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Conclusion ecc 2012 marc pattinson

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Conclusion ecc 2012 marc pattinson

  1. 1. Conference Résumé and Next Steps Marc PattinsonECA secretariat and Managing Director inno Group 18-20 April Vienna
  2. 2. Day Three• Prof. Burchenberger introduced us to the innovation spiral concept and the joys of software development in Hagenpark/Linz. A thought provoking contribution, many challenges (brain drain, youth, closets …);• Christoph Reiss Schmidt: highligted the importance of cluster branding (Tactics Handbook) and encouraged the internationalisation efforts of clusters (Tactics Handbook) but especially for SMEs via ECCP and forthcoming matchmaking events; European Commission Enterprise and Industry 2
  3. 3. Summing Up of Three parallelSessions• Green Tech- Sustainable Development• Creative Industries• Internationalisation/Cross fertilisation/RIS3• Feedback from the rapporteurs….. European Commission Enterprise and Industry 3
  4. 4. Day One• Prof Enkel demonstrated how clusters can contribute to open innovation and the notion « borrow with pride »;• Klaus Schultze from DG Regio reminded us of the changing policy and funding framework and the importance to embrace RIS3 and pursue cross border cooperation and facilitate debate with business actors;• Csaba Novak illustrated how MAG is using different EU initiatives to drive forward policy learning and training in the Danube macro region;• Prof Solvell is going global with the ECO and wants to « create traffic » around the observatory!;• The Round table provided an interesting practionners perspective . Oseo for example highlighted the need for national and regional policy makers to combine innovation and financing solutions for SMEs and deliver them via clusters. European Commission Enterprise and Industry 4
  5. 5. Day Two (am)• Prof Christian Ketels gave us the policy makers perspective and encouraged them to do things differently, to cut out wishful thinking, to take risks, to support emerging clusters and drive forward structural change;• Laurent Probst provided an update on the new tools available for identifying and facilitating emerging clusters (M&A, Equity data) ;• Dr Petra Püchner: demonstrated how KETS can be used by cluster policy makers to create « Smarter » regional strategies;• Round table: rule breakers and gardeners ! How and what processes are required to nuture the cluster ecosystem! « Il faut cultiver son jardin » Voltaire European Commission Enterprise and Industry 5
  6. 6. Day Two (pm)• Christoph Reiss Schmidt: highlighted the services at the ECCP;• Gerd Meier zu Köcker & Matt Fisher : demonstrated the VA+benefits of benchmarking, EFQM and the excellence labels;• Emiliano Duch: presented the cluster training concept and the tool box especially the Case Studies and launched the Cluster Foundation;• Round table: A lively Q&A session seeking to clarify the ways in which the new tools and services will be delivered to clusters, how and who will finance them given the context of State Aid rules. The need to embrace the views of policy makers and how to take on board the different regional/national framework conditions highlighted;• Hannes Leo gave us an Innovative consultation process on the Vienna Manifesto . Results? European Commission Enterprise and Industry 6
  7. 7. So what was different ?• Sustainability and maturity of networks and initiatives, tools, excellence labels… The debate is shifting towards how we implement !• New cluster manager of the year : congratulations to Cluster 55• Many internationalisation and cooperation opportunities highlighted via the ECCP/MOUs: Japan, Brazil …• New countries … 20 participants from Turkey• Cluster community continues to grow and hopefully becomes smarter ! European Commission Enterprise and Industry 7
  8. 8. Final Thoughts1. Funding : Work with structural fund managers to promote relevance of clusters for developing and implementing Regional Innovation Smart Specialisation Strategies2. Pursue and strengthen internationalisation and cross sectoral cluster efforts and deliver collaborative projects via the quadruple helix approach ;3. Do it for SMEs: Clusters should provide the link to SMEs (open innovation, RDI, funding, internationalisation ...) to help create jobs...4. Governance: Policy makers (ECA) are a central part of the cluster ecosystem, they more than others, need help to navigate the “jungle” and develop Smart solutions for funding and managing cluster initiatives/programmes. European Commission Enterprise and Industry 8
  9. 9. Final thoughts (cont’d)1. Regions are powerful actors in delivering cluster policy framework and implementing structural change;2. Be ready to embrace new challenges such as emerging clusters, links to KETs and provide “joined up policy making”;3. Be bold , take risks, more rule breakers = more innovation! ;4. Ensure we provide the cluster community with strong networks, services, funding and improve interlinkages between programmes but also between the ecosystem gardeners (policy makers and cluster managers) BUT KEEP IT SIMPLE;5. Pursue excellence and “Go for Gold” in this Olympic year ! European Commission Enterprise and Industry 9
  10. 10. And Finally … Women in Clusters It is my pleasure to inform you that yesterday ClusterWene (Cluster Women European Network) was set up by around 30 women from 12 countries as an entrepreneurial initiative to strengthen women’s position in the cluster ecosystem. The network is open and you can join it through the LinkedIn Group ClusterWene or by contacting Lucia Seel ( European Commission Enterprise and Industry 10
  11. 11. And Finally Finally… A big thank you to our hosts!! And Save the date : European Cluster Alliance will be co-organising a workshop with DG Enterprise and DG Regio on the results of the TACTICS project and on the links between clusters and RIS3 on 21 June in Brussels. Marc Pattinson ECA Secretariat European Commission Enterprise and Industry 11

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