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RankBrain AI introduced in Google


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a short look at how Google is learning to think

Published in: Engineering
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RankBrain AI introduced in Google

  1. 1. RankBrain Google mainstreams AI to the Public Ecole Des Mines Professor Chris YUKNA IUT & Telecom Saint Etienne Science General
  2. 2. Let's explain some things first: Hummingbird is a name for all of Google's search algorithms There are many aspects of Google's algorithms and its updates and each has a cute name:  Spamfighters: Panda, Penguin and Payday  Local results: Pigeon  Penalizing for way too many ads is Top Heavy  Mobile Friendly gives points for pages designed for mobile devices  Pirate fights copyright infringement etc
  3. 3. RankBrain Is this the beginning of the end? Google has publicly stated that RankBrain is the third most important factor in where a page appears in a SERP BTW there are lots of ranking indicators see 200
  4. 4. Google used to ignore syntax, word order, and small insignificant words like in, on , and etc But thanks to some impressive advances in Artificial Intelligence it does not anymore Let's look at some very subtle differences
  5. 5. Two Queries Iron Cancer & Iron and Cancer There is no difference in the content of the first 4 results However, the Google poetry is altered significantly.
  6. 6. Two Queries: a closer look Iron Cancer & Iron and Cancer But the last four results differ somewhat and the related searches as well.
  7. 7. What does it mean? Both queries suggest that Iron is implicated in causing or increasing the risk of Cancer as well as anemia However, the autocomplete and related searches give the impression that with Iron Cancer Google considers Iron as an ELEMENT and compares it with other elements like zinc that may cause cancer. Whereas, Iron and Cancer stresses more growth, risk, of iron to cancer and adds radiation to the mix. Google is learning
  8. 8. Conclusions & Any Questions? Search Engine Optimization or any attempt to manipulate Google Ranking can only get harder. Whether this will mean that Google is a better search engine and not just spookier remains to be seen. Ecole Des Mines, IUT, & Telecom of Saint Etienne Professor Chris YUKNA Science General Totally Unorthodox Business Emporium