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FFCON19: Hidden Values of Patenting (Thiago Caires, CEO, Matr Performance)


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April 4-Day 2 Lunch & Learn at the 2019 Fintech & Financing Conference in Toronto at Bram and Bluma Appel Salon in downtown Toronto. Thiago Caires, CEO, Matr Performance together with Tony Sabeta, Patent Agent and Partner, at Aird McBurney, talk about unlocking the hidden value of patents for your next technology and invention.


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FFCON19: Hidden Values of Patenting (Thiago Caires, CEO, Matr Performance)

  1. 1. Hidden values of Patenting
  2. 2. – OTC:BNKL
  3. 3. Main value: -> Protection Hidden Values: -> Market research / competitors -> Investor Perception -> Real Value (even when company fails)
  4. 4. Market research / competitors 1) Different applications 2) Competitors
  5. 5. Investor Perception 1) Numbers talk 80,000 335,000110,000 2) Maturity in the business “ the have done the homework”
  6. 6. Real Value - Nortel patent portfolio = $4.5 Billion “ On a per-patent basis, the top 1% of patents have been sold for no less than $2 million. “ - Fernando Torres - AOL patent portfolio = $1.05 Billion - Theranos Medical device for analyte monitoring and drug delivery - 100 patents = $10 Billion scam - Real time detection of influenza virus
  7. 7. Thank you Thiago Caires