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VF2018: 'mimik' the cloud to the edge (Fay Arjomandi, Founder and CPO, mimik)


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mimik decentralizes the cloud, enabling individuals and organizations to
democratize the Internet by extending the cloud to edge devices.

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VF2018: 'mimik' the cloud to the edge (Fay Arjomandi, Founder and CPO, mimik)

  1. 1. why and how to decentralize the cloud? Fay Arjomandi Founder, CPO Nov. 29, 2018
  2. 2. today’s central cloud more edge devices requires more servers in data centers edge devices act as clients servers in data centers act as servers issues data privacy hosting costs latency network bandwidth energy efficiency
  3. 3. benefits of decentralizing the cloud build a larger, faster, more efficient, & more private cloud unleashes the power of unused resources “edge is millions of times larger than AWS” it’s more efficient reduces necessity to trust reduces risks to our privacy
  4. 4. the edge cloud, powered by mimik with mimik, more edge devices means a larger cloud Current state future state
  5. 5. • software development kit (SDK) is installed on any computing device (downloadable for most platforms) • devices with edgeSDK can now act as servers how it works - technology mimik turns computing devices into clusters of connected cloud serversConfidential COMPUTING DEVICES SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT KIT MICROSERVICES APPLICATIONS
  6. 6. mimik available products mimik edgeSDK OS Version required memory (MB) required storage (MB) Android (including Android TV) 5.1+ 0.1 6 iOS 12+ 0.1 7 Windows Windows 10 0.1 8 macOS 10.13.3+ 0.1 8 Linux 14.04 LTS 0.1 6 Raspbian 8.0+ 0.1 5 mimik edgeSDK turns computing devices into cloud servers mimik microservices Professional edge cloud services Use cases: • gaming and eSports • social media • manufacturing • automotive • fitness • consumer retail • stadiums and events • smart city • in-flight experience • etc.
  7. 7. edge cloud is “cloudy” today Centrality Platform dependency Vertical(appdependency) AWS Greengrass Azure Azure IOTIOT Core Cloud Select mimik advantages: • Applicable across all application/industry sectors • Works with any central cloud • Does not force any proprietary application stack, tools or development language • No need for a fixed Gateway • 5 – 8MB SDK that runs serverless (power and memory efficient) • Available on iOS, Android, Linux, Mac, Windows and Raspbian
  8. 8. Steered by a team of digital pioneers 8 Seasoned senior management team supported by an experienced board Highly experienced senior team who built and managed multi-billion dollar businesses Experienced senior management Siavash Alamouti President & CEO World renown inventor and thought leader Fay Arjomandi Co-Founder & CPO Serial entrepreneur and solutions specialist Michel Burger CTO Architect of several success stories Sam Armani VP of sales & BD 15+ years successfully executing BD Experience from Allen Salmasi Board member Wireless industry pioneer & thought leader Ori Sasson Board member Software industry veteran and serial entrepreneur Jon Bond Board member Strong finance and investment banking Phil Belanger VP of marketing Wi-Fi Alliance Co-Founder and serial entrepreneur Supported by a strong board
  9. 9. Blockchain & edge cloud Blockchain is a decentralized ledger mimik helps build a decentralized Cloud platform decentralization can accelerate with a larger, faster, more efficient, & more private cloud
  10. 10. Useful Resources Confidential mimik developer portal download mimik access example application mimik GitHub mimik SwaggerHub
  11. 11. Confidential join us to mimik the cloud at the edge