Social Media Frontiers 2013 Brochure


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Social Media Frontiers 2013 Brochure

  1. 1. Social Media Frontiers Let’s Get Business SocialSocial Media Frontiers Ltd. 2013 v3.0
  2. 2. about usWe are a passionate online marketing agency thatbelieves every business needs to be social. The only waybusinesses can be effective and succeed is to keep theircustomers satisfied. We strongly believe this is through thepower of listening to what their customers’ wants, needsand problems are.Social media has opened up a whole new approach tomaking customers feel that their loyalty is valued. That’swhy we want businesses to engage with their customers inthe most effective way and to secure repeat purchases.Who are Social MediaFrontiers?
  3. 3. whoWe find your ideal clients.We explore the internet to find and drive your ideal clientsto you. We listen to what your target market wants, likesand dislikes and approach your potential clients with whatthey want. You become market leaders at interacting andmanaging your clients.Decision makersinterested in yourproducts & services onsocial mediaSocial MediaFrontiers Ltd.Your
  4. 4. Social MediaEngagementSocial MediaManagementSocial MediaOptimisationNegativeMentioningMarketingCustomerRetentionManagementSocial Media AuditsConsultancyMarketResearchTrainingservicesThe services we provideHere are our main services within Social Media marketing.We also provide other services such as mobile marketing.But these services we normally offer on a specific basisdepending on the individual client’s
  5. 5. auditsWe will analyse your marketposition and assess with anaudit to put you in the placewhere you want to be.Sometimes what you really need is the numbers ofwhat is going on! Our social media audits can help.This gives the actual background knowledge of whatis going on with your brand and products. It is anevaluation of your social media presence and resultscompared with your competition.All marketing must be measured, otherwise there isno point in the investment. Our data gives you an indepth picture of your social media performance, interms of the ROI (return on investment) and traffic toyour website.It is not the strongest of the species that survive,nor the most intelligent, but the one mostresponsive to change. – Charles
  6. 6. setupSocial media account setupThink of social media as a tunnel to your website, if thetunnel is blocked how will the traffic get through. Thatmeans it’s important to help create social media that canconvert a browse into an interest in your brand or company.We will create and set up your social media for yourbusiness and will ensure your brand message and brandidentity is consistent with your whole company’s onlinemarketing.Our brand management will ensure that the look anddesign of your social media will enhance your profiles,bringing a professional and business orientated look andfeel to your profiles. Our innovative designs will help yourlanding page generate interest in your companies’ offerings.With our creative graphic design service we can help formthe right feel for your social media profile. Whether it’s anew twitter background or creating a Facebook coverimage we have designed a range of different social mediaprofiles to companies in various industries. We will not stopuntil you get your desired look.We keep to all rules and regulations set out by all socialmedia platforms to ensure that your profiles are not at riskof being closed.If you want to see our client portfolios then do not hesitateto get in contact with us and we can show you ourprevious work and our competitive prices.A business has to be involving, it has to be fun,and it has to exercise your creative instincts. –Richard Branson
  7. 7. engagementSocial media engagementAttract your ideal clients to your website and build your ownfree database of prospective clients who are interested inyour products. This is a cost-effective way to build databaseswithout the need to pay for extensive lists of non-targetedindividuals/businesses with no interest in your product orservice, when you can create your own targeted leads.Gaining clients through social media makes the connectioninformal; if you are in their social network you are perceivedas being at the same level as friends and family and can betrusted. The connection between your business and clients isalready established and will mean that sales offerings in thefuture are more likely to be accepted.The entrepreneur always searches for change,responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity. –Peter F.
  8. 8. design‘It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s whatyou see.’ - Henry David ThoreauWith our creative graphic design service we can help formthe correct brand image for your social media profile.Whether it’s a new Twitter background or creating aFacebook cover image we design a range of different profileimages for companies in various industries. You tell us whatyou want and we will adapt our graphic design skills to yourneeds.We can keep your brand message consistent and ensureyour brand will be identified as yours across all socialmedia platforms. Don’t confuse your customers with mixedmessages; let us help ensure your company is understoodby your consumers.Already set up? Just want anew look?
