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SEO & Social Media For Recruiters


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A brief guide into Social Media and SEO techniques within the Recruitment Industry. It explores, tactics, pitfalls and considerations.

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SEO & Social Media For Recruiters

  1. 1. Social Media & SEORecruitment Industry
  2. 2. SEO or Social Media? For many recruitment agencies with limited resource, time and money, SEO and social media activity become competing priorities. So, what gets sacrificed SEO or social media, which one has more leverage within the recruitment industry? Will SEO result in more new business enquiries funnelling from google searches? Or will social media activity organically drive more relevant visitors to your website and engage with potential candidates? Let’s take a look at some of the tactics and considerations for both SEO and social media.
  3. 3. Marketing activity for recruiters falls into two categories Candidates Clients Online tools fall into two categories Social Media SEO
  4. 4. SEO or Social Media? This brief guide outlines how to utilise social media in searching and connecting with potential candidates and how to implement SEO techniques to reach new clients. Candidates Social Media Clients SEO
  5. 5. SEO The internet is our prime reference point, it’s where we all turn to find information, whether we are looking for a product, person, or service. For some businesses it has become an integral element to business growth in that their sales depend on their Google position, for some it is less relevant but undoubtedly every business needs an online presence. SEO for recruiters will become increasingly important as the internet continues to dominate communication channels. BusinessSEO Clients Growth
  6. 6. Tactics ……………1 …………… Fresh content Continuous fresh content is integral to effective SEO. If you do little else, other than blog or update a news section, utilising key recruitment words you’ll see gradual but significant gains. You’re also providing a reason for people to re-visit your site. There are numerous sources of information upon which to create new content, such as monthly employment statistics, skill shortages, legislation and of course recruitment processes.
  7. 7. Tactics ……………2 …………… Long term gain SEO content remains beneficial for a long time, when you create a web page, it is indexed in search engines and will return as a result in the searches engine for years to come. So if you write a blog post especially if it’s evergreen content (recruitment topics with longevity, which remains relevant) your few hours of effort writing and optimising that content can continue to drive traffic and for years.
  8. 8. Tactics ……………3 …………… Long-Tail search yields targeted traffic Investing in SEO means you’re probably optimising for long-tail search. Long-tail search is just what it sounds like a search term that is long, usually containing three or more terms. And the longer a keyword is, the more specific it gets. Think about the difference between the search term, “recruitment agency” and “accountancy recruitment agency Bristol.” That second search term tells us that the searcher is looking for three things: recruitment agency, which specialises in accounting job and who are located in Bristol. That’s way more information than a short- tail keyword and it drives extremely targeted traffic to your website. Plus, long-tail keywords are far less competitive than short-tail keywords, and as such yield quick traffic wins for your website.
  9. 9. Tactics ……………4 …………… Inbound links A comprehensive SEO plan includes inbound links, and one of the most effective ways to obtain these are by offering to guest blog or write articles for other recognised industry websites. These could be recruitment, HR or employment focused sites. Think outside recruitment and look for opportunities within the specific industry sectors you service. Topics could include thought leadership or unique data, which you may hold within your system. This will also enhance brand awareness and position you as an expert within your industry. Establishing relationships with authorative sites does take time but by initiating some simple PR techniques this is time well spent.
  10. 10. Considerations ……………5 …………… Time Consistently creating quality content takes a lot of time. SEO is no longer as simple as dotting keywords all over your web page and in your meta data. And if you’re seriously crunched for resource, the content creation required to maintain a sustained recruitment industry SEO program may be overwhelming.
  11. 11. Considerations ……………6 …………… Technical elements While constant quality content creation as an SEO strategy will get you far, it will only get you so far. There are still some things that are a little out of your reach unless you consider yourself well versed in technical SEO - you know, 301 redirects, site structure, site hosting, 404 configuration – SEO jargon!
  12. 12. Considerations ……………7 …………… Inbound links While on-page SEO is important, off-page SEO has a bigger impact. And by off-page SEO, we chiefly mean generating inbound links with reputable sites, such as HR Zone, Recruiter, REC and of course local or national press. So while you can work really hard to optimise every single web page, you still have to rely on other high-authority sites to link to you, use proper anchor text, and not split the juice of that link by linking to several other sites. Unfortunately that takes, persistence, contacts and unique content.
  13. 13. Considerations ……………8 …………… Constant upkeep While you may appear on page one of google today, if you don’t consistently update your site and generate inbound links, your rankings will soon slip and all your previous work will have been lost. In other words, you need commitment, dedicated resource and continual evaluation in order to analyse your activity and results. Equally you need to keep on top of all the constant changes to SEO techniques.
