DrRic - The Yoga Controversy (slide share edition)


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A community lunch and learn I gave at Northwest Community Hospital Wellness Center for folks on the fence about yoga.

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  • 3vs 1 –this isnt meant to gang up on William Broads book, it is more to enlighten people on the fence to the multifold benefits of yoga. Many sports endeavors have obvious side benefits….running-weight management; cycling lung capacity; cross training variety; swimming zero gravity muscle work…but yoga is actually a way of life that was developed by philosophers (more on 8 limbs of yoga later……for now lets stick to the fruits and veggies of our discussion. (I don’t like meat and potatoes)
  • Most general sporting tips for injury in young come from “surgical injury” or catastrophic injury to the player from NOT KNOWING DANGERS but this can be translated to adults….thus the importance of being informed properly and coach appropriately (health coach)
  • Perspective: National Estimates of the 10 Leading Causes of Nonfatal Injuries Treated in Hospital Emergency Departments, United States – 2010 In 2008, unintentional falls were the leading cause of nonfatal injury treated in U.S. hospital emergency departments among women of all ages, and rates generally increased with age. Women aged 65 years and older had the highest rate of injury due to unintentional falls (65.0 per 1,000 women), compared to 21.2 per 1,000 women aged 18–34 and 20.4 per 1,000 women aged 35–44 years. However, women aged 65 years and older had the lowest rates of each of the other four leading causes of nonfatal injuries, while women aged 18–34 years had the highest rates. Unintentional injuries sustained by motor vehicle occupants were the second leading cause of injury among 18- to 34-year-olds (17.5 per 1,000 women), while unintentional overexertion—which can be due to strenuous or repetitive motions such as lifting—was the second leading cause of injury among women aged 35–44 and 45–64 years (12.8 and 8.8 per 1,000 women, respectively).
  • On a more practical level….the injuries I see in the clinic have been listed….be aware I have also worked in training rooms at DePaul U, U of Central Florida and Cirque du Soleil…..blunt force trauma has been biggest catastrophy (30 ft fall at Cirque, back injury at DePaul, and Concussion at UCF)
  • Preparticipation physicals can help decide risk medically or musculoskeletally (depends on MD) This is a “Cheap” way to enlist a “Health Coach” since a physical may be covered by medical insurance (I “pursuade” patients to see physical therapy for rehab and “encourage” the PT to guide the patient in post rehab design….all on the insurance!!!!)When Insurance not involved-EP or Trainer will help tailor sustainable routine to keep you safe and work toward goalsProblem with depending on self awareness-Exercise knowledge depends on youth experience…. (athletes vs non athletes)Non athletes…..run or go to the gym (do the circuit and fail in 3 months)Mr Woodcock
  • Problems arise in giving advise for exercise when the Giver doesn’t know
  • Rate of perceived exertion is where most beginners will shoot for a level of fitness to 7-8 because sports psychology says we got something out of it.Arnolds size or Moses Mosop’s time (2h 5m 37s) 2011
  • I like the way John Friend speaks of two basic components in expression of a pose/styleMuscular and organic. Muscle you can figure out (power expression) Organic is more of a grace, inner being expressed via the physical message
  • I like to distinguish the radically different forms with martial arts conceptsAikido is an old art originating from Hombu Japan and current schools follow the same testing rituals as decades agoMMA is a very popular martial art, practical for competition but such a hybrid that testing and advancing depends on the teacher
  • 8 is a magical number in ayurveda-a meaning of infinity. So essentially you need a “Yoga Concierge”….but don’t feel overwhelmed…..These questions should help…..If they don’t have time to answer….dont go. (Kinda like my theory on doctors….if they don’t have time for your questions…..they arent concerned about your life
  • Workshops usually involve healing or therapeautics for nominal price
  • I have the honor of treating the worst of the worst regarding sports injury and health. At the same time I have a deep love of yoga. Aside from the injury aspect….so many of the 20-50 year olds coming into my office come in with multiple medical problems the majority of which are related to stress
  • What are the standard ways people deal with stress?However, fewer than half (46 percent) of Chicagoadults exercise regularly and one in four (23 percent)do not exercise at all.
  • This is a slide on “invisible stress”Many of my CEO’s, Moms with 4 kids (all in grade school), executive assistants to the CEO’s, police officers….all say they don’t feel “stressed” when they come in for a physical. Then I find blood pressure is high, heart rate is tachicardic….and they are speaking a mile a minute on every ailment, occasional headache wondering if it is ok to have chest pain at 50 y/o.
