European Innovation-Which Role for the European Commission? Sven Schade European Commission Mar909


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European Innovation-Which Role for the European Commission? Sven Schade European Commission Mar909

  1. 1. European Innovation – Which role for the European Commission? A king without a land or the engine of innovation thinking?
  2. 2. Innovation policy in Europe – balancing competences • Innovation / competitiveness policy = part of Industrial policy (Art.157) EU treaty  “The Member States shall consult each other in liaison with the Commission and, where necessary, shall coordinate their action. The Commission may take any useful initiative to promote such coordination” • How to coordinate 27 Member States + 10 other countries ?  Federalist and centralist  From 0.5 to 80mio inhabitants  GDP/capita 12 – 66.000$/yr Pictures: Kordin Business Incubator, Malta; Energy Agency Northrhine-Westphalia, Germany
  3. 3. Activities of European Innovation Policy and Support • Lisbon Agenda (2005)  Agreement of governments on joint objectives • „Growth and Jobs“ • Policy analysis & benchmarking • Broad based innovation strategy (2006)  Defines core areas of innovation activities, i.a. • Developing Lead markets • Cluster and cluster cooperation ...
  4. 4. Removing obstacles to cross-border investments by venture capital funds • The problem: Different legal & tax regimes in member states force VC to establish subsidiaries The EIF acts as  limits access to VC in many countries initial investor for VC funds in particular in • The actions: the field of eco-  2007 communication to member states innovation. Funds are provided from  Initially: mutual recognition of national the EU budget under frameworks the ‚Competiveness  Possibly: “Single European Venture Capital and Innovation Fund Structure” (legal entity valid in all program. The action members states) shall support development of VC across Europe.
  5. 5. Copying Silicon Valley? Clusters in the US and Europe US automotive production: 66% in Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, Kentucky The European picture: Photos: Dacia Logan, Romanian-French low-price car & BMW World, Munich, Germany
  6. 6. 47 regions in 15 countries With strong automotive clusters Commission strongly supports cooperation between clusters – the ‘mega-cluster’ is not feasible
  7. 7. Integrating the ‚ex-pat entrepreneurs‘ into the Innovation Systems • Diverse policies and actions by member states and regions.  Some moan about Brain drain – others support it  Only anecdotal evidence  Limited understanding of ex-pat perceptions • Commission and ‚innovation agencies‘ jointly develop the topic, to  develop better instruments to involve the ex-pat entrepreneurs in European Innovation Activities  Learn & check reality: Seminar in June 2009 together in Stanford School of Engineering
  8. 8. Thanks – Contact: Sven Schade European Commission DG Enterprise & Industry Support to Innovation 1049 Brussels Belgium