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Napier Healthcare: Making Connected Healthcare a Reality


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These slides were part of the presentation by Napier Healthcare Solutions at one of HiMSS Asia Pacific's first webinars of 2018. Speaking on January 24, 2018, Anil Kumar, VP of Product Management, Napier Healthcare, guided the audience through the complex of technological, regulatory and commercial issues surrounding the often misunderstood concept of Connected Health, and shared strategies that healthcare providers can adopt to kickstart initiatives toward delivering connected healthcare.

Extending healthcare services and management across the continuum of care seamlessly and effectively has been a major challenge facing healthcare systems across the globe. But applying new technologies and business models can make it a reality – making it possible to setup and run an integrated system of care that takes each patient through the entire range of health services covering acute care all the way to ambulatory care, extended care and home care. This presentation is a discussion of how they all come together on a single connected platform to deliver on the promises of true connected health: cost savings; heightened efficiencies; superior standards of care; and, enhanced quality of life for people everywhere.

• Cloud
• Mobility
• Internet of Things, Advanced Connectivity
• Telemedicine and Telehealth
• AI and Cognition–Chatbots and Voice Assistance
• Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

• Hospitals (Acute and Ambulatory Care)
• Long-term Care (including Nursing Homes and Remote Patient Monitoring)
• Home Care
• Hospices/Palliative Care
• Corporate & Community Wellness
• Population Health Management
• Care Coordination

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Napier Healthcare: Making Connected Healthcare a Reality

