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Socialab is a digital-first advertising agency that delivers results, offering high quality advertising solutions, based on 360° communication.

Our mission is to lead the brands to success, with the right strategy and creative ideas.

Our 40 member team is a blend of motivated, inspirational young brains and we have already built an impressive portfolio of Greek and foreign brands.

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Who we are

  1. 1. WHO WE ARE
  2. 2. About Us Doing business without advertising is like winking to a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but no-one else does. About Us
  3. 3. DIGITAL MASTERY Unsurpassed digital expertise, proven by the fact that we’re one of the few digital creative agencies to grow to 40 people. COMMITMENT Our commitment to our clients is having a solid strategy and measurable results. CREDENTIALS We believe that if you look at our credentials, you will understand the core of our business, what we are reallyabout. IN BUSINESS SINCE 2009 We have been in business since 2009, and our founder has been in digital marketing since 1994. LARGEST INDEPENDENT We are the largest independent digital agency in Greece. That means we do not belong to a global ad network, and we can negotiate directly with you, without extra fees. 360 AGENCY Our clients have the benefit of havinga one-stop shop availablefor them. We do ATL, BTL, Digital and PR.
  4. 4. Campaign Experience
  5. 5. Education Consulting PR Below Above Digital 360° Services
  6. 6. Strategy Mobile Apps Affiliate Marketing Monitoring Public Relations Social Media Performance Marketing Print Advertising Out Of Home (Outdoor) TV & Radio Branding Web Design Email Marketing Indicative Services
  7. 7. Clients
  8. 8. About Us The People behind the name
  9. 9. George Anagnostopoulos Founder & CEO Founder & CEO at Socialab, head of Business Strategy Digital content creator since 1994 in the first Greek web-zine Digital Marketer since 1999, in a UK startup during the dot-com era, that IPO’d in LSE In Web Design, Display & Search Marketing since 2002 with a local DDB digital subsidiary, then as an AdWords professional Jumped from GM in a Mobile Marketing agency to found Socialab in 2009 and expanded it to a full-service marketing agency Involved in 4 more businesses in Web, Tech & Media Trainer in Digital Marketing, Mentor in Web Entrepreneurship
  10. 10. Tasos Veliadis Chief Strategist Partner and Business Unit Director at Socialab Blogger since 2006 and in Digital Marketing since 2008 Won his first 2 Ermis Awards for Pepsi campaigns in 2011 Won Effie Awards in Romania for PepsiCo Won 9 Ermis Awards as Account Director for Nestlé Joined Socialab as a partner in 2012 Won most Awards for Socialab in 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016 Judge at Ermis Awards since 2014 Has worked with 200+ national and global brands since 2008
  11. 11. Manos Valasis General Manager Kickstarted the Greek broadband Internet service sector as a Technical Lead Delivered training in 21 countries for AEGEE Expert in drawing & analyzing behavioral patterns of users Solid technical background, with a multi-year development experience Joined Socialab as a Technical Partner in 2014 Works as a Deputy General Manager in Socialab since 2015 Has worked with 100+ national and global brands since 2008
  12. 12. Our team is a perfect blend of creative, motivated, enthusiastic, results-oriented and inspired young brains! The Team
  13. 13. Suit.gr We are the people behind Suit.gr, the 1st and most popular Greek website with digital marketing news & tips. Suit.gr is read by more than 1,300 people daily, a growing audience that is mostly comprised of marketing and advertising professionals.
  14. 14. Education In 2013, Socialab partnered with ALBA Graduate Business School in Athens and the Digital Marketing Institute in Ireland to educate in digital marketing. We have now trained more than 800 executives in Greece in the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing.
  15. 15. As seen in media
  16. 16. Awards
  17. 17. Organizational Structure
  18. 18. Case Studies If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.
  19. 19. Lanes Click here to view on
  20. 20. Lanes Click here to view on
  21. 21. The brief The challenge Lanes, one of the brands of Sarantis Group, is about vitamins / food supplements. For 2016 our client requested a full communication plan and the objective was to enhance the awareness of consumers on the brand and what it stands for. The objective was simple: we needed to show what Lanes is and to lead consumers to accept why they need Lanes in their everyday moments/lives. But not only that. We aimed higher: we wanted to change the brand image, enhance it, make it more relevant. Because if you want to enter the everyday life of a consumer, you’ve got to show to him that you know his needs, what he likes, how he communicatesand how he wants you to communicate things to him. Furthermore, the challenge was great from the very beginning as there is strong competition on vitamins / food supplements. So we needed something clever, clear & to the point. Something that you would convince consumers to pick Lanes from a pharmacy shelf instead of anything else.
