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Gertraud leimueller creative austria s2_ecc2012


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Technology
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Gertraud leimueller creative austria s2_ecc2012

  1. 1. THE AUSTRIAN PERSPECTIVEA unique approach to sector support Gertraud Leimüller - President of the Austrian Creative Industries Platform “creativ wirtschaft austria”
  2. 2. Austrian Creative Industriesin numbers ● 36.000 companies = 10% of all companies in Austria. ● Staff (including self-employed persons) 127.041 = 4% of all persons employed ● Turnover of EUR 18.5 billion = 2.6% of BNP – more than tourism ● single-person enterprises (SPEs) is a characteristic: 63 out of 100 creative enterprises are self- employed Source: FOURTH AUSTRIAN REPORT ON CREATIVE INDUSTRIES
  3. 3. Innovation Policy Approach evolve Ministry of economics responsible body of the Initiative to promote initiative innovation in the CI cwa / WKÖAustrian economic Representations ofservice/„impulse“ – interests / networks &financial support for CI professionalization
  4. 4. cwa - Measures  creativ wirtschaft austria (cws) is a competence centre for creative entrepreneurs and individuals and represents the interests of the Austrian creative economy country-wide since 2003 • Active shaping of the economic framework conditions • Austrian CI-reports and the commission of CI studies • Concrete services, as publications, „creative depot“, hotline, e.g. • Developement of new instruments such as „Choch3“ (Education und networking) • Networks: networking events such as „Exchange“, platform for experts
  5. 5. CI - Network in AustriaSocial Network Analysis
  6. 6. Network & Institutions 2009
  7. 7. Networks create Identity – Example 2Expert Network Kreativwirtschaft Netzwerk Design & Medien
  8. 8. Networks create Identity – Example 2:Creative Community Coaching ● group-mentoring in a selected, continued peer group method ● bottom up strategy- learning in the network ● professional accompaniment & interactive methods: role play, theatre-educational strategy ● user generated input - Inputs of external experts if it is necessary ✔ setup of stable networks benefit ✔ strengthening of the entrepreneur„s personality & economic empowerment ✔ further developement USP & business idea