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Key assets of a good website


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Effective websites focus primarily on content to pull together their various buyers, markets, and products in one comprehensive place where content is King. Design is then allowed to bring that content to life, inducing engagement to develop a strong brand image.
An impressive website harmonises the balance of content, design, navigation and technology and is an intersection of every other online initiative, including blogs, tweets and videos.
In a cohesive and interesting way the content rich website organises the online personality of your organisation, to inform, influence and persuade each of your website visitors.
Each organisation has an individual and important story to tell – how effectively they tell that story will depend on their website approach.

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Key assets of a good website

  1. 1. Key assets of a good website…
  2. 2. EffectiveWebsiteAttractConnectConvertBusinessGrowthWebsite Potential
  3. 3. WebsiteContentDesign NavigationSEOAssets
  4. 4. EngagementConciseToneCurrent UsefulContentDesignSEONavigationWebsiteContent
  5. 5. ConnectionCreativityInterestEmotionContentDesignSEONavigationWebsiteImaginationDesign
  6. 6. ConsistencyEasyGuidesLeadsContentDesignSEONavigationWebsiteNavigation tellsLogical
  7. 7. FindableKey wordsMeta tagsLinksContentDesignSEONavigationWebsiteSEOIntegration
  8. 8. ContentObjectivesTopicsSegmentWrite.Stage 1SEOKey wordsLong and short tail phrasesMeta tagsLinksStage 2DesignValue PropositionObjectivesKey messagesBriefStage 4NavigationRouteJourneyMapGuideStage 3ProjectIn a cohesive and interesting waythe content rich websiteorganises the online personalityof the company, to inform,influence and persuade eachwebsite visitor.Companies that understand thenecessity to engage with theirdifferent buying groups indifferent ways have moved onfrom the ‘brochure style’structured website.A complex competitive andevolving arena made simple byfollowing the golden rules, togain the online visibility neededby most businesses.Psychology featurespredominantly within design.Understanding how differentcolours stimulate various senses.Design takes abstract thoughtsand inspirations and orchestratesthem into a visual image or story.
  9. 9. PlanDevelopTestReviewLiveProcess
  10. 10. Claire gets excited whenshe generates results forour clients. It’s herreason for getting up inthe morning. Bless!Vince can see in codelike Neo from theMatrix. He makesanything possible butmakes a terrible cup oftea.Phil is exceptionallycreative with a wealth ofexperience. Scratcheshis head a lot but neverfails to please.James is a social mediaexpert. He shareseverything and anythingapart from his biscuits.Maya is a veryfriendly Spanish Waterdog. She creates a senseof calm, so is great tohave around.Our team…
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