  22. 22. The insight First of all, we needed to separate our consumers in segments such as age, gender, habits thus reach to conclusion to what triggers them. How they spend their day, what are their needs. Especially people who live in Athens and generally in citiesare under more stress than people living in villages. Their needs & to do lists are immense, & most of the time they do not have the luxury of a healthy lifestyle - even when they know that it is vital for their health. If they were to be asked, they would probably ask for a second half so as to have the time to complete every day’s tasks in order.
  23. 23. Creative Idea This is how we came up with the idea to reform company’s key message/tag line into “Lanes, it completesyou”. We wanted to show that Lanes can support you and your needs and “bring your better self” out of you. That it is your ally. And with Lanes’ help you can Introduce your best self. To yourself and to the world. Our strategy in order to bring that feeling into surface, was to create a corporate TV ad (TVC), showing possible every day difficultieswe all face, and how if we had “an ally”, this would be different and we would not have any problems. This was the main idea of our TVC and the execution, however challenging, was exceptional. But, nothing would be this interesting, without an intriguing visual element - the two people, the two same people, appearing on screen, at the same time, helping one the other. This was achieved with great attention to the (shooting, production and post production) detail and it challenged the production company (FeelMe Productions) and the Director of the ad himself (Christos Kanakis). In the digital domain, for our “Introduce Your Best Self” activation, we chose three influencersfor the same reason: to let us know each one from their own habits, occupation, way of living what brings out their best self. The purpose of this was to inspire consumers to follow their own path - by finding what brings out the best in them too. Last but not least, we launched a microsite, which would work as a platform for consumers to feel free and write a small post (text or photograph) with what inspires them and brings out their best self.
  24. 24. How it worked The TVC really captured the audience and, through the qualitative research conducted by Lanes itself, really managed to change the perception of the average consumer about the brand. As far as the digital activation is concerned, the main objective was to inspire people to tell us what brings out their best self. They had the opportunity to take a step back and think, remember & then express themselves by giving an answer. The competition on the website http://laneshealth.gr/yourbestself/ run from 7th April till 31st of May and it gave back 1,028 genuine stories of inspiration and truth.
  25. 25. UNHCR Click here to view on
  26. 26. The brief The challenge Regarding the non-profit organization “UNHCR”, the client’sbrief was really challenging. The client asked for a powerful and strategic presence in the digital environment. Its aim was to drastically increase the brand awareness of “UNHCR”, making clear who they are and what their mission and vision is. Another important requirement of the brief was to accomplish generation of more leads, having as a final goal to increase the conversions of the donors. Our initial concern was to increase the awareness of UNHCR by building a strong online presence through a campaign that would enable us to present the existing problem, but also the solutions that UNHCR would provide. Our aim was to sensitize people, in order to persuade them to become donors. We wanted people to be touched by the issue, even if they could not afford to donate money. With this in mind, we designed a creative symbol in the form of a roof, and then asked people to take photos forming this roof with their hands or their bodies, in order to upload them to social media. Thousands of uploaded photos created a strong digital buzz, enabling our campaign to quickly become viral.
  27. 27. The insight Creative Idea The two most important needs that people immediately seek when they are forced to abandon their homes are shelter and safety. A roof not only covers both of them, but also serves as a symbol. A symbol of the UNHCR’s protection of the refugees, but also a reminder of the actual “aid” it provides them with. The roof thus became the creative vehicle of our campaign. Our idea was to create a viral campaign, in the form of a challenge, highlighting the importance of “together we can”. We chose the symbol of a roof that suggests security and safety, asking users to sign the petition, donate and/or upload a photo forming the roof. To increase our user participation, we gave them more than one options to help and support our cause. This gave users the dynamic freedom to help us achieve our goal of increasing awareness and recognition of UNHCR’s work. The “Roof for All” activation is not only about building a shelter, but also about building a strong relationship with our audience.
