Telehealth Integration with Care Management:       Competition and Opportunity<br />Donna Cusano<br />
What is an ‘integrator’?<br />A telehealth company that provides for their customer: <br />Single source, turnkey teleheal...
What is an ‘integrator’?<br />Typically an integrator….<br />Works with healthcare provider (home health agency, health pl...
After hours nurse triage
Healthcare provider notified if necessary (family)
Case manager, physician</li></li></ul><li>Competitive Landscape<br />Monitoring/Dashboarding<br />Integrators<br />Telecar...
Competitive Analysis—Integrators<br />Integrators<br />Cardiocom (<br /><ul><li>Roots: developer and markete...
Now provides fully outsourced clinical monitoring and disease management services (market size not known) with proprietary...
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Telehealth Integrators and Competitors Landscape


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Presentation on telehealth competitive landscape with a focus on \'integrators\' providing care management as option. Overview of marketing opportunities.

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Telehealth Integrators and Competitors Landscape

  1. 1. Telehealth Integration with Care Management: Competition and Opportunity<br />Donna Cusano<br />
  2. 2. What is an ‘integrator’?<br />A telehealth company that provides for their customer: <br />Single source, turnkey telehealth service that extends care into the home<br />Candidate identification and engagement<br />Fully managed device, IVR, customer service and deployment services<br />Detailed online reporting and trending<br />Workflow, EMR and EHR integration<br />Clinical/utilization outcomes and ROI analysis <br />The option of collaborative clinical support and triage services to supplement clinical oversight in the home<br />
  3. 3. What is an ‘integrator’?<br />Typically an integrator….<br />Works with healthcare provider (home health agency, health plan/disease management program, health system) on business model<br />Uses wired and wireless medical devices, FDA approved, plus IVR<br />Feeds vital signs and IVR response to a ‘hub’ or touchscreen, connected to server or cloud via POTS, M2M or internet<br />Medical devices: some are ‘agnostic’, others feature proprietary systems<br />Proprietary real time web portal/dashboard that<br />Brings together data from multiple RPM devices<br />Sets alerts, performs analysis<br />Sends to provider<br />Customizes installation to the patient, often handling installation<br />Provides optional clinical support; if patient off norm<br /><ul><li>Patient personally contacted, evaluated by clinically trained person
  4. 4. After hours nurse triage
  5. 5. Healthcare provider notified if necessary (family)
  6. 6. Case manager, physician</li></li></ul><li>Competitive Landscape<br />Monitoring/Dashboarding<br />Integrators<br />Telecare (QuietCare, HealthSense, GrandCare, WellAWARE)<br />Bosch Health Buddy, Intel Health Guide<br />Telehealth ‘hub’ Multicondition(MedApps, Ideal Life)<br />Telehealth ‘single’ (eCardio, CardioNet, GlowCaps, WellDoc, MyGlucoHealth)<br />Cardiocom<br />AMC Health<br />Multiple/portable: AerotelGeoSkeeper, AFrame<br />Fall/Gait Detectors(Philips AutoAlert, WellCore)<br />AT&T ForHealth<br />VRI<br />Sprint, T-Mobile<br />Basic Vital Signs Monitors (Nonin, A&D, Bayer, Medtronic)<br />Phone/<br />online<br />reporting (TouchPointCare)<br />AMAC/H-Link<br />Home Health Care<br />VNS<br />PERS/911(Philips Lifeline, LifeAlert, AMAC, ADT, Guardian Alert)<br />Services/Providers<br />Devices<br />
  7. 7. Competitive Analysis—Integrators<br />Integrators<br />Cardiocom (<br /><ul><li>Roots: developer and marketer of proprietary telehealth devices and data aggregators (CARESTAR hub). Based in MN.
  8. 8. Now provides fully outsourced clinical monitoring and disease management services (market size not known) with proprietary devices
  10. 10. Patient goes through a daily 'health check'--out of parameter readings go to the nurse specialist for calling the patient first then to physician.
  11. 11. CARDIO-PLAN uses TELESCALE home monitoring/weight scale device
  12. 12. RESPIRATORY-PLAN uses their CARESTAR hub for queries and patient input
  13. 13. January: awarded their second Frost & Sullivan award for Enabling Technology and TMCNet award for Smart Health Excellence
