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Lux city report improvements


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Lux city report improvements

Published in: Education
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Lux city report improvements

  1. 1. Luxembourg City site and situation report LO: Research and present the factors that determined the site and situation of Luxembourg City
  2. 2. Luxembourg City site and situation report • This report will have two sections. • What type of site is Luxembourg City? E.g. Is it a wet point site? • Use evidence to explain how we know this? • What is the situation of Luxembourg City? • This means what was in the surrounding area that allowed it to expand originally. • You should aim to write several paragraphs on each. You should use maps and photographs as proof for both sections. Use named examples of places and features to support your writing. • EXTENSION – what has allowed Luxembourg City to continue to grow in the present day?
  3. 3. Most have missed out… • Specific names of places, rivers, roads • What trading links did roads offer/develop • Historical development: who settled here, and how did this change over time (optional EXTENSION: modern + future development) • Any analysis of images: maps which aren’t mentioned or used to get detail (evidence) from • Focus on Lux CITY and the ORIGINAL site; clear site/situation distinction • Awareness that the valley is part of the situation, not the site • Good layout, with clear sub-headings • Use of terminology/technical terms, and clear explanation of these • CLEARLY identified sources: ‘quote’ for quotes, (Source) even when paraphrasing • Here’s 1 of the better examples, original + annotated for improvements