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Building Lead Generation Channels


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Strategies to help identify targeted lead channels and foster new business via these channels.

Key Messages:

- Know Your Target Audience

- Create Relationships & Build Trust

- Go To Where Your Audience Already Is

- Assign Goals, Measure, & Test

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Building Lead Generation Channels

  1. 1. Building Lead Generation Channels<br />Professional Networkingat Bethany Lutheran Church<br /> <br />
  2. 2. Key Messages<br />Know Your Target Audience<br />Create Relationships & Build Trust<br />Go To Where Your Audience Already Is<br />Assign Goals, Measure, & Test<br />
  3. 3. Gather Intelligence<br />Define your current customer base and model your target audience from your existing customer profile.<br />What type of person/company buys your products?<br />What customer segments are your most-frequent & most profitable?<br />Assess target audience demographics & psychographics<br />Age, Education Level, Home Value, Family Position, Gender, Interests<br />What challenges/opportunities do they have?<br />Ask your sales force for input!<br />How does you audience consume their information?<br />
  4. 4. Crafting Your Message<br />Evaluate how your existing customers came to be your customers<br />Develop your elevator pitch using the key benefits of your product/service<br />Personalize your message to your various customer segments and their sales cycle stage<br />Your objective... <br />Create Relationships and Build Trust<br />Problem to Solution story-telling<br />Share valuable information<br />Include an offer and a clear/direct call to action!<br />
  5. 5. Choose The Most Appropriate Marketing Channels<br />Use the channels that your audience already uses<br /> Traditional Media<br /><ul><li> Newspaper/Magazine Advertising
  6. 6. Outdoor Advertising (i.e.; Billboards, Bus Boards)
  7. 7. Direct Mail
  8. 8. Public Relations (News & Interest Publications)
  9. 9. Telemarketing – Outbound call campaign
  10. 10. Radio</li></ul> Online<br /><ul><li> Online Advertising (News & Interest Websites)
  11. 11. Public Relations (News & Interest Websites)
  12. 12. Links on Partner Websites
  13. 13. Email Marketing – eNewsletters / eBlasts
  14. 14. Opt-in Tools on Websites and Micro-Sites</li></ul> Search Engine <br /> Marketing (SEM)<br /><ul><li> Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  15. 15. Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)</li></ul> Social Media<br /><ul><li> Blogs/Forums
  16. 16. Professional and Social Networks
  17. 17. Webcasts
  18. 18. Surveys</li></li></ul><li>Choose The Most Appropriate Marketing Channels<br />What channels are your competition using?<br /> Mobile<br /><ul><li> Text Messaging
  19. 19. Mobile Applications</li></ul> Live Networking<br /> Events<br /><ul><li> Speaking Engagements
  20. 20. Participate! Provide & Gain Information
  21. 21. Qualify leads by asking questions
  22. 22. Take notes - Follow up with a personalized message</li></ul> Partner & Customer<br /> Co-Marketing Efforts<br /><ul><li> Partner with organization who share the same target audience
  23. 23. Referrals</li></ul> Compassion<br /> Marketing <br /><ul><li> Associate your company with non-profits and interest </li></ul> groups that your audience has a passion for<br /><ul><li> Sponsorships
  24. 24. Co-Marketing Efforts</li></li></ul><li>Be Realistic About Anticipated Response Rates<br />Email Marketing:<br />Direct Mail: 2.6% industry average(website visit, phone call, reply mailer)<br />Direct Mail Response Calculator resource:<br />Your first 6 emails sent give you 80% of all your lifetime response.<br />Source: GDM Interactive,<br />
  25. 25. Assign Goals, Measure, & Test<br />4. <br />3. <br />2. <br /> 1. <br />
  26. 26. Assigning Resources<br />Follow up with every qualified lead<br />Active participation within each lead generation channel<br />Assign budgets/personnel<br />If resources are limited, prioritize channels and focus on the best performing channels<br />Don’t get spread so thin that you’re not able to actively participate within each channel<br />
  27. 27. Thank you!I hope you learned something new that you can test the second half of this year. David<br />Stay tuned for future networking event topics!<br />Professional Networkingat Bethany Lutheran Church<br /> <br />