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FFCON19: Impact investing in the start-up national, how we turn curses into blessing, Jon Medved, CEO, OurCrowd


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April 3-Day 1 of the 2019 Fintech & Financing Conference in Toronto at venue partner Gowling WLG Office. Jon Medved, CEO of one of the leading Equity Crowdfunding investment platforms in the world (having successfully raised in excess of $1billion) delivers a a talk on how Israel, the Startup Nation, manages to punch well above its weight and turn curses into Blessing - representing 7% of the world's unicorns and IPO exit and M&A activity reaching a critical mass. Israel now ranks 7th in the world in AI companies.

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FFCON19: Impact investing in the start-up national, how we turn curses into blessing, Jon Medved, CEO, OurCrowd

  1. 1. Impact Investing in The Start-up Nation “How We Turn Curses Into Blessings” FFcon19 April 3rd , 2019 Jon Medved, CEO OurCrowd
  2. 2. Legal Disclaimer The information contained in this presentation is provided solely for informational purposes and does not constitute an offer or solicitation of investment in any OurCrowd limited partnership related to any companies. Anything contained in this presentation should not be construed as creating a presumption by you or OurCrowd that you are an accredited investor. The offer to invest in any OurCrowd limited partnership related to any company can only be made on the OurCrowd website and only to investors who have been fully qualified as accredited investors in accordance with the laws and regulations of their respective jurisdictions. OurCrowd makes no representation or warranty, expressed or implied, with respect to any data provided to you regarding any information provided by the companies on its website or in this presentation, and will not be liable in any way to you or to any other person for any inaccuracy, error, or omission of any company data. Please be aware that investments in early stage companies contains a high level of risk and you should consider this prior to making any investment decisions. Past performance is not indicative of future results. 2
  3. 3. World Economic Forum 2016: Israel is World’s 2nd Most Innovative Country #2 innovation #2 venture capital availability #3 spending on R&D #3 quality of research institutions
  4. 4. Israeli Startup Investments 2013-2018 Source: IVC-ZAG High-Tech Survey 14% 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Total capital raised by Israeli high-tech companies % of Other Investments ($b) % of Israeli VCs ($b) 6.470 2.404 3.408 4.307 4.831 5.242 24% 76% 16% 84% 15% 85% 13% 87% 16% 84% $b 3.200
  5. 5. Israeli Exits & M&A reaching critical mass in 2017-18 Autonomous driving Acquired by Intel For US$15.3bn August 2017 BioTech Acquired by Mitsubishi Tanabe For US$1.1bn October 2017 Social gaming Acquired by Aristocrat For US$500m October 2017 Consumer Product Acquired by International Flavors & Fragrances For US$7.1bn May 2018 Medical Acquired by Medtronic For US$1.6bn September 2018 Digital Technology Acquired by Salesforce For US$800m July 2018 Cyber security Acquired by Continental AG For US$430m November 2017 AgTech Acquired by Mexichem For US$1.5bn February 2018 Big Data Acquired by SAP For US$350m September 2017 Electronics manufacturing Acquired by KLA-Tencor For US$3.4bn March 2018 Cyber IPO Nasdaq For US$800m October 2017 Industrial Manufacturing Acquired by PepsiCo For US$3.2bn August 2018
  6. 6. MNC’s continue to build Israel R&D centers at pace
  7. 7. Israel now has 7% of worlds Unicorns
  8. 8. Israel Ranks #3 In World In AI Companies (Right After China And US), Tel Aviv Is #3 Ranked City Source “OurCrowd is the most active investor in AI startups in Israel with 26 initial investments and its portfolio includes Cognitiv, an early-stage fund focused on AI. OurCrowd’s 25 exits to date include BriefCam (video content analysis using machine learning), Argus Cyber Security (protecting connected vehicles with AI technologies), and Nanorep (virtual chatbots)”. September 2018
  9. 9. Israel’s Growing Digital Health Arena: OurCrowd has representation in 11 out of 19 sectors
  10. 10. Agtech Ecosystem
  11. 11. The Curse: Israel has no water
  12. 12. The Blessing: World wide leader, water recycling, desalination plants and drip aggregation
  13. 13. The Curse: Our young are put into life threating situations
  14. 14. The Blessing: Leadership opportunities, cutting edge technology and elite units like, 8200
  15. 15. The Curse: No Market
  16. 16. The Blessing: Building global relationship, developed leading tech brands
  17. 17. The Curse: Existential risk, some wish to destroy Israel
  18. 18. The Blessing: Risk = startups, highest birth rate, life expectancies
  19. 19. The Curse: No natural resources, tiny country
  20. 20. The Blessing: College graduates (50%), Nobel prizes and R&D
  21. 21. Most Active Venture Investor in Israel OurCrowd Named Most Active Venture Investor in Israel by Pitchbook (08/05/2018) Pitchbook ranked the most active venture capital funds in the country according to the number of investments made since 2016 Jerusalem-based equity crowdfunding company OurCrowd Ltd. was named the most active venture capital investor in Israel in a ranking published by Seattle-based market research company Pitchbook Data Inc. on Friday. Pitchbook examined the number of deals in Israel in which each venture capital firm took part in since the beginning of 2016. OurCrowd took part in 32 deals during the period. Second place was shared by Magma Venture Partners, Pitango Venture Capital, and Vertex Ventures Israel with 17 investments each.
  22. 22. OurCrowd at a Glance
  23. 23. Unique Model: Funds and Direct Investments, Individuals, Family Offices, Institutions
  24. 24. Portfolio
  25. 25. Dealflow of 2000+ companies per year Opens the investments to YOU, same terms OurCrowd Invests its own Money Research and select only the best 1-2% 32 The way OurCrowd works Artificial Intelligence Big Data FinTech Autonomous Vehicles CyberSecurity Medtech Thorough DD Strict Deal Selection Skin in the Game Alongside recognized co-investors MNC/Corporates Family offices HNWI (AI/PI) Case for OurCrowd - Hybrid VC model 3232
  26. 26. DRAFT Backing 170 Leading Tech Companies Across All Sectors, 29 Exits Including High Profile Transactions Source: Company information Selected Transactions From 29 OurCrowd Exits: Enterprise Software Mobility Enterprise Software Enterprise SoftwareMobility 4 Semiconductor
  27. 27. With Tel Aviv opening: we are up to 11 offices with more to come!
  28. 28. OurCrowd invests in Leading Companies in all Sectors Data AI Healthcare Digital Health AgTech Logistics EdTech Mobility Travel Cyber FinTech Drones Cannabis Energy CleanTech
  29. 29. March 7, 2019 Jerusalem, Israel
  30. 30. Video Highlight – placeholder
  31. 31. OurCrowd announces new Social Impact Fund Together, We Can Make a Global Impact • Water • Food • Transportation • Climate change • Health • Education • Agriculture • Security • Financial inclusion • Energy • More • The challenges are global, we need to act as a community will drive air quality in Beijing will rescue people in Houston will protect our medical devices from hackers will solve traffic congestion in Mumbai will read X-rays in La Paz will stop Parkinson’s tremor in Palo Alto
  32. 32. Insightec ▪ MRI-guided focused ultrasound ▪ Non-invasive, image-guided treatment ▪ For patients with essential tremor, tremor dominant Parkinson’s disease and neuropathic pain