  28. 28. How it worked To achieve UNHCR’s requirements, we focused on a digital strategy development: we created an online platform (microsite), and we collaborated with Media and PR, in order to expand into all platforms and create a 360° digital communication. We also focused on the creation of interactive experiencesto turn one-time visitors into loyal fans. A powerful presence of UNHCR in the digital environment would offer a simple and direct way for the audience to get to know the role of UNHCR, as well as a comprehensive way to communicate the donation message, and finally a suitable path to take advantage of the active audience. During the campaign users were invited to watch the video, upload a photo or video of them forming a roof with their hands or bodies, alone or with their friends, sign the petition to urge Europe to take action and press the Donate button to help our cause, directing them to the donation page. Apart from uploading their content or donating, users could also: challenge their friends to do the same, share our content and cause to their social media and use the hashtag #RoofForAll to upload pictures and videos through Instagram and Twitter, which would be “fed” to the microsite gallery.
  29. 29. Results Ø ØIncreased UNHCR’s Facebook fan page by 6,000 likes Ø ØGenerated more than 650 emails Ø ØSucceeded in raising 18,200€ in online donations Ø ØSucceeded in raising 22,000€ in offline donations Ø ØManaged a donation in the form of 2 Villas in the island of Leros Ø Ø2 Social Media Awards Ø ØGained free publicityon major new outlets Ø ØGained 295,460 Video Views on YouTube Ø ØGained 20,465 Video Views on Facebook
  30. 30. HDFS Click here to view on
  31. 31. The brief The challenge The brief was to create a CSR campaign that informs the users about the Special Olympics Hellas’ mission, while at the same time helping towards its goals by purchasing a product, the earning of which would serve as a contribution towards the Special Olympics Hellas. The challenge lied in the double nature of the created product itself. It had to be an item people would want to buy from the Hellenic Duty Free Shops, and at the same time a product that carries the message of Special Olympics Hellasby symbolizing its effort.
  32. 32. The insight Creative Idea Inspired by Special OlympicsHellas2016, the ‘’Special OlympicsHellasSupport Bag’’ has been designed and created to carry out the humble mission of representing the Special Olympics’ spirit. This comesthrough uniting people through a great sport event on one hand, and awarding each and every athletes’ effort on the other, by following the meaningful philosophy of; ‘’victory through support’’. The message of our campaign translated creatively into the creation of a special bag, illustrating a Special Olympics tracksuit with a gold medal. To wear the bag was to wear the pride of every participating athlete, symbolized by the Supporter’s Gold Medal which depicted and spread the message ‘’Support is the victory of every effort’’ in the most effortless way; just by taking a selfie.
  33. 33. How it worked To cover the needs of the activation we initially created an inspired quote as the fundamental philosophy on which the activation would stand. Instead of asking for a virtual presence and support of the public, we created a physical item from the scratch.: the Special Olympics Support Bag. This bag was sporting our inspirational quote and could be purchased from the Hellenic Duty Free Shops, offering a part of the sales to the Special Olympics Hellas. To help users share the experience, we also created a microsite. This helped to communicate the activation and prompted users to celebrate the joy of supporting the largest sports and educational organization for people with Intellectual Disabilities, in Greece, by taking a selfie wearing the bag. A number of celebritiesalso participated on our campaign.
  34. 34. Results Ø We sold over 1,000 bags in the first 10 days Ø Facebook Campaign (Greek) 4,072 clicks, 32,687 reach and 193,628 impressions Ø Facebook Campaign (English)clicks 3,721, 96,284 reach, 298,157 impressions Ø More than 1,000 photos were uploaded. Ø Many articles in Greece and abroad wrote about the campaign
  35. 35. Nivea Click here to view on
  36. 36. The brief The challenge This Christmas, Nivea asked us to create an equity campaign that answers their value and aligns with its brand character: It’s so much more than skincare. The campaign was a part of their CSR for “Mazi Gia To Paidi” Create a unique piece of content, that would resonate with the brand and its values, and stand out in the sea of Christmas content that appealed to the audience’sfeelings during the entire sentimental Christmas period.
