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TCIOceania14 High performing countries + clusters @ work

  1. 1. High Performing Countries + Clusters @Work Rodin Genoff 30 May 2014
  2. 2. TCI Cluster Conference Sydney 30 May 2015 Presentation by Rodin Genoff Rodin Genoff & Associates Sydney: London: Singapore High Performing Countries + Clusters @ Work
  3. 3. So what do we find in a high cost, high performance countries, clusters, companies, and their CEOs? “…creating prosperity + generating a high tech current account surplus…”
  4. 4. Country The Global Innovation Index Rankings 2013 The Economist Current Account % GDP 2013 Sweden 2 +7.2 Singapore 8 +19.2 Denmark 9 +5.2 Australia 19 -3.6
  5. 5. Smart Governments + Smart Companies + Smart People Source: Rodin Genoff & Associates 2014 Smart Industry + Talent Policy High Cost High Performance EconomiesIntegrate FDI + New Export Market Development Activate Cross Cluster Business Opportunities Smart + Equitable + Connected Cities Invest in Over the Horizon + Design Thinking Think + Act Globally
  6. 6. Characteristics of Smart Companies + Smart Leaders Source: Rodin Genoff & Associates 2014 Collaborative + Participative Leadership Styles Smart Companies “build shareholder value and community value simultaneously” Trend Setters + Early Adopters Operate Across Industries “peripheral vision” Ethical + Place Premium on Reputation See Opportunity in Uncertainty Invest in Intelligent Systems + Talent
  7. 7. Case Study Engineering the Green Economy A Cluster Project for Hub North: Northern Denmark’s Wind Industry Association “…thriving in a high cost operating environment…”
  8. 8. HUB NORTH Project Report June 2013 Mapping the connections + Creating new business opportunities + Forging JVs that win contracts & commercialise new products and services
  9. 9. Cluster Dynamics Source: Rodin Genoff & Associates 2013 Cleantech Agriculture Food Processing Wind Industry Offshore Oil and Gas Transport Storage & Logistics Education & Training Defence Software New Media & ICT Intelligent Engineering & Electronics Aalborg Drivers of Growth
  10. 10. Aalborg Intelligent Integrated Engineering Cluster Map Source: Rodin Genoff & Associates 2013 Industrial Design Software Programming New Media ICT Embedded Technologies Electronics Nano- Technology & New Materials Manufacturing & Fabrication Engineering & Systems Integrators Robotics & Automation Laser & Vision Systems Intelligent Engineering
  11. 11. Putting cluster intelligence to work to support Hub North’s companies develop new collaborations and win contracts Source: Rodin Genoff & Associates 2014 Practical survey instruments: map connections + understand company performance How we did it! Inspire companies to reach for new possibilities; commit to “a dream with a deadline” Utilise strategic industry intelligence to activate new business opportunities Develop smart collaborations to work to win new contracts
  12. 12. High total productivity Fast throughput Reliable operation Error-free processes Ability to change Low price, high margin, or both Dependable delivery Short delivery lead time On-specification products/services Frequent new products/services Volume and delivery adjustments COST DEPENDABILITY FLEXIBILITYQUALITY SPEED Internal effects of the seven performance objectives Customer satisfaction SERVICE Support services and needs New products INNOVATION Commercialise inventions Source: Rodin Genoff & Associates adapted from Operations Management, N.Slack et al,) Audit Company Performance and Competitiveness
  13. 13. (Source, Rodin Genoff & Associates adapted from Slack et al,) Importance to Customers Less Important Order Winner Low High Improvement needed Excess? Appropriate Response Urgent Action Required WeakStrong WorseThanBetterThanSameAs PerformanceAgainstCompetitors F E A 10 12 14 Zone A Zone E Zone D 20 B 4 6 Qualifying C 5 3 113 9 16 8 D 18 15 19 112 Zone B Zone C 7 17 Understand Company Competitiveness + Ability to Win Contracts
  14. 14. Supplier Cluster Map Source: Rodin Genoff & Associates Supplier Cluster B Supplier Cluster A High Performance Company Connector Supplier Company Company: Consider Ris Factors