  • The new movement in healing and longevity are saying relaxation and stress relief give just as much mind body benefits as vigorous exercise and can be done less often (30 minutes once to twice a day at home
  • Yoga is involved as one of the healing forms in ayruvedic medicine which goes hand in hand with yoga
  • My next 50 will be better than my last 50
  • Never to late! Aussie Bette Calman 83 in this pic taken 2009
  • DrRic - The Yoga Controversy (slide share edition)

    1. 1. The Yoga Controversy Enrique Saguil, M.D.We didn’t invent the practice of medicine…. we’re just changing the way it’s provided.
    2. 2. The First Health ApproachWe didn’t invent the practice of medicine…. we’re just changing the way it’s provided.
    3. 3. Your Community of Care Ric Saguil, MD Jason Gruss, MD Tom Jordan, RD Katrina Christie, LCPC Jennifer Green, ND Joe Musolino, DC Emery Paredes, PT Aimee Weber, EP Yu Zhu, MD China You
    4. 4. We didn’t invent the practice of medicine…. we’re just changing the way it’s provided.
    5. 5. Lets get ready to rumble!!! We didn’t invent the practice of medicine…. we’re just changing the way it’s provided.
    6. 6. Fight statsYOGA Non Handed Down Yoga Non Ballistic Relatively New Cardiac Cardiac Brain Changing Mood Altering Available Available All Ages Sport-Age Dependant
    7. 7. Trends in Injuries in 9 of 16 Sports 1981-1989 Where’s the YOGA?
    8. 8. Injuries per 100 participants• Football 18.8% Where’s• Ice Hockey 15.9% the YOGA?• Soccer 9.3%• Basketball 7.6%• Baseball 5.8%• Running/Jogging 4.6%• Skateboarding 3.1% American Sports Data Inc 2006
    9. 9. American Association of Neurological Surgeons (tips)• Every year 11,000 spinal cord injuries• Motor Vehicles are the leading cause 65y/o <• Falls are the leading cause 65y/o >• Tips: wear seatbelt don’t drive under the influence keep firearms unloaded and locked remove hazards in the home (falls)……
    10. 10. …..general sporting tipsSupervise younger children at all times, and do not let them use sporting equipment or play Where’s the sports unsuitable for their age. Do not let them YOGA? use playgrounds with hard surface grounds.• Do not participate in sports when you are ill or very tired.• Discard and replace sporting equipment or protective gear that is damaged.• Never block, hit or tackle a player with the top of your football helmet.• Never slide head-first when stealing a base 2008
    11. 11. National Electronic Injury SurveilanceSystem (NEISS) -for sports and recreational equipment• Basketball 16,031• Bicycles/accesories 15,714 Where’s the• Football 15,003 YOGA?• Exercise/Ex Equip 10,410• Baseball 7,442• ATV/Moped/Minib 5,256• Lacrosse 2,760• Hockey 1,899 Consumer Product Safety Commision.gov 2010
    12. 12. Forbes.com1. Basketball Where’s2. Bike the YOGA?3. Football4. ATV/Moped/Minibike5. Baseball6. Exercise/Exercise Equipment7. Soccer
    13. 13. Unintentional Overexertion• #3 in Top 10 Leading Non-fatal Injuries CDC• 3,430,040 people treated in the ER working in awkward posture limit amount of weight carried take frequent breaks in repetitive
    14. 14. DrRic’s Sports Medicine Clinic Where’s the YOGA?• Back all• Knee all• Shoulder throwing• Ankle (seasonal) all• Wrist/Elbow racket• Concussion (seasonal) mostly contact• Neck (seasonal) contact/combat
    15. 15. Avoid injury-just stay home!?
    16. 16. No!….this is what happens with staying home: 1 in 3 adults Obese
    17. 17. How to choose a proper activity? (-and not get hurt?)Get some help from:a Doctoran Exercise Physiologista Physical Therapista Trainer/Teachera Health Coach
    18. 18. Paging Dr Bias?Wanna bet yourAverage doctordoesn’t exercise?!
    19. 19. Yoga is more than u think
    20. 20. ….but no one thinks it’s a tough workout
    21. 21. Try this… …..but no showing off, everyone expresses their yoga differently
    22. 22. DrRic’s idea of Yoga StylesMuscular Organic KundaliniBikram VinyasaAshtanga SvaroopaPower FlowAnusara AnusaraLevel 3 Level 1Hot Restorative Gentle
    23. 23. AikidoLike old fashion traditionVSNew Hybrid Forms Mixed Martial Arts
    24. 24. 8 Things to ask the Instructor1. I have a _______injury, is it ok?2. I have _______medical problem, is it ok?3. Ok for beginners?4. I want a work out, is this what I need?5. I want stress relief, will this help?6. Is this usually a full class?7. What is the average age of the students?8. Is this hot yoga?
