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  • Well…l the way I view my life into today’s global world is that I am like a baby bird learning to take its first movements. The reason why I am using a baby bird to describe my life… is because I am still learning to take bigger and brighter steps towards my FUTURE. I am a teenager now and wondering… I am growing up fast and I need a plan to be able to make it to the end. But as I think…. I am wondering to myself why do I need a plan look at where I am now?
  • I always wonder to myself….Why have I got this awesome talent with IT?….and… Why not her or why not him? I’ll always think…Why do I need a phone?…Why do I need a I-pod ?..or… Why do I need a laptop? When I think of that I come up with a lot of ideas like… is it because I need gadgets? Or.. is bit because I have a passion for IT and Technology? Until this day I have final found out the reason why. It is because I love what I do and what I can do. That’s why I am proud to be here today.
  • As an e-Learner I feel like I am a different person because when I started e-Learning which was 3-4 years ….I was just a little boy who thought he knew it all. But as I got older I found out I didn't. There was a whole new world out there that I didn’t know of. If you see me now I am like a computer itself. I do know most of it and I believe I am a unique person.
  • I am now 13 and successfully a teenager.I am now wondering to myself…How am I gonna survive next year at High School? I am turning to the other side and now thinking OH NO… I have to leave all these fabulous teachers at Putauaki. I will no longer get to attend e-Learning with all my online buddies.
  • As next year comes along I’d like to show what I have accomplished by using computers and IT. I hope that I know that my standards for IT are high, and I hope to show my skills and what I can do to get a career. I hope to be a successful student and I’d like to get a degree. I want everyone here to know that I represent Putauaki.
  • For me as an e-Learner I’ld like to see bigger an better things in 20-30 years time.I want to see kids learning like I do and I’d like to show teachers how to create websites and use web2 tools as there are better and easier ways that students can enjoy online learning.
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    1. 1. Who I am as an e-Learner and How I View my Life in Today’s Global World Justize
    2. 2. Credits Images: 11. http://tinyurl.com/3hheybx 12. http://tinyurl.com/3mj4lus 13. http://tinyurl.com/685kkt7 14. http://tiny.cc/cybd6 15. http://tiny.cc/tic6a 16. http://tinyurl.com/6kubgxcI also wish to thank the following people: Mr More Mrs More Mr Savage Whaea Jeanette Reed, Roger and Danae Mum and Dad Justize