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April Newsletter

  1. 1. DEMOCRACIA April 2011Democracia’s ‘GO VERDE’:Front and CenterDemocracia President and CEO, Jorge Mursuli, had the IN THIS ISSUE:honor of delivering this year’s Keynote address to a con-ference of hundreds of leaders in the environmentalmovement. His overarching message; “Latinos are a Democracia at LCVpowerful ally for the green movement.” & LCVEF ConferenceIt’s no secret that the environmental movement has en-joyed few wins in recent years. Democracia’s presence An Americanat this year’s event is of huge significance when consid- Latina Hero: Dianaering the political clout Hispanics are garnering across Lopezthe country. Though seemingly natural allies, few efforts,if any, have been made to engage the nations Hispanic Hispanics repre-population despite overwhelming indications that green sent majority ofissues are important to Hispanic families. US GrowthA recent study asked 1,000 voting age Hispanics whetherthey were willing to take political action to help improveour environment? Of the 1,000 polled, 34% said they Latinos and Social Security, Tu Futurowould support a candidate who [supported the environ- Cuenta!mental movement] and 12 % stated they would be willingto attend meetings or a rally. Cont. on Page 2
  2. 2. Are you willing to take political action toDemocracia Front help improve our environment?and Center:Continued Support a Candidate 27%These results are just a small indicator 34% Attend a Meeting or Rallyof the willingness of Hispanics to get en- Join an Environmental Groupgaged in the environmental movement.Democracia, and it’s green brand “Go Write or Call CongressVerde” are looking at ways to better en- 19% 12% No Actiongage the Hispanic electorate on green, 8%energy and conservation issues. Checkout our site for the latest: Source: Sierra Club National Survey of Hispanic Voters on Envi- ronmental Issues, Bendixen & Associates, 2008www.goverdeahora.org An American Latina Hero: Diana Lopez Every month Democracia honors someone who is making a tremendous impact through their work—whether its as an artist, a teacher, organizer or a scientist. This month’s hero is no dif- ferent. Diana Lopez is a leader in the environmental movement and has the wins to prove it. Diana is on the front- lines defending her community against environmental injustices. She, along with fellow students and community ac- tivists, succeeded in defeating a pro- posal which would have put as many as three diesel holding tanks within feet of a nearby school. Diana spear headed a project called “Roots of Change” which turned a local dilapidated bar into a thriving community garden. The garden is not only a source of fresh produce for the surrounding community; it is also a community learning center of sorts. Because of her work, local children now have a place to go to learn and get involved in their community fos- tering the growth of tomorrow’s leaders. It is Democracia’s distinct honor to name Diana Lopez as this month’s “Latina Hero.”
  3. 3. Census Indicates Large Growth in Minority Population with Hispanics Representing Majority of US GrowthCensus numbers are confirming what many have been predicting; America’s populationis shifting. Hispanics represented the largest growing segment in the US over the pastdecade and there is no indication of this trend slowing down. Currently, 1 in every 6Americans is Hispanic. More importantly, youth and young-adults represent the largestportion of the growth in the Hispanic population over the past decade. Census numbersindicate only a 3% growth amongst youth in America but minority youth saw a drasticincrease of 22%.If there is one lesson we can glean from the Census is the country’s population is shift-ing toward a more diverse and youthful population. How will this impact this country’spolitics? Democracia is intent on turning that population growth into strength at the bal-lot box. An informed, engaged Latino electorate stands to make a tremendous impacton races and ballot measures across the country, particularly today’s emerging youthsegment. Want to be part of taking Latino political power to the next level? Get in-volved: www.mydemocracia.org
  4. 4. Latinos and Social Security, Tu Futuro Cuenta! Leading Latino Groups to Hold Town Hall to Strengthen Social Security in PhiladelphiaJoin Democracia U.S.A., Congreso de Latinos Unidos, The NationalCouncil of La Raza (NCLR), and Latinos for a Secure Retirement (LSR)along with elected officials, community leaders, and members of thecommunity to discuss the future of Social Security, proposedchanges to the system, and how you can make a difference in ensur-ing that Social Security remains a top priority in Washington. Congreso de Latinos Unidos 2800 N. American Street Philadelphia, PA 19133 Tuesday, May 3rd Lunch, 12:00 p.m. EST Town Hall, 1:00 p.m.-2:30 p.m. EST To RSVP for the event contact Fernando Treviño, Northeast Regional Director, Democracia U.S.A. at: 856-667-9192 or Email FTreviño@mydemocracia.org