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Project based

Educational technology

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Project based

  1. 1. CHAPTER15: Project-based learning and Multimedia
  2. 2. Project-based Multimedia learning -A teaching method in which students "acquire knowledge and skills in the course of designing,planning, and producing multimedia product".
  3. 3. Dimension of Project-based Multimedia learning -Core Curriculum -Real-world connection -extended time frame -student Decision Making -Collaboration -Assessment -Multimedia
  4. 4. Core Curriculum -Project based Multimedia learning should address the basic knowledge and skills,student are expected to acquire.
  5. 5. Real Curriculum -Project-seeks to connect student's work in school with the wider world in which student live. -Student and teacher should perceive what is real about the project ,the types of activities and types of product .
  6. 6. Extended Time frame -A good project is not one shot person -Its extends a significant period of time -The length of projects may vary with the age of students and the nature of the project. -Give enough time to come up with a substantial final student.
  7. 7. Student Decision Making -Student are given considerable leeway in determining what substantive content would be included in the project as when as the process for producing them.
  8. 8. Collaboration -Working together jointly to accomplish a common intellectual purpose in a manner superior to what might have been accomplished working alone .
  9. 9. Assessment -3 assessment concerns -A. activities for developing expectation. -B. activities for improving the media products. -C. activities for compiling and disseminating evidence of learning.
  10. 10. Multimedia -Student do not learn simply by using multimedia they learn by creating it themselves -Become the authors of multimedia content -Gather and create pictures.
  11. 11. Why use PBML? -Value added for teaching -A powerful motivator -Engage student in the learning task.
  12. 12. Limitation of PBML? -Need for an extended period of time -Requires technical skills - Tendency to lose track of the goals and objectives of the lesson.
  13. 13. Thank you Prepared by: Charlotte Villamor Regine Tajos