  37. 37. The insight Creative Idea Every moment of joy and happiness we get to spend with our loved ones is unique, memorable and valuable, just like a gift. In order to pass along this message, and help everyone understand it, we used a blue ribbon that reminiscesof Nivea. A ribbon with its presence in every scene, underlines exactly that: The biggest, most valuable and most expensive gift, is our own life! We created a video, using a blue ribbon as the main creative vehicle. The ribbon will wrap all our moments as a gift in order to highlight their value. Value is also found in giving. So, for CSR, we will connect the concept of the gift with the donation that will be offered with with NGO “Mazi gia to Paidi” (Together for the Child). At the end of the video, there will be a call to action, leading users to their official site, which explainshow the activation works and gives instructions on how to donate.
  38. 38. How it worked Results The “Blue Ribbon” is a very sentimental video where under a touching melody we observe a series of family moments, with people that love each other. The element that joins all of the scenes together is a blue ribbon, tied up as in a gift, that underlines how unique and valuable is each and every one of those moments, how life itself is the most valuable gift. After watching the video, the user would be directed to nivea.gr, where he could enter the contest and help other familiesin need, alongside Nivea. Ø 77,000 Facebook video views Ø 140,000 YouTube video views Ø 10 native content articles Ø 1,500 entries for a contest that would win gifts for a family of the winner’s choice
  39. 39. Kallimanis Click here to view on
  40. 40. The brief The challenge Regarding the seafood company “Kallimanis”, the challenge was great. The company ordered a campaign that would not only be different than the previous ones, but also one that would convert them into trendsetters, increasing their awareness and sales for a specific period. The challenge also included the communication of the true identity of Kallimanisto younger people, a target group, that due to the nature of the products, was not well engaged. Even more troubling to our challenge was the decided period for the campaign. The decided period was the Lent, where most of people in Greece are on fast and the general consumption of seafood is increased. Additionally, most brands create content in social media, such as competitions and other engagement concepts. As a result, the challenge was to present something unique in order to create “buzz” and be positioned above other brands in the consumers’ mindset.
  41. 41. The insight Creative Idea Knowing the youth segment, the consumer behavior and their habits well, we were sure that their involvement does not start and end with the Facebook page. Users do not only want to post about their actions, but also to create genuine content regarding their everyday life in Twitter, Instagram and generally all the social networks. We figured that a year ago, 13,000 tweets were launched during Lent, using the word “hungry” with all the possible variations. Our idea was to create the #TweetSarakosti, a 360 action that would launch from Twitter and would spread in all online media, concluding with the CSR: the creation of mealsfor the Greek NGO “The Child’s Smile”, by the assistance of well-known bloggers. During an event that was organized the Monday of Lent in Athens, we shared free portions of food, kites and aprons to all the attendants, creating even more buzz.
  42. 42. How it worked The main concept was to make good use of the “I’m hungry” trend we detected. For forty days, we followed the “hungry” Twitter users and tweeted them back with “Lent” tweets. Every user that answered us back, received a direct personal message from us, asking them to send us their contact information, to send them Kallimanisproducts and urging them to write about them. For every answer we gave to those “hungry” tweets and, also, for every Instagram photo they uploaded using the hashtag #tweetSarakosti or #peinao, we offered a meal to “Hamogelo tou Paidiou”. 20 bloggers supported our digital activation uploading recipesto their personal sites and Facebook pages and, also, by creating mealsfor “Hamogelo tou Paidiou” with us.
  43. 43. Results Ø More than 1,000 “hungry”tweets were answered back in 40 days Ø Almost 100 online media articles were referring to our campaign Ø Reach: 1,200,000 people participated in the campaign directlyor indirectly,via tweets and other users’ reposts in social media Ø Sales increase for our target audience: 3x Ø Airtime: 3 minutes (ANT1 channel) Ø Earned media: 240,000 euro Ø A Social Media Award Ø Our campaign was featured in AdsOfTheWorld
  44. 44. Frezyderm Click here to view on
  45. 45. 12ne Click here to view on
  46. 46. Activia Click here to view on
  47. 47. Bioten Click here to view on
  48. 48. The brief The challenge When Bioten released their all-new Cellufight Cryo-Sculpt Gel, promising to fight cellulite, we were asked to create a concept that can instantly raise the awareness of this new product line, using as a driving force our Facebook page. The concept had to resonate with the target audience and inform them of this new product line, while simultaneously appearing friendly and not alienating them on a sensitive female matter.
