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Front cover

  1. 1. Draft #2: Instead of having only one (main) image on the front cover, IDraft #1: I followed the conventions I noticed in my decided to add three overlapping photos on the bottom line of the pageresearch of front pages of music magazines and tries to which will promote the pull-out posters included in the magazine – this willinclude as many features as I could, without overfilling the make the magazine more full and appear as a “package” as the features and cover lines are placed more or less on the boarders of the
  2. 2. I created the mock up of my front page referring Skylineback to my research throughout. I tried to use Puffas many features as possible to keep therealism of the cover and making it appear Masthead„packed‟, but without overloading the page. Iincluded a skyline above the masthead as fromresearch I noticed it was a popular feature Date line and issuebecause it is most visible from newsstands. I number Taglinealso included a puff on top 1/3 of the page toattract the audience even more. I will havethree/four cover lines on my page with only brief Cover Linedetails to encourage the reader to buy themagazine; and one main cover line on the right Main Image– which is a convention. Conforming toconventions and keeping the realism, I will have Cover Linethe bar code, price and publisher in the bottomleft corner and the date line below the puff. Atagline is not a necessary feature, however Inoticed that the more established and respected Main cover line Cover Linemagazines do include a tagline below the (lead article)masthead. In the bottom right corner – in ordernot to leave blank spaces and make a good use Cover Lineof the page – I will have a buzz word regardingfree pull out posters inside, along with threephotos of the posters promoting them on theside. Bar code, price and publisher‟s Buzz word Buzz word credits
  3. 3. MastheadMain Cover Line and Cover Lines I chose this font because it is the most readable yet it still appears elegant and sophisticated, and can appeal to both female as well as males. Stands out against the Skyline background.
  4. 4. I chose natural colours for the scheme on the front page, predominantly because country music is associated with the outside, and because the majority of the photos I‟d taken were taken outside, so I wanted to carry on with this theme. I chose a dark tone of yellow to compliment the models‟ hair and signify the sun, and I chose brown and green to indicate trees and plants; along with the conventional black and white, which conform to the main model‟s t-shirt. I only chose these three colours, besides black and white so that the front cover is easy to read from further away and doesn‟t overpower the audience. These colours are quite different from each other therefore they will stand out against each other.+
  5. 5. I referred back to the mock up of the front cover andtried to follow it throughout, however having used all thefeatures, I only included three cover lines and the maincover line, because I wanted the main image to be asvisible as possible. The skyline includes two buzz wordsINSIDE! And BACKSTAGE SPECIAL! In bold coloursand fun looking fonts – attracting the audience. Rightbelow the skyline is the masthead – the biggest font onthe page – following conventions. The font is clear andhighlighted in orange which is a tone on the colourscheme. Furthermore, I followed codes andconventions of magazines by inserting the dateline inthe top 1/3 of the page and the barcode with the priceand publisher in the bottom corner. Since I‟m aiming mymagazine at the American audience, I provided the firstprice in USD and the GBP conversion beside. Similarlyto Q, I listed five featured artists to attract a wideraudience. The main cover line is the second biggestfont on the page. It stands out against the backgroundand is related to the main image – followingconventions. The highlighted EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWappears special and unique. I didn‟t want to add toomuch detail to the front cover, so that the page isn‟toverloaded. Most of the font is white because it was theone I found to appear the clearest against thebackground. I also have a tagline below themasthead, as the established magazines do, whichmakes mine come across professional. Lastly, becauseI didn‟t want a lot of phrases on the page, I decided notto use the personal mode of address on thispage, however I will do in the contents page.The main image follows conventions of the countrystyle, with the fashion and the outside environment.