  14. 14. Social Media Social media is a rapidly changing space and it can be hard to keep up with the ongoing analysis of where we are, where we’ve been and where we’re headed next. More people spend more time online every year and it’s a trend that is going to continue to grow. For recruiters social media is a vital element in attracting quality candidates and if you don’t find avenues to attract them, your competitors will. Developing and maintaining proactive social media activity is therefore crucial for all recruitment agencies regardless of their size or location. Placement Social Media Candidates Growth
  15. 15. Tactics ……………1 …………… Twitter There is no point tweeting job vacancies if you cannot be found online and no one is following you on twitter. Identify what keywords and hashtags are being used by your target audience. What twitter chats are taking place and when? Recognise the prime time twitter usage – timing is key. This will enable you to produce a list of appropriate hashtags and industry specific chats, utilise twitter scheduling to ensure your tweets coincide with twitter prime time for your target audience. Twitter is all about engagement, building a group of advocates who follow and engage with you online.
  16. 16. Tactics ……………2 …………… Facebook Facebook is the largest social media network and a phenomenal marketing and recruitment tool. But it can only be as effective as your strategy to use it. The purpose of your company facebook page is twofold. Firstly you need to carve out your company facebook space. This is achieved by projecting your company culture, tapping into engaging topics to generate ‘likes’, there should be a steady flow a updates to continuously increase the number of ‘likes’. Secondly it’s about constant engagement. Once a candidate ‘likes’ you, they will automatically see your company updates. Quality of content is essential to engagement, it’s not just about sharing job vacancies.
  17. 17. Tactics ……………3 …………… LinkedIn LinkedIn is the biggest social media destination for professional networking. The power of LinkedIn lies in the ability to leverage the networks of your company, colleagues, employees and their connections to find the best talent. It’s absolutely crucial all your employees actively use LinkedIn every day, to share and participate in company updates in order to maximise the networking dynamics of LinkedIn. It’s equally as important to participate in LinkedIn group discussions as it is to merely post job vacancies as your continual LinkedIn presence will bring a new audience to your company page. Obviously this is only beneficial if your target candidates are on online, for some industry sectors such as logistics this won’t be a viable recruitment tool.
  18. 18. Tactics ……………4 …………… Pinterest Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks and often overlooked by recruiters due to the visual nature of the site. However, Pinterest can be used to showcase different types of careers with engaging images. Effective messages can be incorporated via infographs, a popular communication tool which is constantly growing. Companies can easily create pinboards for specific industry sectors, combining images, photos and infographs. It can also be used to project your company culture and is excellent for sharing event and charity photographs, all of which will contribute to building a group of followers.
  19. 19. Considerations ……………5 …………… Planning Planning requires foresight and understanding of which platform is the most appropriate. Discipline is essential for the continual updates and posts, which boosts connection and engagement. A social media schedule should be unified in terms of the message, which means cascading the same message in different ways. Equally as important is building in an evaluation process so you can monitor progress.
  20. 20. Considerations ……………6 …………… Resource It’s imperative to allocate dedicated resource for both continuity and consistency. Continuity is essential to obtain and maintain engagement, which are both equally important. Consistency ensures a unified message is cascaded across different social media platforms, which not only engages with candidates but improves brand awareness. Evaluation and analysis is important, in order identify what works and what doesn’t.
  21. 21. Considerations ……………7 …………… It takes time For your social media presence to drive meaningful results for your business, it needs to grow. But growing a social media following doesn’t happen overnight. It takes months upon years to build up a strong social following and wide reach that will drive engagement with potential candidates. Patience and persistence will deliver results. When used effectively, social media can give an unprecedented boost to a company’s recruiting capabilities.
  22. 22. Considerations ……………8 …………… Unified approach One of the dynamics of social media is sharing. This is particularly crucial for LinkedIn and as this is the largest business network, the potential to reach thousands of contacts is phenomenal. However, this relies on all employees embracing the initiative and educating them to routinely update and share posts on LinkedIn. There are some fundamental set-up aspects to LinkedIn which you can find in our LinkedIn guide.
  23. 23. Summaryend …………… …………… Neither SEO, nor social media, can survive without a consistent stream of quality content. Without content, there’s nothing for Google’s crawlers to pick up and index in search engines which means they’ll visit your website less and less frequently. Without content, there’s nothing valuable for you to share in social media, which means, much like Google’s crawlers, your fans and followers will stop engaging with your updates and eventually stop following you. But with so many information sources, research hubs and streams of statistics there will never be a shortage of content ideas. The biggest challenge for recruitment agencies lies in planning their social media and SEO strategies and then finding the most appropriate form of delivering and managing it. Obviously you can use Social Media to connect with potential clients too, please refer to our Business Growth with Social Media guide.
  24. 24. For guidance on planning and devising a social media and SEO strategyplease contact Claire DohertyEmail - - 07554 661927