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Hybrid Intelligence: The New Paradigm


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When we think about automated, learning systems, we often think of a world without humans - but there are many signs and limitations that show we’re not moving toward a human-free world. We’ll explore the strengths and weaknesses of humans and computers, and explore the new design paradigm that’s making artificial intelligence more powerful than it’s ever been before.

Thinking Machines Conference, February 2016, Manila

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Hybrid Intelligence: The New Paradigm

  1. 1. Hybrid Intelligence The New Paradigm in Artificial Intelligence @clarecorthell Clare Corthell
  2. 2. Luminant Data is a Machine Intelligence Consultancy building more intelligent businesses with data science strategy and artificial intelligence technology based in San Francisco Clare Corthell, Founder
  3. 3. The Open Source Data Science Masters The most popular curriculum for learning data science
  4. 4. Artificial Intelligence, “AI” has massive potential to change how we live and work @clarecorthell
  5. 5. Two visions of the future @clarecorthell
  6. 6. The Vision of the Internet a huge catalog highly structured standardized firstly, @clarecorthell
  7. 7. the data format the dream @clarecorthell
  8. 8. The Vision of the Internet The Web was designed as an information space, with the goal that it should be useful not only for human-human communication, but also that machines would be able to participate and help. One of the major obstacles to this has been the fact that most information on the Web is designed for human consumption, and even if it was derived from a database with well defined meanings (in at least some terms) for its columns, that the structure of the data is not evident to a robot browsing the Web. Tim Berners-Lee, 2001
 On the “Semantic Web” @clarecorthell
  9. 9. The Vision of the Internet a huge catalog highly structured standardized @clarecorthell
  10. 10. The Vision of the Internet a huge catalog highly structured standardized Reality a mess @clarecorthell
  11. 11. The Vision of a world with Machines secondly, 1.Machines take over all tasks 2.Humans no longer required 3.Humans Prosper. @clarecorthell
  12. 12. 1.Machines take over all tasks 2.Humans no longer required 3.Humans Prosper some stuff The Vision of a world with Machines Reality @clarecorthell
  13. 13. So in a world where the internet is a mess and machines can’t do everything for us What do we do? @clarecorthell
  14. 14. Artificial Intelligence is a collection of technologies that emulate intelligence two specific technologies Machine Learning uses statistics to make educated guesses Natural Language Processing helps computers understand human language @clarecorthell
  15. 15. Broadly stated, Machine Learning lets us take patterns from the past and project them going forward, sometimes allowing us to infer what might happen, including guess what a human might think or do @clarecorthell
  16. 16. The Computer’s Limits of Understanding those r cats! where is the cat plz computercomputer @clarecorthell
  17. 17. Machine Learning is about 75% accurate, or maybe 90% in certain circumstances. That’s not good enough for most products. @clarecorthell
  18. 18. Computers and Humans have very different talents Humans Creativity Intuition Choosing arbitrarily Learning new things Being empathic Computers Math Paring down options Repeating forever Being fast @clarecorthell
  19. 19. Neither the Computer nor the Human is objectively better — they just have different strengths @clarecorthell
  20. 20. Given this truth about humans and computers, @clarecorthell
  21. 21. In building businesses and technologies, we must anticipate a different future. @clarecorthell
  22. 22. A New Paradigm @clarecorthell
  23. 23. The Hybrid Intelligence Paradigm (not neural nets or the superintelligence) @clarecorthell
  24. 24. Leverages what humans do best and what computers do best. Asks humans to make judgments when the computer is less confident — resulting in the most accurate, trustworthy system. The Hybrid Intelligence Paradigm @clarecorthell
  25. 25. Development:Training&Test machinelearningalgorithm new input prediction Active Learning Pattern Credit: Lukas Biewald, Crowdflower Hybrid Intelligence Design Pattern: Active Learning human prediction confident not confident output human labelled “feedback” data added back into training data Production: Prediction Production: Active Learning @clarecorthell
  26. 26. Where are we seeing Hybrid AI in applications? @clarecorthell
  27. 27. Consumer Applications ArtificialAssistant @clarecorthell
  28. 28. It’s simple, right? @clarecorthell
  29. 29. Development:Training&Test decisiontree algorithm new request suggested response Hybrid Intelligence Design Pattern: Hybrid Interaction human validation send response human labelled “feedback” data added back into training data send response don’t send response extractentities&captureintent structured data compose new response “I want to take the next flight to Cebu this afternoon.” “I have booked you for the 5pm flight. Have a nice trip!” execute task book flight existing context current time current location credit card @clarecorthell
  30. 30.
  31. 31. Hybrid Intelligent Agent Systems Hybrid Distributed Humans Automated urgencyofresponse slowfrom fully automated to fully humanfast “Hybrid Interaction” “Active Learning” Siri Duer Cortana Customer Service Centers @clarecorthell
  32. 32. 25%75% Human AI The Reality for Artificial Assistants humans deal with everything that isn’t an easy, known case @clarecorthell
  33. 33. 90%10% Human AI The Dream for Artificial Assistants humans deal with contextually tough or new cases @clarecorthell
  34. 34. Artificial Assistants don’t work very well yet. But there’s one important thing to pay attention to — and it has to do with design. @clarecorthell
  35. 35. Hi , How are you? @clarecorthell
  36. 36. Anthropomorph Design chat interaction establishes an interaction paradigm human language establishes empathy and trust @clarecorthell
  37. 37. The Hybrid AI Paradigm will change everything — it’s already happening. In the next customer service revolution that leverages Hybrid Interaction, BPOs must be ready for the boom. @clarecorthell Business Process Outsourcing
  38. 38. Humans will never be irrelevant. @clarecorthell The Most Important Point Here:
  39. 39. Humans are the only part of the equation endowed with empathy and the creativity to imagine the future. @clarecorthell
  40. 40. Clare Corthell twitter @clarecorthell Thank You!