  15. 15. Type ‘1’ Type ‘2’ Type ‘3’ Type ‘4’ Type ‘5’ Degree of integration of networksDisorganised Fully integrated TransactionIndexinSupplyChainHighLow Negotiator - Business brokers or companies linking third parties Resourcer - Bridging of supply chains between companies with common resources and interests Leader - Multi-tier supply chain companies to OEM: command and control; top down Enabler - Between companies which have common supply chain networks, ISO, quality, trade, exports etc Integrator - Companies linked by shared/common suppliers/buyers associations or peak body affiliations; ie. highly collaborative companies operating in dense business networks Hierarchy of Supply Chain Network Types Source: Rodin Genoff & Associates adapted from Structure, Version 4.2, R.S.Burt, (1991)
  16. 16. Ten Phases to Creating New Joint Ventures (JV) or Business Collaborations & Winning New Global Contracts Source: Rodin Genoff & Associates 2013 Phase 1 Vision & Big Picture Phase 2 Identifying Opportunities Phase 3 Determining Readiness Phase 4 Selecting Business Partners Phase 5 Customer’s Customer Phase 6 Govt Funding + Uni Connections Phase 7 Creating New Joint Venture Phase 8 Forging Effective JV Relationships Phase 9 Winning Contracts + Marketing Phase 10 Launches + Announcements “Pop the champagne corks”
  17. 17. Snapshot: Commercial Results of our Cluster Projects in Denmark
  18. 18. From heavy engineering to spinning off a new medical division called: Healthcare Solutions!
  19. 19. Aalborg Health Authorities Bilcon : heavy engineering company Aalborg University Industrial Designer Medical Equipment Companies Electronics Companies Aalborg Council & Bio-Medical Cluster We deployed existing capabilities to bring collaborations across different clusters or industry sectors to activate new market opportunities. Source: Rodin Genoff & Associates 2014
  20. 20. Aalborg University Lifesciences Cluster Healthcare Solutions Division BILCON Heavy Engineering From heavy engineering to Bilcon’s new mobile: Mammography or Breast Screening Unit 12 months on new spinoffs include a mobile: Blood Bank Unit Source: Rodin Genoff & Associates 2013
  21. 21. “Mr Genoff in his report describes how clusters support innovation and local growth and…how this project is making connections for some 300 companies” This double page feature article on “klynger “or clusters in Borsen features a story on Stalindustri a local metal engineering company with around 90 employees. The CEO is quoted as saying that through the creation of new business networks “this project is helping my company to double its turn over”
  22. 22. “The Future is Now” “what you’ll need in your tool kit”
  23. 23. Trial Users Everyone Else BIG BANG MARKET SEGMENTS Innovators Early Adopters Early Majority Late Majority Laggards ROGER’S INNOVATION CURVE: MARKET SEGMENTS Big Bang Disruption by Downes and Nunes (2014) The Big Bang Shark Fin! Faster Cheaper Smarter Customised
  24. 24. “Big Bang Disruptors” “anywhere, any time” Source: Rodin Genoff & Associates 2014 (adapted Downes and Nunes, Big Bang Disruption, 2014; and UK Future of Manufacturing Report, 2014) Cloud Based & Super Computing Design & Equity Crowd Sourcing Platforms Power of One to Scale Exponentially Reuse Manufacturing: Circular Economy Additive Manufacturing 3D Printing New Materials Technologies “Collaborative Consumption” Mobile & Digital Technologies Cross Cluster Global Dynamics Factoryless Goods Producer New Economy Production Architecture
  25. 25. High Tech; Specialised Alloy 3D Printing GE: “LEAP engine suspended on a test rig has 19 additively manufactured fuel nozzles which are five times more durable than the previous model. “
  26. 26. Putting Australia’s Future to Work Now!
  27. 27. Australia: “Lets Puts Our Strengths + Creativity To Work” Source: Rodin Genoff & Associates 2014 Industrial Design & 3D Printing Software Programming New Media ICT Embedded Technologies Electronics Nano- Technology & New Materials Fabrication Intelligent Engineering Robotics & Automation Laser & Vision Systems Environmental Services Big Data Research & Development Scientific Services Smart Future Cities Mining Food Production Cleantech
  28. 28. “The world is moving so fast these days that the man or woman who says it can’t be done is generally interrupted by somebody doing it.” Elbert Hubbard (photo source, Aalborg City, DK)
  29. 29. Rodin Genoff + Our Team at Rodin Genoff & Associates “Thank you so much for your interest”