Texas 2010 Mid-term Elections Voter Guide


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Texas 2010 Mid-term Elections Voter Guide

  1. 1. •• • • • • • • • • • ••• ••• •• •• •• •• OW T H E S E C A N D ID A •• •• TE • •• T H ? • W S •• OU FIC E HO S • • •• 'S TA • D OF N • IN RU D IN N IF •• N O 'S •• • O N IN H DO • • • •• •• E G • W D ? •• RE E UC • ••• HE A ••• AR HO T IO N • • • • • O ULD I C O N O MY? • W N? • • • • • • •• • • WHE ? • WHERE Y SH W DO I FIN E EC TIO D RE DO TH WH O RA U I F • DO IG T IN A I ? M D W E BS FI O IM ND H O N U T N ER D T E VO J H O I 'M O N O W O O U T RE G ISTE RED T D T HE ND N H S E CAN STA A OW D ID A T E S ST THE ES S E C A N D ID AT
  2. 2. T E X A S 2010 MidterM elections VOTER GuIDE What is the voter guide? On November 2nd, the mid-term elections will be held all across America. You will decide who will represent you in Congress and in your State Capitol. Do you know who is running to represent you? Do you know where they stand on issues that will affect your everyday life? If not, don't worry… we got your back: This voter guide tells you what you need to know before you step in the voting booth. What's at stake? Real talk, we are all struggling to answer some basic questions about our lives: accessible & Comprehensive take on predatory lenders and de- health Care velopers, and provide emergency housing for people in crisis. Can i see a doctor? We believe high quality physical Climate Justice and mental health care, including & Clean energy full reproductive health services and prescription drugs, is a right and must Can we survive? be affordable and accessible to all. Real talk: Its now or never. We should be a leader in building a affordable & clean energy future. This will cre- accessible housing ate millions of new jobs, improve Can i have a place to live? our health, and avoid future wars. We believe decent, safe, accessible We need to get serious switching and affordable housing is a right from dirty coal and nuclear power for all. The government should to wind and solar energy.
  3. 3. • • • • 2 01 0 M i dt e r M e l ec t i o n s VOT E R G u I D E • • • • healthy Jobs & economy safety in our World Can i make a decent living? Can we have real peace and We believe workers, the backbone safety? of this country, have a right to paid Real national security comes from sick days and a living family wage. being a respected and respectful Workers should have the right to member of the global community. organize without fear. This is how This means ending torture and other we revive the middle class and al- human rights abuses. It also means leviate poverty. ending the war in Iraq and offering strategic humanitarian relief. Quality & affordable education Can i go to college without being voting rights & in debt for the rest of my life? election reform We believe every young person Can i vote? Will my vote be in this country has the right to a counted? What's up with politicians high-quality, affordable education trying to make it harder for us to from pre-school through college. vote? Why can't i register and vote on the same day, like my friends in rights for New americans Minnesota and Wisconsin? Can i be Can i be treated with respect sure my vote is counted? regardless of where i was born? We believe voting is a right for Immigration policy should not all citizens, including students criminalize people for seeking attending college out of state, a better life. We are a nation of felons, and people who need immigrants and diversity is our special help to participate. We strength. We need fair and hu- support public financing to take mane immigration reform that money out of politics. We oppose keeps families together, offers ID requirements and other pathways to citizenship, fair com- discriminatory barriers to voting. pensation, and basic services like health care and college loans. safe Communities Can i feel safe on my street? Building more prisons doesn’t make us safer. Instead of our generation spending $40,000 a year is facing a critical moment locking someone up, that will define our country for we should invest in job years to come. as a coalition of new training, education voters, we were a huge factor in both counselors, drug rehab 2006 and 2008. We will be the difference and programs that lift again in this election! too much is at stake in people up. We must this election to sit this out… get to know where take the safety of the candidates stand on our issues, then get women seriously in out and vote on November 2nd! our homes and on the streets. We’ve got this and other non partisan voter guides online, so check us out at www.generationalalliance.org — share it with your friends, send to your mom.