    25. 25. 8 ways to get a feel for yoga1. Search the websites for a class that resonates2. Try several studios (drop in)3. Buy a block and try on several teachers4. Attend a few workshops5. Don’t buy equipment until at least 5 tries6. Make a change in nutrition and sleep as well7. Add some dvd’s for distant training8. Become a teacher
    26. 26. Self Serving Promotion Community Health Project: YOGA? June 23rdA workshop for real life application of yoga concepts for:• High blood pressure• Sleep disorders• Anxiety• High cholesterol• Weight gain• Joint pain
    27. 27. Local Studios to sample• Willow First Class is• Pulsations usually Free!!!• Bodhi Prem Yoga• Sanga• Tribalance Schaumburg• Body & Brain (Dahn Yoga) Schaumburg• Himalayan Yoga Palatine• Northwest Community Hospital Wellness• Total Body Yoga Mundelein• Lotus Yoga Libertyville
    28. 28. Yoga 101:-This class is being offered to those who are completely newto Yoga. Learn the basics of Hatha Yoga with practice inbreath for relaxation, slow movements, & gentle stretchinginto basic poses including the sun salutation.Yoga:-These classes integrate the postures, breathing exercises, &relaxation to harmonize you on every level; mind, body, spirit.This is a mindful & moving class, all levels are welcome. Hatha/Vinyasa - Beth Iyengar - Carol Hatha - JoanneYoga 2:- Hatha/Vinyasa - KarolinaThis level 2 class will challenge you to movequicker from pose to pose or hold poses longer to increase Vinyasa - Lorifocus & strength. Arm balancing, such as inversions, along with Vinyasa - Maryoptions to common postures may be taught. Hatha w/Iyengar & Anusara – Toni Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga - DrRicMeditative Yoga:-We have designed a class to offer the benefits of flexibility/movementand meditation/stress relief. Whether a beginner or advancedpractitioner, there will be something you can take home by the endof our series that you can add to help lower blood pressure, getdeeper sleep or get heart healthy.
    29. 29. Collateral “damage” from yoga1. Decreased appetite2. Better sleep3. Community4. Lower vital signs (blood pressure)5. Better decision making (in times of stress)6. Faster rehabilitation (post injury)7. Better primary sport performance (running, basketball, weight training, physical therapy, martial arts, hiking…)8. Better stress tolerance……
    30. 30. 2010 American Psychological Association on Stress• 2/5 Americans overeat/unhealthy choice• 1/3 skipped a meal• Chicagoans more likely to eat to manage stress than average American• Irritability, Fatigue, Lack of Energy most common symptoms
    31. 31. Slide showing “Invisible Stress”
    32. 32. Visible and Invisible Stress A Multitasking Concept• Speed kills (stay in the right lane)• Nature exists in “homeostasis”• We cannot control our environment• We are only in control of our reaction to it …..and 2 ways to react….
    33. 33. Godzilla or Ghandi
    34. 34. Why can’t we just co-exist?Athletes do it.In a state of relaxation response but … can turn on a fast stress response.
    35. 35. Physical or Spiritual? Both?) (or• Why not practice both?• Average 50 hour work week per day=• 8-10 hours of work• 1-2 hours of driving• 6-7 hours of sleep• 1-2 hour of nutrition• 1 hour of family time• 2 hours of free time (But have no time)
    36. 36. The new paradigm of medicine• 1980’s Medical Imaging• 1990’s Managed Care/Big Pharma• Millennium Mind Body Medicine• Now Contemplative Neuroscience Don’t have to go “vigorous” to stayhealthy!
    37. 37. Understanding yoga philosophy• Originating from India• 2500 years old• Is a way of life• Poses are only 1 of 8 reasons yoga was created• Ayurveda Medicine is stand-alone• Once you give in, most stay
    38. 38. The 8 Limbs of Patanjali (An ancient text on the basis of yogic living)1. Yama : Universal morality2. Niyama : Personal observances3. Asanas : Body postures4. Pranayama : Breathing exercises5. Pratyahara : Control of the senses6. Dharana : Concentration, inner awareness7. Dhyana : Devotion, Meditation on the Divine8. Samadhi : Union with the Divine
    39. 39. More to yoga than just the “beef” Clara doing Tree Pose
    40. 40. My Journey …..continuesSprinter-Power 17y/o BodyBuilding-Strength Running-Patience Teaching-Longevity 50y/o
    41. 41. The Saguil Approach• Brainstorm and set a “quit date”• Embrace “true loves”• Get some help finding sustainable choices• Try some yoga places around your area• Interview the instructors• Commit to 21 days at least• Add on………. (repeat) HeThere’s the Beef!!!!
    42. 42. Community Health Project: Yoga? Northwest Community Hospital Wellness Center June 23rd Saturday 1100am-1230pm Program 05-4104 847 618 3500