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work sample for clients


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work sample for clients

  1. 1. Facebook Proposal Objectives The main objectives of the campaign are to increase market awareness, increase clients and referrals as well as build online relationships by; • Building a fan base who have an interest in your products. • Assisting with ideas around special offers and promotional campaigns. • Generating website traffic and leads for the website. • Creating regular and unique content that keeps your brand in front of your target market. • Building engagement with your fans by encouraging two way conversations. Melbourne Sydney Perth Singapore Dubai Los Angeles
  2. 2. We Bring Business To You! Our Strategy Global Reach A key recommendation would be to optimise your page with a custom landing page. A custom landing page will entice people to ‘like’ your business which allows you to communicate with them in the future. The custom landing page could also link to specific pages of your site thus generating traffic to the website. In the last two years SEO Agency has gone from strength to strength, and has expanded globally with offices established in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Los Angeles, Dubai, Australia and Hong Kong. Our fast growth is a direct result of our superior Social Marketing abilities and focused customer service. With the changes to Facebook Timeline it is crucial that a business has a custom cover image & is utilising all of the tabs options. We want to ensure your presence & branding is conveyed through out your profile through creating a custom designed cover image. In some cases this is the first thing people will see on your Facebook so it is crucial. Melbourne Sydney Perth Singapore Dubai Los Angeles
  3. 3. Taking the World by Storm! We Bring Business To You! Social Media Marketing Over a 6-12 month period, we will implement the core strategy using various tactics such as regular segments, industry news and engagement activities. All of these will encourage interaction with your fans and create brand advocates thus leading to more customers and website hits. We will work closely with you keeping you abreast of all new opportunities that we identify in the social media space. In order to attract new users, we use Facebook advertising to put your business in front of your target market using geographic/demographic targeting. We conduct research on your target market and use various versions of images, copy and targeting options to ensure maximum return on investment. We use various strategies such as competitor targeting to best ensure we are reaching your target market. • 51% of Facebook users are more likely to buy from the Brands they “Like” • 80% of Singaporeans use social media regularly • 3,220,000 Singaporean Facebook users • Social Sharing Increases Sales • Strengthen “word of mouth” marketing • Cost-Effective • Useful communication tool & Greater Exposure • Relationship Building Target – Create – Connect - Captivate Melbourne Sydney Perth Singapore Dubai Los Angeles
  4. 4. Our Process Analysis We start with a strategy consultation with you and initiate the campaign. During this initial discussion, we gain an understanding of your marketing strategy and how we can deliver a great achievement for your business objectives. Melbourne We Bring Business To You! Planning for Success Communication and Collaboration Innovative Approaches Quality Control Continuous Learning & Improvement We Our SEO Agency applies disciplined management framework to our Social Media Solutions. We use KPI processes to set clear goals for our Campaign Communication is key to a successful relationship. SEO Agency provides you with a personal consultant to liaise with you as your campaign is smoothly up and running Innovative approaches are key to successful Social Media Campaign. Once we analyze your requirements we create and sign off on a plan in consultation with you. Our expertise guarantees to meet your business objectives. Our experienced team ensures that our campaigns adhere to your organization's protocol, standards and other requirements . We develop customized solutions for every client. SEO Agency’s feedback process keeps us ahead of the competition. Every campaign is reviewed, which ensures we evolve and exceed customer expectations. Sydney Perth Singapore Dubai Los Angeles
  5. 5. Why You Should Choose Us We Bring Business To You! SEO Agency’s advertising specialists have over twenty years of combined online marketing experience SEO Agency’s advertising specialists work tirelessly to reduce your ad spend and improve your reach Dedicated Campaign Manager: you’ll be allocated a dedicated campaign manager to provide regular updates and in-depth monthly reporting Melbourne Sydney Perth Singapore Dubai Los Angeles
  6. 6. Sample We Bring Business To You! of Our Clients Melbourne Sydney Perth Singapore Dubai Los Angeles
  7. 7. Expose Your Business We Bring Business To You! Investment $788 p/m Social Media Pro-Active Posts 12 Per Month User Engagement (re-active) 50 Per Month Article / Blogs 2 Per Month Aligned Campaign Manager Yes 1 Reporting Analytics 1 Per Month Platforms 3 Facebook | LinkedIn| Twitter Minimum Engagement 6 months - Social Media Competitions : Facebook Advertising : Custom Competition Tab = $599 one off Competition Management = $295 p/m Ad Campaign Management = $295 p/m + Facebook Budget *Prices are not inclusive of Face Book Ad spend Melbourne Sydney Perth Singapore Dubai Los Angeles
  8. 8. What Are You Waiting For? We Bring Business To You! Your Customers Won’t! CALL US NOW!!! 9029 2523 Melbourne Sydney Facebook Proposal Perth Singapore Dubai Los Angeles