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Tagetik Bi Solutions

Tagetik BI Solutions

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Tagetik Bi Solutions

  1. 1. Tagetik BI SolutionsAdvanced Analytics, Reporting and Collaborative Information Delivery
  2. 2. Introduction & AgendaVersatile & Comprehensive BI Solutions> Tagetik 4.0 Enabled by SharePoint > Collaborative Information & Application Management> Tagetik & SQL Sever 2012 > In-Memory Analytics with xVelocity & PowerView> Tagetik Analysis Services Integration > Dynamic and Interactive Reporting & Dashboarding> XLCubed > Empowering the BI Power User> Roambi > Mobile Analytics & Publishing 2
  3. 3. Tagetik 4.0 & MicrosoftTogether: A Complete and Unified Solution 3
  4. 4. Tagetik 4.0
  5. 5. Leveraging Microsoft TechnologyMicrosoft ISV Line of Business Tagetik global sponsor ofPartner of the Year 2011 SQL Server 2012 Global LaunchManaged at corporate level Joint “go to market”PAMs in all the key countries A dedicated product version: Tagetik 4.0 enabled by Microsoft SharepointMember of the BIPAC -Web parts for SharePoint integration - Fully leverage of Microsoft BI ComponentsJoint product roadmap: Azure andMSFT SQL Server 2012 Pre defined integration with Dynamics AX
  6. 6. Advanced BI Capabilities with the Microsoft StackIndustry Leader in BI tools > Microsoft stack simplifies the integration with other systems through its ability to interact with multiple diverse data sources and seamlessly provide data to multiple frontend products. • Gartner Magic Quadrant leader in BI tools (Jan 2011) • Powerful Data Discovery with PowerPivot and Tabular Models • Lighting Performance with xVelocity • Ad hoc Dashboarding and Data Visualization with Power View • Significantly lower TCO • No longer the tool just for SMB 6
  7. 7. Together: A Complete & Unified SolutionPerformance Management, Disclosure Business Intelligence & Analytics:Management & Financial Governance:  Relational database management system Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting  OLAP using MS SQL Analysis Services Cash Flow Planning  Reporting Services Statutory and Management Consolidation  Power View for self-service reporting/dashboards Cost Allocation and Profitability Analysis  In-memory analytics Financial Close & Fast Closing  Directly on Tagetik data Dashboard and Scorecarding  User-security managed in Tagetik 4.0 Production Cost Planning & Control Collaborative Disclosure Management Financial Compliance Financial Governance Collaboration:Communication:  Share documents, versions, and workflows Share user group information (email, phone, IM)  Define tasks Organize audio, video and web conferences  Share calendars and deadlines Interact using live messenger and social networking software  Share narratives and comments Provide announcements and links  Direct access to Tagetik 4.0 via Web Parts  Advanced Analysis/Reporting via Microsoft BI
  8. 8. Tagetik 4.0 Enabled by SharePointCollaborative Information & ApplicationManagement 8
  9. 9. Tagetik 4.0 Enabled bySharePointTagetik + Microsoft + ConsultingTriangulation: Microsoft SharePoint BI and SQL technology Tagetik 4.0 performance management Strong partner network= a unified highly collaborative, high impact solution
  10. 10. Unified Content, Data and Applications True Portal Functionality> Enables the unification diverse information sources in one location> Custom Tagetik webparts > Interact directly with Tagetik, including Task, Workflow and Deadline Management> KPIs and Reporting with PerformancePoint> Full functionality Dashboarding> Report Galleries > Tagetik reports > Reporting Services > PowerPivot > Power View> Document Collaboration & Sharing> News & Email 10
  11. 11. Custom Tagetik Webparts My Tagetik Tasks Webpart> Allows the user to interact with Tagetik workflow tasks directly from a SharePoint site> Configurable to specify the Tagetik process, legal entities and steps. The user can: > execute the task > open a Tagetik report using the single sign on mechanism > open a Tagetik session using the single sign on mechanism> The web part obtains required data and invokes operations on items via Tagetik’s HTTP web services. 11
  12. 12. Unified Content, Data and Applications Tagetik 4.0 Shortcuts Webpart> Webpart connects directly to the Tagetik System> Can imbed the whole application, or a Process within SharePoint where users can interact with the system> Configurable to connect to a list of Tagetik links> Configurable to launch the Tagetik application in a new tab or window 12
  13. 13. Custom Tagetik Webparts Tagetik Report Tree & Tagetik Due Dates> Report Tree shows all of the available Reports and Data Entry Forms > Webpart can be filter reports based on process or configured to show all > Open in Data Entry Mode > Open in Navigation Mode > Opens using Single Sign-On > Tagetik Due Dates webpart synchronizes the SharePoint calendar with Submission deadlines and due dates in Tagetik 13
