Local Section Programming and Activities


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Local Section Programming and Activities

  1. 1. Dan Lambert2008 Chair Central Savannah River LS,2010-2012 Chair Virtual LS
  2. 2.  Programming Keys to successful groups Summary Questions, comments, problems?
  3. 3.  Great Programmingo People usually come because the topic sounds interesting Personal Invitationso People usually come because they have been invited
  4. 4.  Steal from otherso Other professional societies in areao Other successful AIChE Local sections• South Texas (http://sts.aiche.org/)• Chicago (http://www.aiche-chicago.org/)• Virtual (http://virtual.aiche.org/)o AIChE webinar (http://www.aiche.org/resources/webinars)o Speakers Corner (http://www.aiche.org/community/local-sections/resources-local-section-leaders/speakers-corner)o AIChE Divisions and Forums(http://www.aiche.org/community/divisions-forums) What ideas can you share?
  5. 5.  There are about 400 chemical engineers working atthe Savannah River Site so nuclear is important tous What is the biggest employer of ChEs in your area Invite their plant manager to talk Ask the to allow you to tour What companies are supportive of ChEs?
  6. 6.  We have close ties with ACS and ASME Hold a joint meeting Hold an end of year picnic
  7. 7.  If you meet 9 months and take off summers You might have 9 meetings Suggestion: 2 Plant tours Suggestion: 2 fun events (kickoff and award night) Suggestion: 2 joint meetings (ACS, ASME, NSPE) Suggestion: 3 technical meetingso Student Night (Invite nearest student chapters)o Fellows Night (Old Professional Night)o Young Professional Night (Save the world night)
  8. 8.  Local Professional Sportso Augusta Green Jackets in my area Picnic (good end of year family activity) Wine/Beer Tasting (good event to include spouse) Science Center/Aquarium/Museum tour (family) What ideas do you have?
  9. 9.  Learn from your successes Do you have traditions?o Keep them if they work (Ditch them if they don’t) Try new things
  10. 10.  Select an outgoing, friendlytype who knows names andfaces and enjoys meetingpeople He or she must habituallyarrive ten minutes before themeeting is officially slated tobegin Nothing makes first-timers feelmore disenchanted than a coldwelcome in a place where theyexpected a warm one
  11. 11.  Give responsibility for group health and vitality Meet at least every two months, takes minutes, andreports to the group Change one-third of the steering-team membersevery year Steering team structure:1. Chair2. Vice Chair3. Past Chair4. Secretary5. Treasurer6. Membership Care Coordinator7. Social Activities Coordinator8. Hospitality Coordinator9. Recruitment Coordinator
  12. 12.  Beer, wine or soft drink does more than combatthirsto They facilitate fellowshipo Helps newcomers transition into an unfamiliar socialsituationo They know how to drinko People like to eat It gives them something to do with their hands, theirminds, and themselves
  13. 13.  Most of the regulars know one another Newcomers do not Without nametags equals “We are not concernedabout helping new people feel at home” Provide permanent, printed nametags forestablished attendees; peel-off tags for visitors
  14. 14.  Effective local sections arefellowship groups that learn alittle science and engineering A warm, fun, fellowship climateglues people together,motivates them to come back
  15. 15.  Consider quarterly social activities This helps keep things fun Even engineers can have fun It can involve families not just ChEs
  16. 16.  Having a vice chair/chair/past chair gives continuityo Model Bylaws for Local Section Always having the same chair doesn’t worko Run out of new ideaso Run out of friends to speako Run out of energy
  17. 17.  Need great speakers Need interesting subjects Topic doesn’t have to be technical Don’t focus too much on subgroupso Academicso Researcherso Process Engineerso Consultantso Etc.
  18. 18.  Friendliness and caring, extended to thempersonally, tops everyone’s preference list. People look for a caring place, not just knowledge Some long-term members fail to grasp the differencebetween active acceptance and passive acceptance. What happens if long-timers feel positive aboutvisitors but never send them a signal to that effect?o The visitors may never catch ono Loving people in your head is not enough Members of healthy, growing sections reach out tonew people in overt ways that they see and feel
  19. 19.  Most new attendees never become involved How can we reverse this? Find a friend for each attendee
  20. 20.  Variety is good Topics don’t have to be technicalo The Ichthyologists (Boston) only have 1 ChE meeting a year Make things fun
  21. 21.  Every year, use some kind of survey tool Hand out the survey sheetso Say, “We want everyone to complete his or her sheettonight.”o I’ll set the timer for five minuteso Be as honest as you can.o Do not sign your name. Ken Blanchard said, “Feedback is the breakfast ofchampions.”
  22. 22.  Leading Volunteers is challenging Engineers love challenges Therefore you will love leading volunteers The local section committee and career andeducation operating council are here to support you Ask for help if you need ito dan.lambert@srnl.doe.gov, 803-819-8466
  23. 23.  Questions, comments, problems?