02 dsp valley p.simkens_internationalization and smart specialization_day 3_s3_ecc2012


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02 dsp valley p.simkens_internationalization and smart specialization_day 3_s3_ecc2012

  1. 1. Internationalization and Smart Specialization @ DSP Valley (Flanders, Belgium) Dr.ir. Peter Simkens Managing Director peter.simkens@dspvalley.com
  2. 2. DSP Valley‘s Networking Mission• Mission – To stimulate new innovative partnerships, by offering a platform where potential partners can meet and match – To create a (technology) community, with mutual trust, where people are prepared to exchange ideas and to help each other, by exploiting technological complementarities – To facilitate interregional matchmaking and partnering• You can never know enough about your potential partners• You can never work together with somebody you don’t know!• Technology Network and Managed Cluster – focused on Design of Embedded Signal Processing Systems – offering synergy and complementarity in competencies – cooperative network for stimulation of innovation, supported by Institute for the Promotion of Innovation by Science and Technology (IWT) – Network founded as private initiative in 1996 by “Godfathers”: K.U.Leuven, IMEC and Philips Leuven – Where all participants have contractual relationships European Commission Enterprise and Industry 26.04.2012 2
  3. 3. Complementarity & Proximityin the DSP Valley cluster European Commission Enterprise and Industry 26.04.2012 3
  4. 4. Cooperation and partnering examplein the DSP Valley cluster Design of digital functions for Design of analog functions for Algorithm development: use in sound processors implants and sound processors noise suppression & multi- Theses microphone sound acquisition Design of analog ICs used inTETRA project implants.(Wireless Sensor Networks)µsystems & packagingIC prototyping & small volume Electronic prototypingproduction (Europractice) and special devicesEC-project: “Healthy Aims” ULP Hardware architecture:CHAMP Embedded Software Coolflux ULP speech processor (2009): design & manuf. development ULP Magnetic Induction Wireless (2009): design & manuf. European Commission Enterprise and Industry 26.04.2012 4
  5. 5. Internationalization:European network of cluster partners• Cluster partners for embedded systems: – System@tic (FR) – BICC-Net (DE) – ETN (UK) – Regina (DE) – Infopole (BE)• Cluster partners for semiconductor technology: – Silicon Saxony (DE) – Minalogic (FR) – Arcsis (FR) – NMI (UK) – Silicon Southwest (UK) – Business Cluster Semiconductors (NL)• New partners under development: – In ES, DK, DE, PL European Commission Enterprise and Industry 26.04.2012 5
  6. 6. Smart Specialization for Flanders: Nanotechnologies for Health Cluster Governance for NfH DSP Valley NanoTechnologies Flanders BIO for Health Essenscia Smart Health Systems Bio-silicon & BAN & Remote Medical Imaging Bio-instrumen- Biomaterials Biotech BiopharmaMedical Devices Monitoring tation Fabless Semiconductor & Embedded Systems Design & Development Community Nano-electronics Technology Platforms Life Sciences Technology Platforms imec R&D Platforms VIB NERF Clinical Testing & Translational Research UZ GHB European Commission Enterprise and Industry 26.04.2012 6
  7. 7. How DSP Valley fits toSmart Specialization for NfH Application Health Systems Smart Buildings Smart Home & domains New: technology Mobility valorization via Smart Smart applications ... Enabling Embedded Processing embedded Wireless vision DSP Imaging technologies Design Valley Sound Tools design 1.0 Nanotechnology NanoMaterials New: platform Equipment Suppliers linking with Fabs & MEMS production capability European Commission Enterprise and Industry 26.04.2012 7