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Texas Instruments

  1. 1. Convergence of applications and mobile technologies Avner Goren, Director, OMAP Platform Strategy Texas Instruments May 12, 2009
  2. 2. Endless opportunities for better mobile user experiences Future opportunities OMAP 3 processor- with OMAP 4 Phone based phone becomes greater • Fast, full-page than the web browsing sum of its • 12 MP camera parts, • HD 720p video creating record & playback new, • Lifelike graphics exciting experiences! Consumer electronics functionality today Average Smartphone today • Limited web browsing • 3 MP camera • QVGA/VGA display Spider-Man 2 Activision, Sony Pictures 3D with HW Acceleration
  3. 3. TI’s OMAP™ 3 application processor meets the challenge 2D/3D graphics and gaming Seamless High-quality connectivity audio to WiFi, 3G, WiMAX, GPS 12-megapixel OMAP™ 3 Solutions camera M-Shield™ security HD Optimal balance camcorder of power, HD video performance player Productivity and price clients Full Web browsing Fast boot time 3D user interface
  4. 4. OMAP™ processor system-on-chip architecture
  5. 5. OMAP™ 3 platform benefits Performance • Cortex-A8 provides >3x performance* over ARM11 • More power-efficient performance than Intel Atom x86 CPU Power • Built upon mobile-optimized, low-power process • Power-efficient SoC (single device) architecture • Leverages advanced TI SmartReflex™ technologies Cost • Single device with optional PoP memory support reduces printed circuit board (PCB) area and cost • Innovative, package option with 0.8mm design rules for low-cost 4- layer PCB Flexibility • Freedom of wireless connectivity support (3G, WiMAX…) • Leverage investment across products from phones to netbooks Support • Broadest industry support for all major operating systems • Open source software reference and development platforms * Dual-issue, superscalar architecture – combination of higher frequency and instructions per second
  6. 6. Future-proof, multi-core OMAP 4 platform OMAP 4 platform Flexible, open platform brings the ultimate mobile-computing adventures to life Pre-integrated connectivity software Pre-validated modem interface 45-nm software Supports leading mobile operating systems Includes comprehensive software suite 6
  7. 7. Pushing mobile experiences to new heights OMAP 4 drives consumer-demanded features Mobile computing Dual-core ARM® Cortex™-A9 and PC-like Internet MPCore™ supports symmetric browsing multiprocessing (SMP); 1GHz+ clock speed boosts performance True HD video Full multi-standard 1080p HD record and playback Digital SLR-like 20-megapixel imaging capabilities images with build-in image signal processor (ISP) Rich 3D user Enhanced OpenGL® ES 2.0 and interface Open VG support Larger displays Supports HDMI video output on large HD displays Long battery life SMP power management; 10+ hours enabled by 45nm and of 1080p HD video playback; 4+ SmartReflex™ hours of 1080p HD record; 140+ technologies hours of CD quality audio playback Prepared for future, High CPU performance, unknown features programmable video and imaging 7
  8. 8. OMAP3430 processor at the heart of Palm Pre CES 2009 Best of Show: Palm Pre Palm's all-new webOS platform, with TI's new OMAP CPU under the hood -- which Palm claims provides laptop-style power, and which juices the phone's smooth transitions, scrolling and ‘deck of cards’ app-switching. – Engadget.com The Pre represents the first time an ARM Cortex-A8 architecture has made it into a cellphone. TI's OMAP 3 family that includes the 3430 is arguably the most powerful application processor available, and really is a butt-kicker in things like multimedia. – Will Strauss, Forward Concepts (EE Times) The phone…also boasts 8 GB of on-board storage, a 3.1- inch touch-sensitive display and Texas Instrument's new OMAP 3430 processor. Those specifications, coupled with Palm's new software, allow the 4.8-ounce handset to perform some nifty tricks. – Forbes