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Allstar (AECS)

Autonomous/Portability Emergency Communications With Existing RF Networks

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Allstar (AECS)

  1. 1. ALLSTAR (AECS) Autonomous/Portability Emergency Communications With Existing RF Networks Allstar Assets: Jim Dixon, WB6NIL (Passed Away) Steve Zingman, N4IRS David McGough, KB4FXC Doug Crompton, WA3DSP (Presentation, Links, and Configurations can be found at
  2. 2. WHAT IS “ALLSTAR” ALLSTAR: - Amateur Radio Communication Network Servers - Designed as a Linking System, Unlike IRLP and Echolink which are End-To-End Protocols Operating Systems/Nodes: - Dial (Outdated), Stretch (New), HamVoip (New 72%) - Linux Based Computer System Running Asterisk PBX - Can Exist on a Public or Private or Mixed Network. - IP Address Based (VIOP) - Full Duplex - Repeater Controller via DT - Remote Base Controller via DTMF - HUB no Radio Hardware Required
  4. 4. HOW TO START (HAMVIOP) • Purchase Pi3B+, 32meg SD Card, URI, Power Supply, Case • GoTo Allstar Link • Sign Up, Request Nodes, Setup A Separate Server For Each Node • GoTo HamViop (Has Everything You Need) • Download win32diskimager • Download Image V1.5rc19 • Load Image On SD Card Via win32diskimager • Setup Pi3B+ With Monitor And Keyboard. Monitor Is Video • Power Pi3B+, Name: root, Password: root • Follow The Prompts • Make Sure To Upgrade The Image Prior To Making Custom Changes
  5. 5. PRIVATE VS PUBLIC NODES You Want Both • Public - Allows For Ham Community To Connect To Your System - Allow You To Connect To Other Ham Public Systems - Allows A Single Point For Disconnection - White List Integration: Eliminates VOX Drop Ins and Larger System Connections • Private - Allstarlink Server Bypassed, Eliminates All Server Issues - An Autonomous Network
  7. 7. LOW COST REPEATER CONTROLLER IO Board - Eight 10A/250V Relays - Twelve A/D Inputs - One D/A Output - Eight optical Isolated Inputs - Four 16V/140MA Open Collector Outputs - Stackable - $15 Pi 3B+ Cluster - Linux Knowledge Required - Super Computer USB Radio Interface (URI) - Uses Pi’s GPIO, General Purpose Inputs and Output - Repeater Control Interface
  8. 8. ALLSTAR VS TYPICAL REPEATER CONTROLLERS - Conventional Linked Repeater Network - Controlled via DTMF - Allstar As Repeater Controllers - No Internet Required Repeater Remote Base Remote Base URI URI URI PI 3B+ Repeater Remote Base URI URI PI 3B+ Repeater Remote Base URI URI PI 3B+ Site1 Site 2 Site (n+1)
  9. 9. USING INTERNET OR NOT • Repeaters Are Auxiliary Wireless Base Stations • Access Points Are Wireless Connection To Your Network - Both RF Devices Operating in The Ham Band - Equipment Failure - Weather/Lighting/Winds Note: Internet Cables/Hubs, i.e., Private Network HamVoip Has Server In Dallas High .999999 Low .882960 Internet
  10. 10. 5.8 GHZ PTP LONG-RANGE BACKHAUL - Creates A Private Network For Repeater Links - Capable of Interfacing to the Internet - Capable of Interfacing to Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network (AREDN) - Improved Audio Quality - Eliminates Remote Base Radios, Antennas, and Coax - 900 MHZ, 2.4 GHZ, 3GHZ Can Also Be Used - 57dBm, 150+Mbps, Wind Survivability 120 MPH, Wind loading 113 lbs. @ 100 mph
  11. 11. ALLSTAR VS CONVENTIONAL REPEATER LINKS Private Repeater Network Linking, Controlled via DTMF Repeater URI PI 3B+ Site 1 Site (n+1) Repeater URI PI 3B+ PtP Link PtP Link PtP Link
  12. 12. INTERFACING OTHER SYSTEMS AND PROTOCALS VIA ALLSTAR - All Sites Now Have Internet via HUB - All Sites Now Have AREDN via HUB - Access Point For Other Systems Connectivity - Access Point For Public Allstar Nodes - Access Point For Other Protocols HF, DMR, TGIF, Wires-X, P25, DSTAR, Allstar, Echolink, IRLP: Use Stretch Image For Bridges Repeater URI PI 3B+ Hub - n+1 Repeaters PtP Link Router 802.11n Switch Internet AREDN PtP Link Router
  13. 13. AREDN DFW MAP
  14. 14. DR1-X URI INTERCONNECTION • DR1-X DB15 Pins URI RS232 Pins DR1-X DIN 10 Pin Remote 1 COR 8 6 Tone In PTT 2 1 PTT DNU 4 GND 5 13 GND AF IN 7 22 AF OUT AF OUT 9 21 AF IN EXT Port1 11
  15. 15. RECOMMENDED IMAGE CHANGES ALL REPEATERS Edit (HamVoip) rpt.conf: duplex = 2 nounkeyct = 1 holdofftelem = 1 telemdefault = 0 linkunkeyct = ct8 (Place ; in front of this line) idrecordings = IiDE KG5RDF/L (Remove “/L”) Edit (HamVoip) crontab – e: 00 0-23 * * * (Place “#” in front of this line)