The Impact of Social Media on Green Industry Businesses


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Originally presented at the Minnesota Nursery and landscape Association Northern Green Expo in 2011.

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  • TimeQuestionsSecond presentation
  • Paid newspaper circulation is at one of its lowest points since the 1960’s.Book sales are down.DVD sales are down.In 2009, CD sales fell more than 20%.
  • Digital downloads now make up 40% of music sold.People are reading books on devices like the Kindle and iPad, and getting their news delivered to their devices via blogs like The Huffington Post.Consumers have embraced “Digital”
  • From a marketing perspectiveBrochures to websitesPeople see our websites before we even have a chance to give them a brochure.
  • If someone is looking for a landscape contractor in Minneapolis….
  • Print advertising versus PPC (Google and Facebook)
  • From coupons to GrouponQUESTION: Who has heard of Groupon? Anyone use it?
  • Mobile phones are changing everythingHow I use Flickr and my smart phone
  • Traditional networking compared to online social networking
  • We need to embrace this “digital” reality in the Green IndustryConsumers expect us to participate—If we don’t, they’ll find someone else who is.
  • Reality: Traditional marketing still workssocial media is effective, but don’t let all the buzz fool you, it’s just one strategyNeed diversity in our marketing - not everyone is online - face-to-face communication is still effective - multiple messages, delivered in different formats, are most effective (they each reach a different segment)—ex. Direct mail piece, phone call, enewsletter
  • QUESTION: What is your biggest challenge? Why haven’t you jumped in?This is what we’re going to talk about in this presentation.Second presentation- how to attract customers
  • Facebook demographics120 million people on Facebook in the US (almost 40% of the population) In Philadelphia and Dallas….Question: Who is on Facebook? The fastest growing user segment…Facebook isn’t just for twenty somethings
  • 60% of Facebook users are under the age of 35.These will be our customers….and they will expect to find us online!
  • How do I know that?There’s a reason I’m standing here speaking to you about social media… I see companies creating Facebook Pages for their businesses about every day…because they invite me to become a fan. I’ve got companies calling me wanting me to develop their strategy for them and manage their social media marketing…Your competition is actively pursuing social media as a way to better market themselves.
  • Note: differentapproaches work for different companiesWhat works for an independent landscape designer will probably be different than what is effective for a garden center5 ways social media can attract new customersWe’ll go more in depth later today
  • When I was running my design firm….With current customers and clientsGreat for upselling (maintenance services, retail) great for generating referralsWith business associates and peers- Leads to referrals and other opportunities (media)
  • The reason I’m standing here today….Remember, it’s all about relationshipsCase studies- me
  • This should make sense to all of you…Compare to being active in your community and in our industryMe- primarily my blog, but also through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and even message boards. Or Flickr, and YouTube
  • Case study- S. Cohan (Does anyone know susan?)
  • These will be big in the near future—Mobile Marketing
  • Are you getting a return on your time invested?
  • Example of easy marketing- Yellow Book, sending a mass post card mailing, advertisement.Why I call it “easy”- hand a ad rep a check…This is easy to measure the results- response rate, leads, sales, closing percentage, revenue, profitInvest money, get money
  • With social media, you invest time instead of money.This is harder to measure the results—the ROIThis is why GI companies struggle with social mediaReturn on investment shouldn’t be measured in dollars, but in “attention” and “reputation”. Very indirectEx.- A. Keys, me (speaking here, I didn’t send postcards to all the associations….)
  • The Impact of Social Media on Green Industry Businesses

    1. 1. The Reality and Impact of Social Media on Green Industry Businesses Chris Heiler
    2. 2. We are living in a digital world
    3. 3. We are living in a digital world
    4. 4. How “digital” impacts your business
    5. 5. How “digital” impacts your business
    6. 6. How “digital” impacts your business
    7. 7. How “digital” impacts your business
    8. 8. How “digital” impacts your business
    9. 9. How “digital” impacts your business
    10. 10. We need to blend “digital” with“traditional” in our marketing
    11. 11. We need to blend “digital” with“traditional” in our marketing
    12. 12. • We need to understand how social media benefits our businesses. • We need to understandOur challenge exactly how social media can attract new customers. • We need to know if our social media efforts are really paying off.
    13. 13. Why Social Media Matters(and Why You Should Care)
    14. 14. Our customers are flocking to social media
    15. 15. Our future customers are already using social media
    16. 16. Your competition is beginning to embrace social media
    17. 17. How Social Media MarketingCan Attract New Customers
    18. 18. Social media keeps you connected and “top of mind”
    19. 19. Social media allows you to discover new, like-minded people
    20. 20. The more active you are, the more ways people can find you online
    21. 21. You can build your reputation as an expert using social media
    22. 22. Draw new customers to your physical location using social media
    23. 23. Are Your Social Media Efforts Paying Off?
    24. 24. Traditional (“easy”) marketing versus social media marketing
    25. 25. Traditional (“easy”) marketing versus social media marketing
    26. 26. Connect with me…