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Brighton SEO April 2016 - Engagement Rate Optimisation

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Brighton SEO April 2016 - Engagement Rate Optimisation

  1. 1. Engagement Rate Optimisation Stephen Kenwright @stekenwright @Branded_3
  2. 2. @stekenwright #brightonSEO
  3. 3. 80% of B2C marketers plan to produce more content in 2016… regardless of effectiveness [or] clarity of success. Content Marketing Institute @stekenwright #brightonSEO
  4. 4. 73% of SEOs plan to increase their link building spend. Skyrocket Link Building Survey @stekenwright #brightonSEO
  5. 5. PageRank TrustRank Traffic @stekenwright #brightonSEO
  6. 6. Domain authority “Domain Authority is a score (on a 100 point scale) developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engines. Use Domain Authority when comparing one site to another or tracking the “strength” of your website over time. We calculate this metric by combining all our other link metrics – linking root domains, number of total links, MozRank, MozTrust etc. – into a single score.” @stekenwright #brightonSEO
  7. 7. @stekenwright #brightonSEO
  8. 8. @stekenwright #brightonSEO It’s all a fugazi.
  9. 9. @stekenwright #brightonSEO TrustRank
  10. 10. TrustRank patent “For example, an entity such as a digital camera expert operating a website devoting a website devoted to digital cameras, may create an annotation associating the label “professional review” with a particular review of a digital camera on some third party site (e.g., on the site of a news publication). In addition, the system maintains information about trust relationships between entities, such as individual users, indicating whether (or the degree to which) one entity trusts another entity.” @stekenwright #brightonSEO
  11. 11. Trust raters @stekenwright #brightonSEO
  12. 12. @stekenwright #brightonSEO Barcelona Principles Importance of goal setting and measurement #1 Effect on the business can and should be measured #3 AVEs are not the value of public relations #5 Measure outcomes not outputs #2 Media measurement requires quantity and quality #4 Social media can and should be measured #6 Transparency and replicability are paramount #7
  13. 13. @stekenwright #brightonSEO Traffic#1 Bounce rate#3 Conversions#5 Avg. Time on Page#2 Social shares#4 Link building KPIs: Onsite Visibility of target terms#6
  14. 14. @stekenwright #brightonSEO # contacts#1 # links#3 # coverage#2 # mentions#4 Link building KPIs: Offsite
  15. 15. It’s nearly impossible to earn links with just good, unique content. @stekenwright #brightonSEO
  16. 16. Link earning v. The process of adding so much value to a story that your brand goes from ‘worth talking about’ to ‘worth linking to’. @stekenwright #brightonSEO
  17. 17. @stekenwright #brightonSEO Choose your stories#1 Create press releases#3 Format data#5 Create a landing page#2 Get comments signed off#4 Planning
  18. 18. 76% of journalists feel pressured for their stories to get shared socially. 2015 Edelman Media Forecast @stekenwright #brightonSEO
  19. 19. @stekenwright #brightonSEO Video / images#1 Localisation#3 Proximity to trending topics#5 Brevity#2 More use of human voice#4 5 ingredients for more shareable content
  20. 20. Traffic is a typical KPI for journalists. Want a big placement? Offer to help promote it. @stekenwright #brightonSEO
  21. 21. Include the headline stat in the subject line of your email. @stekenwright #brightonSEO
  22. 22. @stekenwright #brightonSEO Pivot tables
  23. 23. @stekenwright #brightonSEO
  24. 24. @stekenwright #brightonSEO
  25. 25. @stekenwright #brightonSEO Engagement
  26. 26. Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept 2014 2014 2014 2015 2015 2015 2015 2015 2015 2015 2015 2015 @stekenwright #brightonSEO
  27. 27. @stekenwright #brightonSEO An expert opinion needs an author / profile page#1 Survey data needs a full write up / downloadable PDF#2 Creative needs something interactive to click through to#3 What you’re offering dictates where to link.
  28. 28. What can you offer to get links to landing pages?* *Nothing. Stop trying. @stekenwright #brightonSEO
  29. 29. Commercial Page What is it? How do I? Author page News Campaign page Content hubs @stekenwright #brightonSEO
  30. 30. Infographics don’t give journalists a reason to link. @stekenwright #brightonSEO
  31. 31. How to ask for links @stekenwright #brightonSEO
  32. 32. Success rate (responses, coverage, links) is our best metric for forecasting. @stekenwright #brightonSEO
  33. 33. @stekenwright #brightonSEO How many journalists / bloggers are we contacting?#1 What’s our typical success rate?#2 What did success look like last time?#3 How to forecast link building
  34. 34. @stekenwright #brightonSEO What do target customers engage with?#1 What value can we add to journalists to be newsworthy?#2 What value can we add to readers to be link worthy?#3 Process What value can we add to the site to make it rank?#4
  35. 35. T. Hanks @stekenwright #brightonSEO