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40 Tips & Tricks with Conductor Pro Services


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40 Tips & Tricks with Conductor Pro Services at C3 2018 with:

Kenyon Adei-Manu, Amazon
Stephan Bajaio, Conductor
Bill Sebald, Greenlane Search Marketing

Published in: Marketing
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40 Tips & Tricks with Conductor Pro Services

  1. 1. #C3NY @conductor WINNING TACTICS #C3NY 40 TIPS & TRICKS Stephan Bajaio VP Professional Services, Co-Founder, Conductor Kenyon Adei-manu Product Manager, Amazon Bill Sebald Owner, Greenlane Marketing
  2. 2. #C3NY @conductor 2 Always Take A Good Fat Guy Photo There is no point in showing the outcomes if you can’t show the before photo. Strive to contextualize your data to the past. Tip #1
  3. 3. #C3NY @conductor 3 Remember – SEO Is An Ongoing Experiment Every SEO has an opinion. Not all opinions are correct for each website. Google uses different signals for different industries, verticals, and websites in general. Create your own opinion by experimenting. Tip #2
  4. 4. #C3NY @conductor 4 Venture beyond elements and device view and use the network tab to optimize page load. Chrome Dev Tools Tip #3
  5. 5. #C3NY @conductor 5 SEO Done Well Is A Culture, Not A Tactic Unless you control everything happening on the site, including but not limited to, product naming conventions, marketing message etc., the odds are you will depend on others in order to make SEO successful. If it’s a tactic no one but you will care. If it’s a culture we all take some ownership. Tip #4
  6. 6. #C3NY @conductor 6 Log Files. Analyze them. Important pages are visited often by search bots. These logs can tell you if what you think is important jives with search engines’ opinions. Tip #5
  7. 7. #C3NY @conductor 7 Understand elements that are critical to the initial page load. Audit Render Blocks Tip #6
  8. 8. #C3NY @conductor 8 Know Your Peers KPI’s & Help Them Meet Them If you can inform or help other meet their goals you will never have to plead for help in search ever again. Tip #7
  9. 9. #C3NY @conductor 9 Analyze The SERP For Intent Before You Rush In Google ranks with consideration to query intent. Consider going with the grain instead of against it. Example: If you want to rank a mid-funnel term, make sure Google isn’t ranking “informational” top of funnel terms. Tip #8
  10. 10. #C3NY @conductor 10 Create a process for monitoring pixels and old code. Pick Up Your Pixels Tip #9
  11. 11. #C3NY @conductor 11 Give Them All The Credit If you can get others to take part in search initiatives give them all the credit. Do it publicly and make sure execs are in the loop. At the end of the day it all comes back to your work and your KPIs so share the glory it will build the capital you need for later. Tip #10
  12. 12. #C3NY @conductor 12 SEO Is Now CRO SEOs shouldn’t just want rankings. We should want conversions. Google doesn’t just want links and content. They want a good user experience. Enter CRO. Add Conversion Rate Optimization to all on-page SEO work. Tip #11
  13. 13. #C3NY @conductor 13 Know your customers, your competitors, and your opportunities. What Keyword Segments Have You Missed? Tip #12
  14. 14. #C3NY @conductor 14 Same Budget Doesn’t Guarantee Same Results Can I get a hallelujah!!!!? Search isn’t always compounding and results can depend on what the competition is doing. After all it’s a zero sum game. Tip #13
  15. 15. #C3NY @conductor 15 If You Have An Old Site, Don’t Leave Those Old Links Hanging… The older the site, the more replatforms it has probably endured. In the old days, SEOs were not always considered. Look at historic link data or the Wayback Machine to find old links that point to 404’s, and redirect them. If you can’t redirect, alert the owner of the broken link with an update. Tip #14
  16. 16. #C3NY @conductor 16 Automate your and elevate your reporting – You should be the first to know if know and prompt action if your bounce rate or 404s increase significantly. Scale Yourself Tip #15
  17. 17. #C3NY @conductor 17 Your #1 Organic Competitor Is You You are you usually your #1 competitor check for ranking cannibalization holding you back. Extra credit: use cannibalization reporting to help better internal linking. Tip #16
  18. 18. #C3NY @conductor 18 Use PPC Ad Conversion Data To Influence Title Tags & Meta Descriptions PPC ads are made to convert. Use the common keywords/CTAs that have high conversion rates to improve CTRs for top organic listings. Tip #17
  19. 19. #C3NY @conductor 19 Listen and empower your customers to be a part of your site. User Generated Content Tip #18
  20. 20. #C3NY @conductor 20 And You Give Yourself Away, And You Give Yourself Away. I can’t Rank With Or Without You Share keyword research insights with anyone who will care and give them access to Audience Intent Explorer (it doesn’t cost you a dime more). Tip #19
