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Johana bolhoven creative england _s2_ecc2012


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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Johana bolhoven creative england _s2_ecc2012

  1. 1. Creative support amidst cuts and chaos
  2. 2. Creative England is the first dedicated supportagency for the creative industries outsideLondon, with the core purpose of supportingthe sustainable growth of independent creativebusinesses and the talent that feeds them.
  4. 4.  Growing talent and businesses Creating opportunities for audiences and content consumers Building the right climate for the creative industries to thrive
  5. 5. •Cultural projects •Seed corn & start-up funds•Locations & services support •Content fund•Production •Investment•Development •Business support•Festivals Film Games Digital & TV Creative •Seed corn Services •Content fund •Content fund •Investment •Investment •Business support •Locations •Business support
  6. 6.  Access to companies Access to investment Connecting to international markets Dialogue with Government
  7. 7. Johanna Bolhoven Cluster Development Manager Creative England T: +44 7717 755846E: W: @creativeengland