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Facebook Campaign


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Published in: Marketing, Education, Technology
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Facebook Campaign

  1. 1. Facebook Campaign Addressing the College Community
  2. 2. Returning toYour Roots
  3. 3. Who is Facebook’s Greatest Competitor?
  4. 4. Our Proposal Develop a Facebook Subpage for College Students
  5. 5. Integrated withYour University
  6. 6. PartneringWithYour University
  7. 7. Implementation Strategy StrategicCollege Selection  University of Texas – Austin, TX  University of Kansas – Lawrence, KS  University of North Carolina – Durham, NC  University of Florida, Gainesville, FL  New York University - NYC  Central Washington University - Ellensburg, WA  Indiana University of Pennsylvania – Indiana, PA  Pace – NYC  University of St. Thomas – St. Paul, MN  Duke University – Durham, NC  Case Western Reserve University – Cleveland, OH  University of California, Los Angeles – Los Angeles, CA 12Targeted US Colleges
  8. 8. University Students and
  9. 9. Reaching theTarget Market College StudentsPrint Media Online Promotion Radio Promotion Mobile Applications Instagram Integration Video Ads
  10. 10. Implementation Strategy Sample Print Media Facebook.ed u
  11. 11. Pace and Print Media
  12. 12. Implementation Strategy Online and Mobile Applications
  13. 13. Implementation Strategy SampleAds –TheAcademicApproach
  14. 14. Implementation Strategy Additional SampleAds –The AcademicApproach
  15. 15. Implementation Strategy Sample Ads –The Retro Humor Campaign There are easier ways to connect with students across the country.
  16. 16. Let help you answer them. You just need Implementation Strategy SampleAds –The Retro Humor Campaign You don’t need a jetpack to connect to fellow students. Have questions about college? It’s not rocket science, but it is college. can help navigate as you explore your future self.
  17. 17. Implementation Strategy Radio Ads  Radio Spots to be played on Pandora, Spotify and local radio.  To Do List Radio Spot  You’re Not Alone Radio Spot
  18. 18. “Like It” Campaign
  19. 19. Implementation Strategy Video Ads
  20. 20. Can Expand Your Academic Network 1 Student + = Endless Possibilities
  21. 21. Implications of Resulting Effects of Increased College Usage Cross Marketing between pages Desirable Target Market for Advertisers
  22. 22. The Facebook page exclusively for college students and the information that concerns them.
  23. 23. “Like” Our Project