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VF2018: Fintech & Global Growth (David Tsui, Trade Commissioner Pacific Region, Global Affairs)


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Our trade offices in Vancouver, and Victoria are part of a larger network across Canada and around the world. We can help you pursue global business opportunities, provide advice and connect you with provincial and territorial trade promotion agencies

We understand the sensitivity of your business information and will hold it in the strictest possible confidence, outside of exceptional circumstances. However, certain information, including that related to the commission or possible commission of offences under Canadian law, may be disclosed to law enforcement or other authorities.

Tell us about your company. Be specific about your business needs. Your Trade Commissioner can help:

Determine if you are internationally competitive
Decide on a target market
Collect market and industry information
Improve your international business strategy
Connect you to international opportunities
Introduce you to our network of trade commissioners around the world

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VF2018: Fintech & Global Growth (David Tsui, Trade Commissioner Pacific Region, Global Affairs)

  1. 1. VanFUNDING 2018: Fintech & Global Growth David Tsui Trade Commissioner Pacific Region
  2. 2. Overview • Meet the Trade Commissioner Service • Global Update • Support Programs • Other Government Resources
  3. 3. Trade Commissioner Service (TCS)
  4. 4. Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) The TCS promotes Canadian economic interests in the global marketplace
  5. 5. Value Chain Innovation / R&D GLOBAL AFFAIRS CANADA Trade Commissioner Service Other Federal Depts. (e.g., AFCC, EDC, BDC, ISED, NRC, Clean Growth Hub) Other levels of gov’t (BC Jobs, Trade & Technology, VEC, Surrey Economic Dev.) Partners (Consultants, Associations, Export Navigator, VBOT TAP) NRC, ISED, Post-Secondary Institutions, Accelerators/Incubators (Innovate BC, Launch Academy), Entrepreneurship support (Startup Canada, New Ventures BC, Smallbusiness BC) Programs - SR&ED, IRAP, WINN, SDTC, Strategic Innovation Fund, NSERC Engage, Agri-Innovate, Superclusters, Mitacs EXPORTS
  6. 6. The TCS can help you to: What Services Does the TCS Offer?
  7. 7. Becoming a Client: Eligibility • Capacity and commitment to internationalize • Evidence of research on foreign markets; • Dedicated resources (human, financial, etc.); • Credible business plan. • Meaningful economic ties to Canada • Potential to help Canada's economy grow
  8. 8. Global Update
  9. 9. Fintech “Markets” & Technologies New norms, pathways & experiences • Payments, POS and e-Commerce • Investments and wealth management • Core banking – retail/business (lending, financing) • Insurance • Security (crime detention, cyber, prevention) • Financial literacy & adjacent opps New tools and applied technologies • Data and AI/ML-enabled solutions • Voice (Alexa, Google Home) • Blockchain • Crypto currencies / digital cash • Crowdfunding / social investing / peer-to-peer lending • IoT (digitization, 5G, mobile POS) • Enterprise systems • Cybersecurity, KYC etc
  10. 10. Active Canadian Missions Where Canadian fintech companies engage TCS offices U.S. – Atlanta, New York, Palo Alto / Boston, Chicago, LA, Miami South America – Sao Paulo / Bogota Africa & Middle East – Dar es Salam, Lagos, Tel Aviv, Johannesburg Europe – Hague, London / Berlin, Munich, Rome, Madrid, Budapest, Helsinki, Lisbon Asia – Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Mumbai / Auckland, Sydney, Beijing, Shanghai, Delhi, Ho Chi Minh, Yangon
  11. 11. TCS Example Engagements (2018) • Money 20/20 circuit of events (US, UK, EU) • Sibos Conference • Global Fintech Summit • Swiss Global FinTech Marketplace • Berlin, Sao Paulo and London FinTech Symposiums • Singapore Fintech Festival • New York InsurTech Bootcamp • Jakarta FinTech Festival • India Fintegrate • FinTech Japan
  12. 12. Preparing to Export
  13. 13. Re-validate your value proposition for your new target market Research your target market Know your value proposition Evaluate Your Target Markets
  14. 14. Evaluate Your Readiness Market ready Consider your capacity to export Create a targeted export action plan Market context Marketing plan Budget Implementation schedule Protect your IP and have a data privacy strategy
  15. 15. Key Takeaways Before Exporting • Going global is a competitive advantage IF you: • Do your homework on market research • Are targeted when choosing markets • Think realistically about what resources you can dedicate to international expansion • Get expert help – e.g., protect your IP and data
  16. 16. Support Programs
  17. 17. CanExport You reach $200K in revenue You want to explore a new market Receive $10,000 to $50,000 in funding and up to 50% in reimbursement!
  18. 18. Business Women in International Trade Advocates and supports women-owned Canadian businesses to export and enter new markets • BWIT-led Trade Missions o Nov 4-10, 2018 to Germany and UK o Women’s Business Enterprise National Council Conference and Business Fair (June 2019) in USA o September 2019 Go for the Greens in Orlando, USA • Access to supplier diversity programs • Information/resources – annual and monthly newsletters, website ( Twitter, LinkedIn group, blogs, webinars • Networking and partnering with women’s business networks across Canada, and federal government to tap into opportunities. • Targeted introductions within the Canadian entrepreneurship ecosystem and to 161 TCS Offices Worldwide • Funding referrals to programs at Global Affairs (CanExport), BDC and EDC
  19. 19. Going Global Innovation (GGI) Establish international R&D partnerships to adapt, validate or co-develop your technology Covers up to 75% and $75,000 of expenses related to negotiating a partnership agreement It does not cover research costs
  20. 20. Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) It offers you: ▪ Free office space ▪ Mentorship ▪ Introduction to key contacts ICT - Silicon Valley - Boston - New York Life Science - San Francisco - Boston - Philadelphia Clean Tech New York and San Francisco joint program
  21. 21. Takeaways on Exporting Funding • Grants can help you explore new markets and expand your presence • Targeted grants can help with R&D partnerships • All grants require cost sharing
  22. 22. David Tsui Trade Commissioner Pacific Region, Global Affairs Canada 22