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  1. 1. D: 1/30/13A: Notes on IslamS: How is Islam practiced?H: Case Study: Sunni vs Shiite Muslims DUEFRIDAYw.o.d: mosqueWarm-Up: Answer questions 1 & 2 on pg.421 under Connecting to Math. Write thequestions and answers.
  2. 2. Word of the Day WORD DEFINTION SENTENCE PICTURE Place of The Dome of worship for the Rock ismosque followers of the most holy Islam mosque for Muslims.
  3. 3. I. Basics of IslamA. Founded by MuhammadB. Followers of Islam are called MuslimC. Not all Muslims are Arabs there are over 1 billion Muslims worldwideD. The Qur’an or Koran is the Islamic holy bible
  4. 4. II. Origins of IslamA. Islam is traced back to Ishmael the son of AbrahamB. The well of Zamzam is where Mecca was bornC. When Abraham came to visit his son it is believed that God told Abraham to build a holy sanctuary called the Ka’bah
  5. 5. III. The Ka’bahA. Meaning cube is said to be the house of GodB. It in 40 feet in height, width and length. The door is 7 feet from the ground and it is only entered by a moveable staircaseC. Inside are silver and gold lamps and a black rock that was white but changed from the kisses of people seeking forgivenessD. All Muslims should go to the Ka’bah at least once
  6. 6. IV. The ProphetA. Muhammad the founder and prophet of Islam was born in 570. He was raised by is uncle, married at 25 and at 40 began to question the origins of the world.B. One night it is believed that Gabriel appeared to Muhammad and told him he was a messenger from God.C. Eventually Muhammad traveled to heaven and met Allah
  7. 7. V. The Birth of IslamA. As Muhammad preached about his journey the rulers of Mecca did not agree and he moved to Medina. All Muslims were instructed to meet him there and marked the HijrahB. In the beginning the Jews and Muslim worshiped together until Muslims were instructed to pray towards Mecca instead of JerusalemC. Holy Wars broke out until the Muslims controlled the Arabian PeninsulaD. Mecca finally allowed Muslims in where Muhammad went straight to the Ka’bah circled it 7 times and proclaimed himself The Prophet
  8. 8. VI. Death of MuhammadA. Muhammad set out to convert all the tribes in ArabiaB. On his last pilgrimage to Mecca he declared that Muslims needed to be united and fear only AllahC. Muhammad died on his way back and with no son he had no successor
  9. 9. VII. The Spread of IslamA. After Muhammad’s death caliphs or successors were elected and lead the Muslims to conquer Jerusalem and spread through the Byzantine Empire (ROMANS)B. During the third caliph Islam spread into North Africa and EgyptC. During the forth caliph there was a break in the Muslim world 1. Shiite 2. Sunni
  10. 10. VIII. The Islamic SectsA. Shiite 1. Believe only descendants of Muhammad should be caliphs 2. Salvation is only found by following the ImamB. Sunni 1. Elect caliphs 2. Salvation is found by being a good MuslimC. Sufism – Islamic mystics
  11. 11. IX. The Koran and the HadithA. The Koran is believed to be the most accurate version of God’s word behind the Torah and Gospels of the New Testament.B. The Koran describes all the guidelines for living a proper Muslim life and what happens when one diesC. The Hadith are six volumes of the teachings of Muhammad
  12. 12. X. FIVE PILLARS OF ISLAM Shahada Salat Zakzt Sawm Hajj1. There isno god butAllah who 5. A visit tospoke 2. Pray 3. Give to 4. Fast Mecca atthrough the five times the poor during the least once inprophet holy month yourMohammed a day of lifetime Ramadan MUSLIMS DO NOT GAMBLE, DRINK ALCOHOL OR EAT PORK