  49. 49. The insight Creative Idea Bioten’s audience is not hunting the absolute perfect body. They want to live their own lifestyle and have a good time. Their ideal brand is one that rewards them for that lifestyle, while informing them on what’s best for their bodies without being judgmental. We created “Cellufight Club”, which is a video-based campaign starting Celli! Celli is a cartoon, posing as the dreaded orange-peel look, with a funny presentation. It “moves away” from popular places, “reduces” with exercise and a healthy diet, and of course, “freezes” on sight of the Cellufight Cryo-Sculpt Gel.
  50. 50. How it worked Results Celli starred on a series of videos havingcreated for digital, in order to increase engagement with our page’s fanbase and our users share our content, utilizing a small contest as the means to initially attract them. Each post had a reach of about 500.000, while the total impressions of the “Cellufight Club” concept surpassed 3.800.000. Total engagement for the entire concept was over 12.000.
  51. 51. SANITAS
  52. 52. The brief SANITAS is an established brand which is known for implementing quality, innovation and diversification in its strategy and its product line. This year it celebrated 50 years since entering the Greek market and households. As a result SANITAS wanted to communicate this with the public and generate brand awareness and revenue. That’s where we come in.
  53. 53. Athens - Thessaloniki PR events The first event took place in Athens and celebrated the brand’s 50-year birthday. People invited were offered baked goods from the hands of chef Kiriakos Melas., under the sounds of D.J. MichalisKalfagiannisand were also shown a “memories” video starring ThemisKardiolaka and her grandmother, as well as Kostis, Aris and DimitrisAlvanos. The second event took place in Thessaloniki and was hosted by chef Vaggelis Driskas. A broadcast of many video excerpts from his TV show was shown, in which SANITAS products were presented as the secret behind his tasty recipes. The event’s goal was to remind people how far SANITAS has come and what makes its products the number one choice in Greek households, and also resulted in a number of clippings from various well-known media. Ongoing contests Harnessing the reach and popularity of our campaign’s key influencers, Myrto Kazi and Marilou Pantaki (Madame Ginger), we attracted consumers via their Social Media and websites and presented them with a chance to win SANITAS gifts. Due to the highly targeted and relevant audience this action was deemed successful.
  54. 54. Give it to your mom An action aimed at College students, addressing the difficultiesof living on their own away from home and helping with this new reality. Giving away SANITAS kits, we were able to enter their everyday life and help them manage their household needs. Taking place at the University Piraeus this action was crowned with great success and increased the brand’s awareness. Ongoing contests Aiming for publicity via social media and wanting to create user-generated content we came up with the hashtag #sanitaskaikatharises. Applied in various situations, from cooking and storing mealsto cleaning up after your pets. We offered gift baskets containing SANITAS products to influencers, food bloggers and animal & food lovers and watched the magic happen. Instagram was flooded with posts containing the hashtag and user-engagement skyrocketed. We achieved great Media and PR values in each Instagram activation we launched.
  55. 55. SANITAS
  56. 56. SANITAS
  57. 57. Lanes
  58. 58. The brief Lanes, one of the Sarantis Group brands, specializesin vitamins and food supplements. Our initial objective was to increase awareness concerning certain supplements like Electrolytes, Xtra Energy, FlexAde Xtra and Magnesium. All of these supplements meet the needs of a certain category of people who exercise or play a sport and seek energy, hydration & relief of joint pain. That’s why, we created “Lanes Running Team”.
  59. 59. How it worked In order to achieve the best communication for the team, we coordinated with Konstantinos Nakopoulos, a Greek champion in middle distance running, who assumed coaching responsibilities. Additionally, in coordination with Konstantinos Nakopoulos we created a series of 4 videos with running tips about before and after going for a run. We also wanted to increase the team’s popularity, which is the reason behind supporting the team with 2 influencers, Manto Gasteratou (radio producer, tv presenter) and Christos Chatziioannou (chief editor at oneman.gr). Both of them ran in every race and encouraged the rest of the runners. Aiming for publicity via social media and wanting to create user-generated content we came up with the hashtag #lanesrunningteam. Facebook and Instagram users went on a rampage, posting content containing the hashtag and user-engagement reached new heights.
  60. 60. Promotion & Tasting In addition, we provided Lanes products & a mini leaflet with running tips from the expert Konstantinos Nakopoulos to all the membersof the team. Promoting actions also took place in order to make every runner taste the supplements. This action was deemed successful and provided the opportunity to experience the products’ potency first-hand. Running magazine Aiming for runners who will be engaged with our team we cooperated with “Running magazine” in order to give the chance to its subscribers to join the Lanes Running Team. Furthermore, we compiled an advertorial for runningmagazine.gr after every running event for post publicity reasons.
