ClickSoftware AWS Customer Case


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Udi Keidar, VP Cloud Services at ClickSoftware, during the Amazon AWS Summit in Tel Aviv, shared with the audience great insights about ClickSoftware's usage of Amazon AWS services.

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  • We have the largest number of customers in the space in a variety of industries. Our telco and cable customers include T-COM, and Telstra and Rogers and Telus in Canada.  The fastest growing target segment for our business is in the area of power and gas utilities. Our customer base includes almost all the main utilities on the west coast of North America, including PG&E, SCE and Sempra Gas. In Europe our utility customers include Eon and National Grid. In the office equipment segment, our major customers include Xerox, Unisys, HP and Ricoh. In addition, Best Buy uses our system to schedule its entire Geek Squad division.
  • ClickSoftware AWS Customer Case

    1. 1. AWS Customer CasePrinciple Cloud ArchitectUdi Keidar VP Cloud Services
    2. 2. Agenda About ClickSoftware Customers Why Amazon? Architecture  AWS Part  Implementation Challenges What we like in Amazon as an IaaS vendor Learn from our experience Proprietary and Confidential 2
    3. 3. Why Amazon? Cost Effective  Need to know how to monitor and optimize cost!!! IaaS as a great platform  Rapid Deployment  Advanced DRP Infrastructure and Real time backup Easy Scale up and down Any kind of Security Certifications World Wide distribution of Data Centers Unlimited capacity 3
    4. 4. What Business Are We In?Market Service sector where the primary resources are people and their time Business Pain We Address  Workforce efficiency, productivity, and/or utilization too low  Customer service quality below desired level How We Do It  Software products that automate and optimize decision making  Leveraging mobility technology to the maximum (hand-held devices, real-time customer communication, GPS, real-time traffic updates) Overview Addressable Market Coverage  All service industry verticals  Any size of business - small to Fortune 500 companies
    5. 5. Delivering Value Across the WorldTelecommunication Utility & Energy Computer & Office Capital Equipment Equipment Home Services Public Customers & Services PartnersCable & Satellite TV
    6. 6. Architecture  Windows  .Net  Java  Linux  MSSQL/Oracle 6
    7. 7. Architecture - AWS Part  EC2  ELB (Elastic Load Balancer)  Security Group  Multiple AZ and Regions  RDS  Cloud Formation to address DRP needs  VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) + VPN  Reserved Instance  S3 7
    8. 8. Architecture - Implementation  Infrastructure Deployment (IaaS)  Production, Staging, Training & DR  High Availability and Load balanced Architecture  Security to support ISO27001  Backups  Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)  Monitoring  Scalability 8
    9. 9. Challenges  Operating in a competitive environment:  On-Going reduction of operational cost as part of CKSW competitive advantage  Provide a unique value to our customers  Minimal IT resources get the system up quickly  Keep high Security standards  User management  Customer Dashboard 9
    10. 10. What we like in Amazon as an IaaS vendor  Robust IaaS platform  Very dynamic company that provides on going innovation  Keeps us on our toes all the time  Elasticity of usage to address needs in peak/low time  High industry standards 10
    11. 11. Learn from our experience  Understand your business  Establish the infrastructure within Amazon and outside to support you  Look around at the community in Israel  Think Operational and not just development  It is O.K to make mistakes and make changes all the time, as mistakes does not cost a lot of money  Plan and review all the time 11
    12. 12. Thank youUdi Keidar – udi.keidar@clicksoftware.comIgal Korach – Proprietary and Confidential