  9. 9. trainingWe will guide you through the key principles of socialmedia marketing and optimisation to develop the skills toimplement, monitor and address reputational issues, attractcustomers and confidently engage with your consumers andpotential clients in social spaces.Our social media professionals have years of experiencein online marketing and social media marketing. Our socialmedia management team are some of the most soughtafter social media experts in the world and since 2009 havepresented in the UK, Ireland, Central Europe, Hong Kong,Singapore, Malaysia, US, New Zealand and Australia amongothers.Grow a deeper understandingof the world of Social Mediamarketing.‘You are your greatest asset. Put your time,effort and money into training, grooming, andencouraging your greatest asset.’ - Tom
  10. 10. managementWith marketing departments being so busy managing,updating and growing their social media; It is sometimesmore sensible to outsource the whole process to ourtrustworthy experts, who can manage the whole task foryou.Advantages:• Keeping your brand’s identity and message consistentacross your social media• Allocate a specific social media expert to your social mediaso your brand is looked after in the most desirable way.If updating your social mediaprofiles becomes too timeconsuming, you can outsource theprocess to our trustworthy experts.No enterprise can exist for itself alone. It ministersto some great need, it performs some greatservice, not for itself, but for others.. or failingtherein, it ceases to be profitable and ceases toexist. – Calvin Coolidge
  11. 11. researchWe can interact with and learn about what the onlinemarkets want, say and what their perceptions of yourproducts or substitutes are.Other benefits include:• Identification of new potential products and services thatpeople actually want.• Ability to monitor conversations about your organisations.• Ability to measure the frequency of discussions about yourbrand.• Improved insights about your target markets.• Early warning of potential product or service issues.Social media enables you toconduct your own marketresearch.Live daringly, boldly, fearlessly. Taste the relish tobe found in competition – in having put forth thebest within you. – Henry J. Kaiser
  12. 12. optimisationSocial media optimisation enables your business todominate the first search page on goggle using specific keywords. This is the best way to drive traffic to your websiteand will dominate the search result.Our dedicated team will ensure that search engines aredominated with your business. You will notice the increasedtraffic to your website and then the corresponding sales thatwill come with it.Social media optimisation isthe best and most effectiveway to rank your companywithin search enginesThe first rule of any technology used in abusiness is that automation applied to an efficientoperation will magnify the efficiency. The secondis that automation applied to an inefficientoperation will magnify the inefficiency. – Bill Gates
  13. 13. consultancyWe will provide an introduction to the world of socialmedia, demonstrating how to make the most of modernsocial networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedinand YouTube as a means of positively benefiting yourorganisation by truly engaging your audience and protectingyour online brand.Want to launch a new product or service through socialmedia? We can help you plan, organise and manage yourmarketing campaign. Social media product launches havebecome increasingly popular due to surge of social mediaactivity and have successful ROI. Make sure your campaignis launched in the most effective way.Find and bring your targetclients to your business, don’twait for them to find you!The expectations of life depend upon diligence;the mechanic that would perfect his work mustfirst sharpen his tools. –
  14. 14. We help you to set up CRM strategies and ensure that you havethe training to effectively interact with your consumers in the correctmethod. Many businesses adopt the wrong strategy with socialmedia and tend to end up losing customers by being to forward orby not addressing questions in the right way. It is important to getCRM right as this will be the first thing to affect your sales.customerretentionmanagementeffectively interact with yourconsumers in the correct
  15. 15. Our dedicated social media experts provide an exemplary,cutting edge consultancy service, helping you tailor youronline strategy to meet your business’ needs. We will makesure that it benefits your business as much as possible.brandreputationYour social media marketing needsdirection and
  16. 16. SMF DOMO - SystemsDOMO – Systems are a company thatprovide energy efficient, eco-friendly andeconomic infrared heating systems.• We manage 4 DOMO country accounts;Ireland, France, Benelux, and World.• For these accounts we create, design andmanage the interactions of the Facebook andtwitter accounts.ourclients:
  17. 17. SMF Darren MarksDarren Marks is a specialist in Hypnotherapyand NLP and Londons most recommendedhypnotherapist. He is not only an experiencedLondon hypnotist, hypnotherapist andMaster Practitioner of NLP but also a certifiedhypnotherapy instructor for The InternationalAssociation of Counselors and Therapists.Darren Marks is a very successfulhypnotherapist and with the release of hisphone apps requested our help to use socialmedia Marketing to help promote and advertisehis series of hypnotherapy apps.For Darren we manage his Facebook fan page,his Twitter accounts and his Youtube profile.
  18. 18. SMF David PocockOur expertise in social media has given us theopportunity to help market the world famousinternational Rugby Player David Pocock. Wehelped to create awareness of the release of hisnew book and the charity he has recently set up.• We manage for David both his Facebook fanpage and his twitter account.• We have also helped with the social mediamarketing campaign with the release of his newbook Openside.• We designed and created David Pocock’swebsite
  19. 19. Traditional MarketingOnline and Offline VS Social MediaTraditional marketingTraditional online marketingQuantity LeadsSocial MediaQuality LeadsTarget LeadsTraditional marketingTraditional online marketing(Passive Marketing)Wait for customers to findyour Ad or BusinessSocial Media(Active Marketing)You can listen to 80% of the onlineusers and bring the ones interestedin your business to your door.
  20. 20. Our clients include:FTSE 100 companiesWorld leading SME companiesGovernment agenciesCelebritiesSports starsGlobal client base:EuropeHong KongSingaporeMalaysiaUSNew ZealandPrivacy for our clients is a very high priority and we take greatpride in ensuring that your information is kept safe. We managevarious social accounts from all types of companies and havinga strong privacy policy is key to protect their best interests.
  21. 21. 100,000+ followers8,000+
  22. 22. “We don’t have a choice on whether we DOsocial media, the question is how well we DO it.”Interested in Social MediaSolutions for your Business?Phone : +44 (0) 1223 969 054Email : info@socialmediafrontiers.comWebsite : http://www.socialmediafrontiers.comSocial Media Frontiers