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Tagetik, performing with passion by Andrea Begliuomini

Tagetik è un’Azienda che “consuma” tecnologia. Nel quartiere generale di Lucca (Toscana, Italia), Tagetik sviluppa una applicazione. Tale soluzione è commercializzata in tutto il mondo attraverso una rete di distribuzione.

Tagetik è un’Azienda in forte crescita e cerca giovani sviluppatori che siano protagonisti della crescita tecnologica del prodotto.

Questo talk ha l’obiettivo di presentare l’Azienda, dare una overview delle tecnologie che essa usa, illustrare le caratteristiche delle delle persone che stiamo cercando.

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Tagetik, performing with passion by Andrea Begliuomini

  1. 1. Performance with passion
  2. 2. “Miscellanea”• Disclaimer– This not a technical talk– I am not a developer– I am not an evangelist• Objective: let partecipants know Tagetik• Agenda– Who is Tagetik– Product & Technology– Open positions• Do not hesitate to raise your hands and askquestions
  3. 3. Corporate Overview
  4. 4. Who is Tagetik?• Tagetik is an Independent Software Vendor(ISV) in the CPM market• Technology consumer• 100% Italian company– Headquarter: Lucca, Tuscany (Italy)– Branches: Milan, Rome and Turin• Since 2007, international company• Operations in 20+ countries• 550 clients all over the world
  5. 5. Who is Tagetik?• Niche2 company: “niche player” in “nichemarket”• Fast growing company in revenues: from 26M€(2011) to 30M€ (2012)• 250+ employees– 60 OO developers (Java, C#)– 10 IT Systems Specialist (deployer, trobleshooter)– 140+ Software Specialist (aka Application Consultants)• I guess the nobody of you knows Tagetik, but...
  7. 7. Many Very Large Enterprise Customers
  8. 8. Technology
  9. 9. Our product• Product name is Tagetik• Java EE application• We try to keep our EAR compatible with anystandard application server• Multiple type of “http” clients• Interaction with Microsoft Sharepoint 2007+• Interaction with Microsoft BI stack (SQL Server2005+)
  10. 10. Which technologies we consume?• Application Server– Jboss– Oracle Weblogic– IBM Webspher• Database– Oracle– Microsoft SQL Server– Teradata (on going)• In-memory database (on going)– SAP Hana– Hackaton (Microsoft SQL Server 2014)
  11. 11. Which technologies we consume?• On client side, we have to http client type:– “Any” browser• As is: Adobe Flex• To be: Vaadin + Google Toolkit (on going)– Microsoft Office• .NET add-in (C#) to serve Excel, Word and Power Point• Compatibility Office 2013
  12. 12. Where do we deploy Tagetik?• “On premise”– We are not hardware vendor– Client is free to choose hardware platform• “As a service”– IAAS approach: leverage AWS offering
  13. 13. Open positions
  14. 14. Why should I apply?• Welcome on board to the Tagetik Family– Thanks to the familiar and informal environment,there is a very low turnover (tends to 0)– Passion– Commitment• Tagetik is global boutique– handcraft shop– learning by doing– new artisans = new techniques to be shared– we are queryable resources ones to the others– sharing of knowledge
  15. 15. Whom are we looking for?• Place of work: Lucca, Tuscany, Italy• Application developer– C#: develop and fix a set of Microsoft services for “external”interaction + Microsoft Office ‘http’ client– Java: develop and fix new/existing product functionalities(Tagetik 5.0 = HTML5)• Application Deployer & SystemAdministrator– EAR Deploy– Monitoring and tuning performances• Application Deployer & SystemAdministrator “on the cloud”– In charge of the IAAS infrastructure– OS Networking skills
  16. 16. Our Solution
  17. 17. Tagetik Architecture vs. Multi-Product ArchitectureThe Tagetik approach is completely different, we have designed a common and pre-defined relational data modeland we have built-in functionality and financial intelligence to address multiple processes. All the processes share thesame database and data model. 

.Other Vendors Tagetik
  18. 18. Thank you!Andrea Begliuominiandreabegliuomini@tagetik.comIf you need further info, come to theTagetik’s booth and go deep in a one-to-one meeting with our developers!