  61. 61. Lanes
  62. 62. Lanes
  63. 63. Subaru
  64. 64. The brief After Years of absence from the Greek market, Subaru Greece is changing hands and going under a new ownership. In order to make an impact, Subaru Greece aimed to approach an audience which is financially capable, inclined to buy a car, and sharing some of the qualitiesoffered by the entire Subaru lineup. The fundamental characteristicsof Subaru’s lineup, are that they can cope with some of the toughest road and weather conditions, with the ability to traverse through rough terrain, such as snow, mud and gravel.
  65. 65. The solution We created a special off-road course in Livadi, Arachova, and give the opportunity to visitors of the ski course to come and test the abilitiesof Subaru’s lineup (Forester & XV) in real-life conditions, first-hand. The course was open to the public every weekend, over the course of three months during the winter. In the meantime, we created a unique mini-event for each target group we addressed to (Bloggers, Journalists, Subaru Fan Clubs, Celebritiesetc.), in order to increase our publicity, the number of test drives, as well as the number of visitors that visit our venue during their visit at the nearby ski course. Our cars were equipped with a GoPro action camera on-board, that enabled us to collect footage of people living the experience in the #subarudromio. All of the videos we created, were uploaded on Facebook, YouTube, as well as the attendees’ personal & professional websites and social media.
  66. 66. Subaru
  67. 67. Subaru
  68. 68. Lipton Ice Tea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXz9Rm4YzHs
  69. 69. Lanes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3WsJ3tCf_Q
  70. 70. Elpedison
  71. 71. Elpedison
  72. 72. Stabilo
  73. 73. Stabilo Press play - animated!
  74. 74. Subaru
  75. 75. Subaru
  76. 76. TECHNOLOGY Open Source CMS from client’s HQ CONTENT Created and updated by Socialab. HOLMES PLACE DESIGN Brand website created by Socialab based on 3rd party template
  77. 77. TECHNOLOGY Open Source CMS CONTENT Developed by client Edited by Socialab MELI ATTIKI DESIGN Brand website created by Socialab In 2016
  78. 78. TECHNOLOGY Open Source CMS CONTENT Created, Curated and Updated by Socialab LANES HEALTH DESIGN Brand website created by Socialab In 2017
  79. 79. yotuel TECHNOLOGY Open Source CMS CONTENT Developed by Socialab DESIGN Brand microsite created by Socialab In 2016
  80. 80. fino TECHNOLOGY Open source platform. Socialab also provided translation support. CONTENT Created by Socialab in English and translated in 4 languages by the client’s team. DESIGN Brand website for 5 countries created by Socialab
  81. 81. ELIN TECHNOLOGY Open Source CMS CONTENT Developed by client Edited by Socialab DESIGN Brand website created by Socialab In 2016
  82. 82. TECHNOLOGY Open Source CMS All technologies are following the instructions of Daimler for MB dealers. CONTENT Created by Socialab, Maintained by Client Since 2014. LAMDAstar DESIGN Brand website created by Socialab In 2014
  83. 83. Hellenic fine oils TECHNOLOGY Open Source CMS CONTENT Created by the client Edited by Socialab DESIGN Brand website created by Socialab In 2014
  84. 84. ILIANA LAZARIDOU TECHNOLOGY Open source platform. Socialab also provided hosting & support. CONTENT Developed by Socialab with weekly updates DESIGN Brand website created by Socialab In 2016
  85. 85. Cityzen TECHNOLOGY Open source platform. Socialab also provided hosting & support. CONTENT Created by the client, edited by Socialab DESIGN Brand website created by Socialab In 2016
  86. 86. KINDER BUENO TECHNOLOGY Open source platform. Socialab only provided updates, hosting & support. CONTENT Updated by Socialab with weekly updates DESIGN Design created by 3rd party Elements designed by Socialab In 2013
  87. 87. Thank you! See You Next Time Address: Ioanni Metaxa 8, Agios Dimitrios 17343, Athens, Greece Contact: cs@socialab.gr, +30 211 800 6 400 Business Hours: Monday - Friday, 10am to 6pm