package is suitable understanding of the operational side of the tourism and hospitality Subjects for detailed study include: Subjects for detailed study include: for students involved in sector and an awareness of the core • Food and Beverage Operations • Travel Geography vocational education and management principles involved. • Food Hygiene, Health and Safety • The Tourism Industry training and who wish to The CTH Diploma level programmes An ESE work placement package To date, we have placed students in these areas: • Front Office Operations • Business Computing gives you the opportunity to attain a Europass Mobility integrate practical career-focused skills with knowledge of management • Housekeeping and Accommodation • Travel Agency Tour   experience practical, work-based • Administration Certificate in conjunction • Architecture skills which are essential for a career • Finance for Hospitality Tourism Guide Operations learning which is relevant to your • Auto Mechanics with the Leonardo in this ever-growing industry. • Business Operations in  • Tourism Economics area of study or interest. • Beauty Therapy and Hair Dressing da Vinci programme The diploma courses are taught at NQF Level 4 Hospitality and Tourism • Special Interest Tourism You start your stay in Malta with a week of • Childcare Teaching Assistants and aims to help build General English 20 classes which will help • Coaching Assistants in various (equivalent to first year undergraduate study), • Marketing for Tourism   • Destination Analysis you brush up your language skills. During this Sportive Disciplines a skilled workforce are challenging and require considerable week you will also be introduced to your line self-study. Successful completion of a and Hospitality • Business Operations in   manager at your place of work and shown • Dental Assistants across Europe. • The Tourism Industry Hospitality Tourism how to find your way around Malta. • Electrical Technical Assistants diploma course means that you can either join Year 2 of an undergraduate degree • Fashion Design • Business Computing • Marketing for Tourism Hospitality As from the second week week you will course, join the sector at trainee level or be expected to work for approximately 34 • Graphic Web Design obtain credit entry into the second stages • The Global Hospitality Industry • Finance for Hospitality Tourism hours per week and take “English for Work • Hospitality Hotel Management Purposes” lessons or attend a tutorial every • International Trade of either the CTH Advanced Diploma or Friday. Graduate Diploma courses. • Information Technology Entry level: B1/Intermediate level of English Bookings have to be received at least 14 • Journalism Entry level: B2/Upper Intermediate Entry level: B2/Upper Intermediate weeks prior to your desired starting date Min. age: 17 and although most organisations prefer stays • Legal Assistants Level of English Level of English of 12 weeks and over, shorter stays will be • Leisure The CTH Diploma level considered upon request. • Logistics Length of course: Requirements: High School certificate Requirements: High School certificate Min. recommended 12 weeks programmes integrate • Marketing Min. age: 18 Min. age: 18 “I was really proud to work Start dates: Throughout the year practical career-focused with the European School • Media of English. I learnt how to skills with knowledge Length of course: 1 year Length of course: 1 year create newsletters, a website, • Nursing English face-to-face tuition: organise a course proposal, • Photography 1st week: of management skills Start date: 7th October 2013 Start date: 7th October 2013 and developed many different • Retail 20 lessons (15 hours) + marketing skills. I also which are essential for Total learning hours: 1200 Total learning hours: 1200 improved my English. These • Secretarial Duties Following weeks: two months were really 4 General English lessons (3 hours) a career in this ever- including self-study including self-study beneficial for me.” • Veterinary Assistants / 1 tutorial per week Dorian Bechade • Wholesale Distribution growing industry France20 21
  12. 12. International Computer ACADEMIC PROGRAMMES 2013 Driving Licence The ICDL is the leading international computer skills cer tification programme. It has been delivered The course is made up of 40 hours to 11 million people, in 41 languages of face-to-face tuition with an across 148 countries. experienced tutor and comprises the following modules: By following this course you enhance your resumé, make yourself more employable, learn how to meet deadlines at work or at Concepts of ICT university and develop your IT literacy skills through practical experience. The course includes 7 online tests (45 minutes Using the Computer each) and mock tests at ESE, internationally- and Managing Files Modules may also be booked individually. recognised certification, ICDL courseware on CD and course materials. Word Processing For more information visit our website Spreadsheets Entry level: B1/Intermediate level of English enhance your Min. age: 17 resumé, make yourself Using Databases Length of course: 12 weeks more employable, learn Start date: 4 times a year how to meet deadlines Presentations January/April/ at work or at university June/October 2013 faster and develop your Contact hours/week: 3 – 4 Web Browsing IT literacy skills through Communication Class size: Max. 16 practical experience.22 23
  13. 13. International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) Language A1 English HL ACADEMIC PROGRAMMES 2013 Group 1 Second Individuals language and societies Gr p2 ou History of Spanish SL ou p3 French SL Gr l ed ge ex the Americas HL German SL n ow te n Psychology SL fk de yo de THE IB the or ssa y LEARNER PROFILE IBDP subjects focus on cr at e c e Experimental iv i r vi Mathematics your character formation, sciences Gr ou t y, a c ti o n , s e p5 and computer p4 ou science giving you a well- Biology HL or SL Gr Mathematics SL Chemistry SL rounded education. Physics SL Math Studies SL Group 6 The arts Theatre Arts HL, Visual Arts HL, Music Solo SL If you are 16 years of age and have The IBDP is a two-year pre-university addition, you follow Theories of Knowledge Entry level: B1/Intermediate level qualification which is accepted in more and a Creativity, Action, Service Programme a minimum intermediate level of of English than 121 countries. The IBDP will prepare as part of the full diploma. English, you may be looking for an you for university life, encourage critical The full range of IBDP subjects you study Admission age: 16 alternative to A levels as an entry and independent thinking and intercultural focus on your character formation, giving requirement for admission into understanding. you a well-rounded education and a Length of course: 2 years university both locally and abroad. When following the full IBDP, you can solid preparation for university study at Start date: October 2013 Our partner, St Edward’s College in choose up to 6 subjects (3 at higher level undergraduate level. Malta, is running the International and 3 at subsidiary level) from the disciplines Study mode: Full-time For more information visit our website of humanities, sciences, languages and Baccalaureate Diploma Programme mathematics. Ideally, you choose one Class size: Max. 15 (IBDP) over two years. subject from each of the 6 subject groups. In24 25