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Tagetik sap connector solution details

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Tagetik sap connector solution details

  1. 1. Tagetik Connector enabled for SAP ® Value proposition and solution details
  2. 2. 2 > Tagetik SAP® Integration Overview > Tagetik Connector enabled for SAP ® - solution overview > Solution features details > Technical implementation > Conclusion Contents
  3. 3. 3 Tagetik SAP® Integration Overview Tagetik Connector enabled for SAP® Single Sign On Data replication SAP ECC SAP BW SAP® NetWeaver™ SAP® Lumira (formerly Visual Intelligence) BrowserMS Office Tagetik runs on a Java application server (NetWeaver). Data stored in relational database Data is replicated in HANA database for Analytics Tagetik Web Browsers for system administration and MS Office for reporting, data entry and presentation HANA analytical model consumed using any SAP HANA compliant BI client including SAP Lumira
  4. 4. 4 Tagetik Connector enabled for SAP ® - solution overview • Build once, deploy anywhere, managed by finance – Wizard-based, intuitive interface designed for finance users • Built-in ETL processes – Includes pre-built ETL processes for FI SAP (extensible to other ECC modules or BW) – Data, metadata, and mapping without knowledge of SAP tables • Centralized monitoring and management – central monitoring with error analysis capabilities and dashboard – provides a central cockpit for system-wide control of data loading processes • Leveraging Theobald Software – SAP Certified extractors – Proven XtractIS DeltaQ technology – No SAP table knowledge necessary Theobald Xtract IS DeltaQ SQLServer Integration Services TagetikETL Persistent Staging SQLServer Database
  5. 5. 5 > Easy and direct extraction of FI data relevant for Tagetik Processes Solution features details > Master Data > Company and Group structure > Account > Cost center > Functional area > Profit center > Business area > Plant > Controlling area > Trading partner > Data > Balance Sheet > Profit and Loss > Accruals and asset movements (with Movement type detail) > Intercompany relations
  6. 6. 6 > Business Logic embedded in the Wizard generated, standard, Tagetik ETL Routines: > Time aggregation based on account natures and types > Intercompany data > Lookup tables allow to map SAP codes to Tagetik codes > Built-in User Security constraints in Tagetik ETL > Import scope User driven (e.g. Filter on Scenario and Period) > Native Tagetik features: > Scheduled or User triggered ETL running > Built-in data cleansing and alerting > Auditing and logging Tagetik Connector enabled for SAP ® added value
  7. 7. 7 Tagetik Connector for SAP© User Experience • Wizard driven ETL parameterization
  8. 8. 8 > Dedicated to SAP extraction > Capable of handling multiple systems and clients Tagetik Connector for SAP© User Experience
  9. 9. Summer 2013 Analytic Engine •“Side Car” •Prepackaged Integration •Finance-owned •SAP Visual Intelligence SAP HANA INTEGRATION ROADMAP Winter 2014 Database Engine •HANA as underlying database •3rd option to Oracle or SQL Server 2014 and Beyond Native Database •Leverage HANA DB native analytical functions •Predictive capabilities HANA