  4. 4. ••• A • UC • • • • pag e 4 • • • • •• ? ED G • BALLOT INITIATIVES IN •• N O N •• D • AND E L E C T I O N S N •• TA • • •• •• In our state, there are ballot initiatives that put crucial decisions on important issues in the hands of the voters in the state. In the upcoming election there are no ballot initiatives in Texas. In order to know who you want to vote for, you need to know what they’re responsible for. Then you can check out how they stand on the issues you care about. We’ve highlighted one race but to see all the races check out Texas’ board of elections page. the goverNor: • Oversees all public related op- Who’s running? erations (I.e. paying taxes, cars kathie glass (DMV), construction, education, Libertarian Party legal matters, law enforcement) www.kathie4guv.com • Communicates directly with the 512-308-6936 state legislature rick Perry • Accounts for all state money Republican Party received and spent www.rickperry.org • Appoints certain officers as re- 512-478-3276 quired by the state constitution deb shafto and statutes and fills vacancies Green Party in state offices www.electdebshafto.org • Signs or vetoes bills passed by No Phone Number Listed the Legislature Bill White • Calls elections to fill vacancies for Democratic Party members of the u.S. Congress www.billwhitefortexas.com 713-659-9000 • Issues requisitions for the return of accused persons • Enforces all criminal laws
  5. 5. • • • • 2 01 0 M i dt e r M e l ec t i o n s VOT E R G u I D E • • • • S o texas election you’ve Protection information made your If you need more information about decision about election rules and regulations which candidate contact the Secretary of State at: http://www.sos.state.tx.us, you’re voting for the County Voting Clerk’s office and what you’re at: http://www.sos.state.tx.us/ voting on but before elections/voter/county.shtml, or visit the 866 OurVote website at: you head to the http://www.866ourvote.org a polls; make sure resource created by the Lawyers’ you know if you’re Committee for Civil Rights under Law and its partners. registered, how to vote, and Polling Place hours where to Election Day: November 2, 2010 vote. Polls are open during early voting and on election days from 7 a.m. • A copy of a until 7 p.m. current utility bill, bank state- how to Check registration ment, government • Call 1-866-OUR-VOTE. check, paycheck, or other gov- ernment document that shows • Visit the Secretary of State’s the voter’s name and address. website. • Any other form of identification identification required to vote prescribed by the Texas Secre- Acceptable identification includes: tary of State. • A driver’s license or personal how to Find Your Polling Place identification card issued by an • Call 1-866-OUR-VOTE agency of another state, even if the license or card has expired. • Visit the Secretary of State’s website. • A form of identification that con- tains the voter’s photograph and absentee voting establishes the voter’s identity. Absentee voting is allowed if the • A birth certificate or other voter: document that confirms birth • Will be away from your county and is admissible in a court of on Election Day and during law to establish identity. early voting • United States citizenship papers. • Is sick or disabled • A United States passport. • Is 65 years of age or older on • Official mail addressed to the Election Day voter by name from a govern- • Is confined in jail, but eligible to mental entity. vote
  6. 6. rules and deadlines: and (b) the voter is faxing the Formal applications for request- application from outside the ing an absentee ballot are avail- county. able from: The Early Voting Clerk must receive • The Secretary of State’s office a marked ballot by 7 p.m. on Elec- tion Day or, if mailing a ballot from • The Early Voting Clerk (Can be outside the united States, by the found through the Secretary of 5th day after Election Day (Over- State’s website) in the county seas ballots must be mailed no where the voter is registered later than 7 p.m. on Election Day). • Or from the Secretary of State’s early voting website Early voting in person generally If not submitting a formal applica- starts 17 days before each election tion, a voter may submit a written and ends 4 days before each elec- request for an absentee ballot in- tion. For this election, early voting cluding the following information: begins on October 18th and ends • Voter’s signature, or a witness’ October 29th. A voter may vote signature if the voter cannot sign early in-person at any early voting • Voter’s name and the address location in the county. at which they are registered to Poll hours for early voting varies vote by county and by week, please • The address to which the ballot contact your County Voting Clerk’s is to be mailed Office for their hours. On election day polls will be open from 7 a.m. • The election date and the elec- until 7 p.m. tion for which you are request- ing a ballot; and information For People who have Moved or Changed addresses • A reason why the voter is eli- Moving within the Same County gible to vote early by mail. For voters voting by mail because • If a voter has moved within they expect to be out of the the same county where they county, the application must are currently registered, the state the out-of-county ad- voter must file the new address dress where the ballot should information in writing with the be mailed voter registrar in that county. The application must be received The voter may also submit the (not postmarked) by the Early in-county change online. Voting Clerk at the county Voter • The last day to make a change Registrar office in order to vote by of address for this election is October 26, 2010 October 4th. Applications may be sent by: • If a voter misses this deadline, • Regular mail they may return to their old pre- cinct to vote, and will be required • Common or contract carrier to complete a “statement of • Fax if (a) a Fax machine is avail- residence” confirming their new able to the Early Voting Clerk address in their new precinct.
  7. 7. • • • • 2 01 0 M i dt e r M e l ec t i o n s VOT E R G u I D E • • • • Moving to Another County information for People with Felony Convictions • If a voter has moved to a new county, they must re-register in In Texas, a convicted felon regains their new county of residence the right to vote after completing by October 4th to be eligible to his or her sentence. Once a person vote in the November 2, 2010 has completed the punishment General Election. phase (including any term of in- carceration, parole, or supervision, • If the voter does not re-register, or completed a period of proba- they may be eligible to vote tion ordered by the court), they a limited ballot in their new will have needed to re-register by county. October 4th in order to vote in the • A limited ballot means that the general election. voter would be allowed to vote For more information, visit the Sec- on any candidates and measures retary of State website, or visit the in common between the former 866 OurVote website to download and new county. a Texas Election Protection Manual. • The voter must have been an eligible voter in their former county when they moved in order to qualify and they must vote during the early voting pe- riod-either in-person or, if they meet the vote-by-mail criteria, by mail. Voters may not vote a limited ballot on Election Day.
  8. 8. The Generational Alliance (www.generationalalliance.org) is a 501(c)3 collaboration of 15 national youth organizations building collective power for underrepresented & low-income communities. We're working together to win real change for our generation on the issues we face on a daily basis. We're not just around for the election. Our members are on the block 24-7, 365 days of the year to bring the change that our communities need. The GA members have come together with our strategic partners to make sure our communities have all the information they need to get out there and vote this election because our generation is facing a critical moment that will define our country for years to come. Too much is at stake in this election to sit this out…