  14. 14. Awarded five-year VA contract 4/2011
  15. 15. Partnering with home health/hospice software companies: HealthWyse, Homecare Homebase, ContinuLink, NDoc
  16. 16. HHA/hospice providers: Guardian (TN), Golden Age (OK), VNA Hanover (PA), Englewood Hospital (NJ), Premier VN (MI), others</li></li></ul><li>Competitive Analysis—Integrators<br />Integrators<br />VRI (<br /><ul><li>Roots: distribution and call center monitoring of PERS, med minders. Based in Ohio.
  17. 17. 50,000 active clients (mainly PERS)
  18. 18. April 2011: CHF pilot with Anthem Blue Cross (CA); alerts directed to physicians
  19. 19. January 2011: CHF pilot (N=100) with Horizon BCBSNJ 11/10-2/11
  20. 20. December 2010: telehealth and alert management for SeniorBridge.
  21. 21. Call center is primary monitor and interface with patient, SeniorBridge care managers contacted
  22. 22. Claiming ‘first-of-its-kind program’ combining telehealth with face-to-face care management
  23. 23. Other partnerships announced 2010:
  24. 24. November: partnership with Bosch Health Buddy—sales, service and monitoring; integration into VRI Care Platform data aggregator
  25. 25. June—GrandCare (telecare) monitoring (private homes, AL)
  26. 26. August—CareCentrix home care management services
  27. 27. Providing telemonitoring services, med management, medical alert
  28. 28. 10MM patients thru 5000 home care providers</li></ul>AMC Health<br />NYC-based integrator of non-proprietary telehealth systems and IVR for home care and IDS<br />Care management adjunct services <br />Acquired LifeLink early 2011<br />Largely metro NY/Eastern US: Geisinger Health System, MJHS, NYC HHC, VNSNY, Backus<br />
  29. 29. Competitive Analysis—Less Integrated<br />Monitoring/Dashboarding<br />Bosch Healthcare (Health Buddy, ViTelCare)<br /><ul><li>Has been working with CMS, VA (awarded five-year contract 4/2011) and VRI
  30. 30. 5/11: Introducing enhanced web application for care management integrating data from both systems (migration by end of 2011) and into EHRs
  31. 31. Mobile-ready 2011-12</li></ul>Intel Health Guide<br /><ul><li>FDA 510(k) cleared Care Innovations Guide: Win 7 touchscreen/web-based
  32. 32. Improved ease of use, care management access, richer reporting, EHR synchronization
  33. 33. Sunsetting original PHS6000 monitor
  34. 34. Large recent accounts: Humana</li></ul>AT&T ForHealth<br /><ul><li>Roots: wireless and mobile services
  35. 35. Seeking approach to healthcare at enterprise level for wireless
  36. 36. AT&T ForHealth ‘solution suite’ approach: co-selling and integrating
  37. 37. Agreements since October with: MedApps, eCardio, Vitality GlowCaps, WellDoc Diabetes Manager. Proprietary products in gait detection and imaging.
  38. 38. Health information exchange platform: AT&T Health Community Online
  39. 39. No centralized report platform or call center (except via partners)—yet</li></li></ul><li>Integrated Services and Marketing Opportunities<br />Two opportunities for telehealth companies to partner:<br />Location in the ‘sweet spot’ for chronic condition management and aging support>>integration into care workflow<br /><ul><li>Device and application integration: “the vehicle for tying together disparate technologies and data streams”
  40. 40. Remote monitoring and tracking, medication management, EHR integration (challenge) (MIT Enterprise Forum Northwest research report: ‘Boomers, Technology and Health’)
  41. 41. Global company activity validating sector</li></ul>Marketing that connects tocustomers and prospects through<br /><ul><li>Positioning and messaging: bringing together internal identity with how your customers/target market view the brand
  42. 42. Strategic communications and sales support: brochures, presentations, case histories, website/social, training materials, B2B/some B2C press, joint press outreach
  43. 43. Building pre-eminence among those for whom effective care is important: health plan executives and care managers, home health executives, discharge planners
  44. 44. Advocacy on telehealth and on validity of integrated approach
  45. 45. Active representation in associations national and local (NAHC, AAHSA, CMSA-Case Management Society, AMDA-LTC Medical Directors, NAPGCM—Geriatric Care Managers, AgeTek-Aging Technology Alliance)</li>