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Using slideshare and linkedin for class writing exercises


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Slideshare opens the world up to a student who produces a slideshow. Linkedin is a great place to plan a CV.

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Using slideshare and linkedin for class writing exercises

  1. 1. Using Slideshare & Linkedin for Improving Public Speaking, Visual Design and Writing Skills (By Chris Yukna School of Mines (a holistic approach)
  2. 2. Here are some details on our Swapshop 2
  3. 3. Public Speaking 3
  4. 4. Writing is a craft 4
  5. 5. First a word on Facebook • Lots of teachers are using Facebook to teach Here are some examples: Facebook for Educators 100 Ways to Use Facebook in the Classroom Every Teacher's Must Have Guide to Facebook (Edudemic) 5
  6. 6. • 1. Powerpoint / Prezi Fait accompli They take so much of the students time that the often the research and the ideas take a back seat. Most of the time the visual aspect is ignored with either totally confusing graphs and figures or just as worse line upon line of text like this. 6
  7. 7. More importantly 7 You and everyone else in the room have not the time nor the inclination to voice you feelings, advice, encouragement
  8. 8. What’s up with Slideshare? 8
  9. 9. Solet’stakealookatanexample 9
  10. 10. Some Quick Facts • After an oral exam I suggested to Alex that he try Slideshare. • First published on May 4th 2016 with 20 or so slides. • Today over 600 views, 67 slides and a Youtube video attached Egoboo /ˈiːɡoʊbuː/ is a colloquial expression for the pleasure received from public recognition of voluntary work. The term was in use in science fiction. 10
  11. 11. Where is the class writing? 11
  12. 12. Okay there is a risk… 12
  13. 13. Where is linkedin? • Linkedin is the perfect place to layout a CV: with categories like background, summary, and profile. • BTW each slideshare produced can be added to a student’s profile or posted to other people on linkedin. 13
  14. 14. Somepertinentsites • Google Logo Generator • Wordelizer • If google was a guy • If google was a guy 2. • Google Scholar • Internet archives • Let’s have some pun. About the author: Chris Yukna was born in the antediluvian 50s, had a paper route at 9, sold Christmas cards door to door at 11, and washed dishes at 14. All these These enriching work experiences convinced him early on that he was totally unsuited to working and therefore should become a space cadet, mad scientist, or teacher. Truth be told we are not sure which one he chose, Chris has three websites that he tries to update periodically: Science General (fun with science) Business Emporium (Esl business lessons & quizzes) Totally Unorthodox (where he puts everything else)