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5 CRO Myths Debunked: A quick guide to higher conversion rate


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As widely adopted by marketers, CRO is also widely misunderstood. Make sure you’re not stuck in the misunderstanding of CRO… and let’s make the best use out of it!

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5 CRO Myths Debunked: A quick guide to higher conversion rate

  1. 1. A quick guide to higher conversion rate
  3. 3. ._e"; " ‘ _ 4:212}
  4. 4. Traditionally when it comes to increasing the number of customers, marketers will simply spend more money to drive more traffic.
  5. 5. But with the . " n : . ion of C?0, you can gain better conversion rate I? ‘ ‘r
  6. 6. CRO = Cosmetic Revamp Option
  7. 7. = Eosmeiiic Etevelm ptiorl
  8. 8. Design ar reative are only the s ézce of CR0. There are actually 2 more important areas of focus; ‘L
  9. 9. Process is the most important and most often overlooked of the three. It answers the questions; ‘are your communications reaching your audiences? ’ and ‘are they even the right audiences? ’
  10. 10. ‘content is King’ is still golden. If Process is about getting your messages to your audience, then Content is about relevancy and the art of persuasion.
  11. 11. Seglitelit level ioctls is essential
  12. 12. Seglitelli level locals is essential
  13. 13. Every individual is different and has their own preferences. The more relevant your message is to them, the higher conversion rate you can achieve.
  14. 14. So, in order to achieve higher conversion rate, you need to focus on : .~. '.l3.' level while adopting marketing automation to deliver your campaign at scale.
  15. 15. CRO has nothing to do with data analytics
  16. 16. it's lifliiiiiig is do it lists alialgrilcs
  17. 17. Data analytics enables you to generate further insights about your customers and learn what makes them tick.
  18. 18. A great CRO should adopt data analytics in order to make a better decision on what you should do or change at the conversion point.
  19. 19. CRO is too small an issue for sustainable RDI
  20. 20. M3 as small ani ilsta. ~:lel. : T
  21. 21. Essentially CRO is about how to reduce drop-offs and people who walk away from your offer to make 1 3st of your traffic.
  22. 22. By reducing drop-offs, the conversion cost is lower, which can contribute to the sustainable ROI better than spending more on driving short-term traffic. 1000 VISITORS 1000 VISITORS 100 PROSPECTS 200 PROSPECTS I0 LEADS 40 LEADS 1 SALE 3 SALES 10% LIFT IN CONVERSION = 800% INCREASE IN SALES* ‘For illustrative purposes only
  23. 23. Want to take your CRO to another step? Watch the full video of I F Enhance Your Campaign I Performance by Regan Yan here - H l Get social with us at: f I II in *3’ 8" www. digita| a|chemy. asia The vector icons in slides 1 3, 6 7.11 12,1516 8419 21<lc-s-gm: -d by frc-epik com