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Better than a New Year's Resolution: A New Mindset

techniques that will clear your mind as well as change your mindset

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Better than a New Year's Resolution: A New Mindset

  1. Better than a New Year's Resolution A New Mindset cc: davis.steve32 -
  2. Reject your old self Simply stop for a second and silently repeat: "I am not that person anymore". cc: chuck johnson -
  3. Reject default attitudes All it takes is a little self-awareness cc: LendingMemo -
  4. Listen to the people you don't listen to See yourself as a kind of human Inbox cc: sadmafioso -
  5. Favor expanded awareness Awareness determines the outcome cc: Jose Javier Martin Espartosa -
  6. Find the way of least action Nature favors the shortest paths to achieve path cc: Luz Adriana Villa A. -
  7. A New Mindset can be transformed into the gate of freedom cc: Roberto_Ventre -