  21. 21. #C3NY @conductor 21 Focus On Index Bloat Search Console tells us how many pages are indexed, but is bad at telling us what pages are indexed. On large sites, duplicate pages exist sometimes without knowledge. But Google finds them and wastes bandwidth on them. Tip: indexation-tester/ Tip #20
  22. 22. #C3NY @conductor 22 Don’t expect success if your not providing value for your customers. Provide Value For Your Customers Tip #21
  23. 23. #C3NY @conductor 23 If Your URLs Look Like A Ransom Note You Are Doing Something Wrong Check for camel casing URLs & always defer to lowercase. Tip #22
  24. 24. #C3NY @conductor 24 Title Tag Wash En Masse While many tags have lost degrees of influence, the title tag is still potent. If your site is large, concentrating on a large title tag rewash still shows great results. Tip #23
  25. 25. #C3NY @conductor 25 Automate page speed reports and share them. Keep Tabs On Your Page Speed Tip #24
  26. 26. #C3NY @conductor 26 Dr. Site Colon Says It’s Time For A .PDF Checkup Use google site operators to find pesky .pdf’s on your site and convert them into html pages. Tip #25
  27. 27. #C3NY @conductor 27 Don’t Try To Measure Everything Some things are imperceptible, but matter in aggregate. Don’t let the lack of blatant ROI visibility discourage you from performing SEO. Tip #26
  28. 28. #C3NY @conductor 28 Ensure you have fluid experiences and your tracking is correct. Double Check Your App Indexing Tip #27
  29. 29. #C3NY @conductor 29 You Are Your Own Mini Search Engine Mine your internal search data for insights (it will teach you where your navigation may be failing and strips your brand out of the equation). Tip #28
  30. 30. #C3NY @conductor 30 Look Forward – Experiment With New Technologies The job of the SEO is changing. Sometimes it’s not about the ranking or the click, but the brand exposure. Voice search is growing. VR/AR is growing. Progressive Web Apps are growing. The web is noisy. If you want to cut through, be cutting edge. Tip #29
  31. 31. #C3NY @conductor 31 Investigate new libraries and technology that allow for flexible server-side rendering. React, Angular 2 & Node.JS Tip #30
  32. 32. #C3NY @conductor 32 Folks Will Ask Google About You, What Will She Answer? Customer service / FAQ’s matter more than you know. LTV are metrics that matter to your company but not often spoken about in search. If you have a call center or feedback channels mine that for important terms. Build out robust answers and target answer boxes. Tip #31
  33. 33. #C3NY @conductor 33 Invest In Each & Every Signal, Especially Earning A 10 Where Your Competitors Don’t Have A 10 Many companies only invest in a small percent of SEO signals. This is your opportunity to overcome by scoring higher in each signal. Even the smallest signals add up in the long run. This is what SEO is about – not silver bullets. A competitive technical audit can help set the stage for prioritization. Tip #32
  34. 34. #C3NY @conductor 34 View your pages as a robot or use fetch and render to see how bots and humans see your pages. Use Robots View Tip #33
  35. 35. #C3NY @conductor 35 SPI is your ticket to the executive table Search Presence Intelligence will make search data exponentially valuable to your organization. Think less about you rank and more about who rank and what influence opportunity that is for your business. Tip #34
  36. 36. #C3NY @conductor 36 Boring Industry? Link Build Off Your Mission “Link building is hard in boring industries,” says everyone. True – but if your company has a mission, build links from that. Relevancy can still persist. Tip #35
  37. 37. #C3NY @conductor 37 Optimize the order in which you make your requests. Critical Path Optimization Tip #36
  38. 38. #C3NY @conductor 38 Image optimization is a file renaming opportunity Reduce the size of bloated images that are most frequently called to on your site. Take the opportunity to rename them using relevant terms since you are resaving them anyway. Tip #37
  39. 39. #C3NY @conductor 39 Assess Your Text “Readability Score”. If Google has a 7th grade reading level, use tools to make sure you’re at that level. or Clarity isn’t only key for search engines, but your visitors as well. Tip #38
  40. 40. #C3NY @conductor 40 Execute JS with Screaming Frog and also QA with Chrome Dev Tools. Test In Mobile Tip #39
  41. 41. #C3NY @conductor 41 Google can’t escape Google so thoroughly understand rankings to use that to your advantage Understand how google is interpreting a pages meaning by looking at the boundaries of what it ranks well for and not so well for. This will unearth opportunities to make your content more relevant or create new content Tip #40
  42. 42. #C3NY @conductor 42