  1. 1. Copyright © 2018 Napier Healthcare. All rights reserved Presented By (24th Jan 2018) Making Connected Healthcare a Reality
  2. 2. Copyright © 2018 Napier Healthcare. All rights reserved Agenda Breaking down “Connected Health” (5 mins) Review the different aspects that connected health represents Unlocking the Potential of Connected Health (10 mins) See example scenarios, benefits to stakeholders Products and Technology Enablers (10 mins) Advances in technology such as mobility, devices, data exchanges, cognition & AI Connected Health Business Opportunities (10 mins) For hospitals, aged care centres and healthcare providers, payers
  3. 3. Copyright © 2018 Napier Healthcare. All rights reserved Key Considerations to make it a Reality Right Use Cases & User Adoption Technology & Process Readiness Right Business Models
  4. 4. Copyright © 2018 Napier Healthcare. All rights reserved Different Aspects of “Connected Health” Personal Connected health & devices Wearables (traditional, new advancements) and Apps that connect & measure Connected systems & EHRs Data exchange to sync data between different systems and services Connected health services Seamless access to various services at any place and any time Connected healthcare ecosystem National or regional data exchanges that connect all the care entities
  5. 5. Copyright © 2018 Napier Healthcare. All rights reserved Early Diagnosis Monitor Alerts Course Correct Monitor Closely Unlocking Potential of “Connected Health” Hospital Care à Care Anywhere Slio-ed Care à Coordinated Care Chasing Disease à Monitor & Prevent
  6. 6. Copyright © 2018 Napier Healthcare. All rights reserved Connected Healthcare Scenario : 1 One day he experiences mild chest discomfort, he alerts his sister Mary, son who is abroad and Dr. Albert. A Tele- Consult (review) is done very quickly by his GP. 2 Steve Andrew, about 10 years ago was diagnosed by Dr. Albert (GP) to have diabetes and recommended a monitoring program. Recently he started using Care Management App. So he could measure blood sugar regularly and connect with his GP 1 Dr. Albert evaluates and concludes that there could be some cardiac complications and refers Steve to Dr. Williams (Cardiac Specialist) through Referral System which allows the records to be transferred to the EMR Dr. Williams is using. 3 Dr. Williams checks the records through his Mobile EMR App and advises Steve to get some tests done. Steve’s son schedules the tests through the Patient Portal, while Steve starts on his way to the hospital. Dr Williams and team receive the arrival notification and the tests are completed promptly. 4 Dr Williams, after checking all the test reports on his Mobile EMR, recommends that Steve undergo an angiogram as a precaution. 5 The results from the Hospital are shared to patient UHID which auto populates to all the systems through Lab Connect. 6 The angiography results show arteriosclerosis, Dr Williams suggests angioplasty. Steve is admitted to Hospital and the angioplasty procedure is completed. Steve’s son could check on his health updates using the Portal for next-of-kin. 7
  7. 7. Copyright © 2018 Napier Healthcare. All rights reserved Connected Healthcare Scenario : 2 After a couple of day’s observation, Steve is discharged and decides to get some rest at a long-term care facility, to ensure he gets continuous supervision, while his son makes his way back home from work overseas. 8 Steve is enrolled into a nursing home facility closest to his home. Dr. Williams is able to provide the discharge plan and care instructions on Referral Management in Nursing Home solution. 9 Steve’s health records are retrieved. The nurse does her pre-admission assessment on Nursing App and ensures his health vitals are recorded automatically; while the doctor keeps an update on his health through Mobile EMR updates 10 Steve is assigned with Care Plans and other activities based on his assessed category. His family keeps track of his health status at all times through family portal and settles the bills online. 11 Steve is discharged from the nursing home after a couple of months and then enrolls for Home Care from the nursing home partner. So the medical staff schedule regular home visits and provide home personal care. And he continues with his Home Monitoring App. 12
  8. 8. Copyright © 2018 Napier Healthcare. All rights reserved Technologies Making it Possible Doctor connect • Live video • Phone Home monitoring • Connected devices • Care protocols Triage & first response • Triage protocols • Location mapping • Emergency assistance Personal devices • BP Monitor, Glucometer, Pulse, Oximeter Wearables • Fitness Bands • Glasses, Tattoos Sensors • Sleep monitors • Fall detection New devices • Smart patches • Smart pills • Digital mirror Communications • Messaging options • Alert management EMR Apps • Tablet EMRs • Context-aware Nursing Apps • Care protocols • Assistants, Chat bots Patient Apps • Care Management • Support
  9. 9. Copyright © 2018 Napier Healthcare. All rights reserved Connected Systems & EHRs Closed Systems Transition from traditional, closed HIS, nursing home applications without interoperability and external interfaces Modernize Solution • Cloud-enabled IT architecture • HL7 (v2, v3, FHIR) interfaces over HTTP • Integration with national/regional healthcare cloud (where available) • Integration with health monitoring, IoT devices and applications • Mobility interfaces • Imagining holistic service model with care extensions Reference architecture for connected health
  10. 10. Copyright © 2018 Napier Healthcare. All rights reserved Adoption reaching “inflection point” Up from < 5%—THREE YEARS AGO!
  11. 11. Copyright © 2018 Napier Healthcare. All rights reserved Extended Care Ecosystem Acute Care > EMR Connectivity > Referral Management > Integration with HIS > Lab connect Primary Care Transitional Care > Resident Management > Pre-Admission Management > Care Management > Rehab Home Care > Vitals Collection & Monitoring > Tele Consultation > Tele Alerts > Chronic Care Management Acute Care > Hospital Information System > Electronic Medical Record > Enterprise Appointment Scheduling > Revenue Cycle Management > Material Management > Clinical Management > Pharmacy Management
  12. 12. Copyright © 2018 Napier Healthcare. All rights reserved Business Models with Connected Services Healthcare institutions can generate revenue through new business lines, partnerships that provide a set of connected services Tele Health Service Doctor or nurse connect to help triage, do quick follow-ups. Increases referrals. Add-on offering via portal, Apps Patient Monitoring Service Pioneering monitoring solution with a dedicated team of clinical staff providing peace of mind. Leverage existing infrastructure to provide value-add services Long Term Care Range of care services and support With Partners w/ Referral Mgmt. Home Care Supportive care provided at home by existing staff or new staff With Partner or Own Service using Connected EMR; Home Care Apps Referral Management Streamline communication among primary care physicians & specialists Referral mgmt. systems to increase referrals and streamline CRM/Patient Portal Connect patients, next of kin with information and booking options. Pay per use model or Free with increased bookings
  13. 13. Copyright © 2018 Napier Healthcare. All rights reserved Connected Networks • Optimize referrals and appointment scheduling through a connected network of GP’s, specialists • Eliminate missing referrals and network leakage • Improve patient care and clinical outcomes • Facilitate collaboration between GP’s, specialists, hospitals, partner service providers Connected Networks and ecosystems driven and managed by Governments Connected Networks by private hospitals, healthcare groups
  14. 14. Copyright © 2018 Napier Healthcare. All rights reserved Summary • Identify “Connected Health” strategy • Technology readiness & adoption • Inflection point in terms of devices, IoT, tele-health • Integrated technology stack • Transformation of legacy systems • Use cases • Care extensions • Interoperability • Business models • New business lines • Add-on services • Partnerships • Connected ecosystem In the next 5 years – Connected Health will transform care. A single drop of blood at home will monitor several conditions; the results would be fed to a healthcare network. The right specialists could provide interventions which are delivered at hospitals, clinics, at work, and at home.
  15. 15. Copyright © 2018 Napier Healthcare. All rights reserved THANK YOU Feel Free to Ask…. Questions?