  14. 14. Tagetik & SQL Server 2012In-Memory Analytics with xVelocity & Power View 14
  15. 15. xVelocity & PowerView Top 5 Reasons to purchase/upgrade to SQL 2012> Mission Critical Confidence > “AlwaysOn” - Integrated high availability and and disaster recovery system. Easier to manage data backups and redundancy> Improved Visualization of your Data > Ease of use of PowerView web based reporting including export to PowerPoint with continued data connectivity> Excellent Performance > In-Memory technology allows for extremely fast query performance> Improved Data Quality & Tools > Improved data validation tools, T-SQL features, monitoring and user tools; all unified in SQL Server Data Tools> Scale Business Solutions Fast On-premise or in the Cloud > SQL 2012 was developed with the cloud in mind, easy to scale and move databases and create hybrid on-premise/cloud environments 15
  16. 16. xVelocity & PowerView In-Memory Analytics & Data Visualization> Managed Self-Service BI> Lighting Fast data querying> End user created, IT managed > Convert PowerPivot to shared data model > Models published to SharePoint > Data driven by business names not codes> Create Interactive Visualizations with the click of a mouse> Export to PowerPoint > Stay connected to your data 16
  17. 17. Tagetik Analysis Services IntegrationDynamic and Interactive Reporting & Dashboarding 17
  18. 18. Tagetik Analysis Services Integration AS Starter Kit> Pre-built customizable model > Provides the metadata for creating a cube on top of the Tagetik Relational database > Contains the same key dimensions as the Tagetik reporting system but can also be customized to suit your specific analytical needs> Maintains all the “Financial Intelligence” in the Tagetik System, including: > FSTs > KPI Calculations > User visibility rights> Delivers Dynamic Slice & Dice Reporting capabilities > The cube pre-aggregates data along key dimensions to enable faster and more in-depth querying of data. Increased performance means that users can make changes to reports on the fly, drilling into data, or examining slices 18
  19. 19. XLCubed Version 7Dynamic and Interactive Reporting & Dashboarding 19
  20. 20. XLCubed Version 7 Dynamic and Interactive Reporting & Dashboarding> Offers Advanced Reporting and Dashboard creation for BI Power Users> User friendly graphical interface creates custom MDX for dynamic reporting> Core Functionality > Navigate cube data in Grids through advanced drilling and filtering > Data slicers that allow for specifying members across levels of hierarchies > Creation of dynamic calculations > Creation of MDX Custom Calculations (measures) via GUI wizard > Propagate Across Sheets > Dynamic In-cell Charting > Breakout Analysis > Convert to Formula > Small Multiples graphing 20
  21. 21. XLCubed Version 7 Dynamic and Interactive Reporting & Dashboarding> XLCubed Web > Publish your excel Reports to the web with the click of a button> SharePoint Integration > Share web reports with colleagues through SharePoint> Interactive Mapping > Graphically map you data > Supports: Global countries, US states, Latitude & Longitude bubbles> SQL 2012 > Supports OLAP, BISM & SQL queries> Scheduled Report Distribution > Distribute reports based in a set schedule to defined groups/individuals and reports based on web parameters 21
  22. 22. RoambiMobile Analytics & Publishing 22
  23. 23. Roambi Mobile Analytics & Publishing> Roambi Analytics > Provides visualizations designed to create mobile dashboards that are distributed via iPad, iPhone and Blackberry devices.> Roambi Flow > Merges the visualizations of Roambi Analytics with editorial to provide a “magazine-like” user experience 23
  24. 24. Mobile BI Roambi Analytics Roambi in App Model > End user is much more engaged than traditional “Mobile BI” solutions > Dynamic nature provides more information, and more relevant information > Product designed from ground up for mobile devicesLeveraging the Microsoft Backend> Tagetik powered by Microsoft provides the data> Published, stored and delivered securely via Microsoft SharePoint or Reporting Services Portal> Leverages Microsoft technology to allow for Row Level Security so Roambi files can be tailored to the end user 24
  25. 25. Mobile BI Roambi FlowIntegration of Analytics and Content> With the integration of text, graphics and Roambi Analytics visualizations, you can tell the story behind the numbers and explain in depth the results data indicated by your data.> Publish output of Tagetik Collaborative Disclosure Management delivered directly and securely to user’s iPads.> Imbed Roambi Analytics into Flow document with a PDF source, providing for a richer and more in-depth user experience. 25
  26. 26. √ Thank you Anthony Marzetti Business Intelligence Specialist