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E-commerce website development process


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A simple guide to help you plan a e-commerce website.

Published in: Design, Technology
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E-commerce website development process

  1. 1. e-commercewebsite planning
  2. 2. ResearchE-commerce Requirements Design Build Launch Website Architecture
  3. 3. ResearchE-commerce Requirements Research Requirements Architecture Website Architecture
  4. 4. Research Requirements Architecture 3 2 Audience 4 Segmentation Target Competitor Audience Analysis 1 5Industry SEO Research Trends Keywords
  5. 5. Research Requirements Architecture Price SupplyProducts Industry Trends 1
  6. 6. Research Requirements Architecture Products purchase frequency Quality Socio- vs economics priceDemographics Internet savvy Age Understanding Mobile use Gender Target Audience Tablet use 2
  7. 7. Research Requirements Architecture SecondaryPrimary Tertiary Target Segmentation 3
  8. 8. Research Requirements Architecture Search volumes Key word Competitionidentification SEO 4
  9. 9. Research Requirements Architecture Website User functions experienceAdvertising Online Social media e-shots competitor presence Offers analysis 5
  10. 10. Research Requirements Architecture 3 2 Technical 4 Search Landing and content pages 1 5Functional / SEO Requirements User
  11. 11. Research Requirements Architecture User profile management (account) Inventory Transactional Delivery Shopping cart tracking Basic and Admin advanced Function functionalityfunctionality 1
  12. 12. Research Requirements Architecture Fast location of information Content Basic and management, advanced access, search authorisations behaviour, Formats Content sections Content generatedinformation, Search areasdescriptions 2
  13. 13. Research Requirements Architecture Delivery options, tracking Password, Supported Shopping cart browsers / optimised Speed – pageSite security Technical loading times 3
  14. 14. Research Requirements Architecture Layout / Cross links structure cohesiveness Landing Tab contentMapping Page indexed 4
  15. 15. Research Requirements Architecture Internal Metadata search scripting management AnalyticsURL structure SEO code 5
  16. 16. Research Requirements Architecture 2 3 Functional Labelling design 1 4Navigation User Architecture tree experience
  17. 17. Research Requirements Architecture Prioritise item groups Importance Cluster item placement groups order within tree Quick links, Detailed cross links, Navigationtaxonomy navigation tree aids 1
  18. 18. Research Requirements Architecture Label SEO correlation Unique No overlaptaxonomy Labelling links label 2
  19. 19. Research Requirements Architecture Product Feature priority priority identification identification FunctionalScope design Sketch 3
  20. 20. Research Requirements Architecture Accuracy Behaviour UserTime experience Satisfaction 4
  21. 21. Research Requirements Design Build LaunchArchitecture
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