How to Use Facebook Pages to Build Brand Enthusiasm and Attract Customers - handout


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How to Use Facebook to Build Brand Enthusiasm and Attract Customers

There is a new marketing battleground. Perhaps you've heard of it--the Internet? The ultimate battle for consumer attention currently rages on Facebook. With over 200 million users in the United States, Green Industry companies are scurrying to join the battle. The marketing weapon of choice: Facebook Pages. Creating a Facebook Page for your green industry company is only the first small step. Building an active fan base that generates business is the real challenge--but also a huge opportunity.

Here's what we cover in this special presentation:

• Why you should care about Facebook and how it can help your business.
• How to separate your personal life from professional life on Facebook
• How to use your "real time" Facebook Page as the perfect complement to your "static" company website
• How to create a content plan that encourages interaction and participation on your Facebook Page.
• Proven ways to attract fans and get people to "like" your Page

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How to Use Facebook Pages to Build Brand Enthusiasm and Attract Customers - handout

  1. 1. How to Use Facebook to Build Brand Enthusiasm and Attract More CustomersChris Heiler | (616) 953-0774 | www.LandscapeLeadership.comTo view this presentation’s slide deck, visit the end of 2012, Facebook will have over 1 billion active users.If Facebook were its own country, it would be the third largest country in the world behind only Chinaand India.Over 50% of the United States population is on Facebook.Approximately 40% of Facebook users are between the ages of 35 and 65. Your customers?50% of Facebook users log onto Facebook each day, which means...One out of every four Americans logs on to Facebook at least once a day.Over 40% of Facebook "brand fans" log onto Facebook multiple times each day.The average Facebook user spends one hour per day on Facebook. The average American watchestelevision three hours per day. This gap is shrinking.Does your green industry business have the resources to reach your customers via television? You canreach them on Facebook.Social media amplifies word-of-mouthIt can create more brand awareness and spread your message far and wide.Because of this, as businesses, we need to be a trusted source of relevant and useful information forpeople—provide meaningful content (helpful, engaging, entertaining)If we do this, it can boost our reputations which can lead to more referrals and recommendations.Our customers and fans become brand advocates.The best way to use Facebook for your business is to create a Facebook business pageWe’ll cover three things in this presentation as it relates to Facebook pages for business: 1. How to use Facebook as a real-time complement to your static company website 2. Your Facebook page content strategy: What to post, when to post, who should post, etc
  2. 2. 3. How to attract more “fans” to your Facebook pageReal-TimeYour customers and prospects aren’t interested in what you did five years ago. They want to know whatyou did five days ago—and five minutes ago.Facebook, and social media in general, gives your business the ability to communicate what you’re doingin real-time. You can’t do that with a static website.This is why social media and Facebook is a great complement to your company website.Your website is more of a professional brochure. Your Facebook page is more of a conversation andcommunication platform. Social media allows you to share your story, the good and the bad, with theworld in real-time.Your Facebook page contentWe are blessed to be working in a very visual industry. Consumers absolutely love what we do. We willnever have a shortage of content to share.Key point: Everyone consumes information differently online. Some prefer to read, while others preferto look at pictures or watch video. We need to appeal to all. That’s why it is critical to vary your mediaand your message.Status updatesPhotosLinksVideoQuestionsAttracting more “fans”Key point: It’s not about the number of “likes”, what matters is how engaged you are with yourfollowers.You have to be deliberate in attracting more fans to your page. They won’t’ magically appear.There are three broad ways to attract more Facebook fans:
  3. 3. 1. Organically 2. By invitation 3. AdvertisingIn closing…Facebook will pass 1 billion users this year.Over 50% of the U.S. population is on Facebook—and they’re active and engaged.And they are your customers. And your future customers.